Roman/Gardy Bridge

Sydney International Regatta Centre


In an attempt to cure Roman Harris of his post-traumatic blindness in 2009, Episodes 4855/4856 saw Gardy take Roman to a bridge and push him off it – citing that the fall would shock Roman into seeing again, which after a small delay ended up working.

The scenes were filmed at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, on a bridge at the north-western end of the Competition Lake. The complex is the first stage of the Penrith Lakes development, to turn an old sand/gravel quarry into a large recreational park including seven lakes. In the same episode, Aden and Nicole were seen walking along another lake in the complex.

It is likely that Roman and Gardy’s Afghanistan flashback scenes were also filmed nearby in an undeveloped part of the quarry.


Western Bridge
Sydney International Regatta Centre
Penrith Lakes
89 - 151 Old Castlereagh Road
Castlereagh NSW 2749