Most Popular Villain - 2 - Eve Jacobsen/ZoŽ McAllister

Zoe MacAllistar arrived on our screens as a bubbly happy go lucky nurse who seemed to have a permanently sunny disposition. Her twisted behaviour was not obvious to viewers until the final show down with Sally. Until then the audience had no idea who "the Stalker" was, although some thought Zoe was a bit too good to be true. At the point of her denouement interest in her character rocketed. Viewers who had previously seen Zoe as no more that a ditzy, perky, slightly annoying character suddenly sat up and took notice and saw the complexity and the twisted psyche which existed beneath the surface. Who can forget Clare and Peter discussing "Eve Jacobsen's" past and how we began to learn about her chilling behaviour as a child and towards her own family and her neighbours. It seems five year old Eve had killed a bunny rabbit, her character thus giving a whole new meaning to the phrase bunny boiler.

All of Summer Bay having thought she had died in the explosion which followed the revelation of her identity, but like all good villains she rose from the dead, and Zoe/Eve reappeared almost a year later, living next door to Peter. Peter really is not the brightest of the cops who have lived in Summer Bay. She proceeded to play games with Peters head, and then to get blown up at Jack and Martha's wedding reception. There are some who wished this catastrophic occurrence had succeeded rather better than it did. The victims of this blast were Zoe/Ever herself, her policewoman lover, and of course the cake girl who brought in the sparklers which set it all off and ruined the plan.

Zoe/Eve was played by Emily Perry who has acquired a legion of fans due to an uncanny ability to convey insanity and total sanity almost simultaneously

Here is what Zoe/Eve's creator, Daniel Bennett, script producer 2005 - 2007, has to say about his creation:

"Creating and writing Zoe was an absolute blast. Because she was devised specifically for the Stalker storyline, it was important to all of us that she didn't immediately appear to be suspicious - hence the 'bubbly' persona for the seemingly happy (and sane!) nurse. It fooled some audience members (sadly not all!) and made the denouement all the more satisfying when we finally saw Zoe/Eve's true colours. The success of the Stalker storyline laid in Zoe/Eve herself - and, of course, in the sensational performance by the (totally sane and lovely!) Emily Perry. I'm thrilled to hear she struck such a chord with the viewers."
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2 Eve Jacobsen/ZoŽ McAllister 187
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