April Editorial

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Looking back at March, we managed to get 75% of the Character Profiles for current characters up to date, though due to the nature of the beast, no sooner have we got them up do date than they become out of date again.

March also saw the announcement of the Script Competition winners. Congratulations to Drew and Eduardo Bearo. I’sve heard the standard was excellent all around, so congratulations and commiserations to all those who entered and didn’st win. Better luck next time!

The 2006 Finale aired in the UK a couple of days ago, and we had another event feature, which also saw the first tentative steps towards a Comment section.

So, what will April bring us? Well, we’sll hopefully bring you the results of the Most Popular Villian poll that finished just over a week or so ago, with a few extra features to go along with it. You can be sure we will punish Frankie by having it typed in double quick time after the April Fools trick she played this morning.

We will also continue filling in the episode section of the site which is, day by day, week by week, beginning to fill up. No doubt we’sll be posting the same thing in our May editorial, but we do have 4,000 episodes to catch up on.

I think this would be a good time to thank people like Martin Cash, Derrick M. Domican, Ross and others who have given up their time and helped us fill in the many spaces in the episode summaries, and hopefully, over time, they will become smaller and smaller. Perhaps by the time Episode 5000 comes around we could have a complete collection of summaries.

Anyway, that’ss it from us. Hopefully in a month’ss time we can again look back on another successful month.

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