Stewart Supplies

Careel Bay Marina, 94 George Street, Avalon Beach NSW


First appearing in Episode 6 (the exterior in Episode 42) in 1988, Stewart Supplies was the first of three bait shops that Alf has run over the years. Offering boating services and also acting as the local bottle shop, the store started stocking groceries the following year when Alf joined forces with his sister Celia—following the destruction of her own store. Later in 1989, the pair upsized and opened the first Stewart Store, a small supermarket elsewhere in the bay.

In reality, the exterior location was Careel Bay Marina in the suburb of Avalon Beach, lying just across the water from the Bayside Diner and Nash House.

The location was revisited briefly in Episode 5330 in 2011 when it appeared as the Summer Bay Fish Co-Op, where Casey Braxton did a days work with his mother Cheryl.


Careel Bay Marina
94 George Street
Avalon Beach NSW 2107