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The Photography Thread

Guest Dan F

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This thread is for all of you who want to have a place to show your work, whether it be for a project, favourite pictures or even just a picture you are particularly proud of taking!

Two rules though!

Please do not criticise other peoples photos for the sake of it - can we only have constructive criticism :)

They have to be your own photos, or ones which are personal to you (basically not ones taken off the net) :)

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At the moment I'm building up a portfolio for the photography course I will be doing next year. I've resized these images but the original prints were 2048x1536 px.

Smudge, the kitten from next door - Sadly Smudge was sold but I managed to get a lot of pictures before.

Swan - Wasn't supposed to be black & white but it turned out amazing.

Passion Flower - This photo is special to me because it was the first picture I took with a good quality camera.

That is it for now.

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Well the only pics I've got on me at the moment are a couple of my Oz pics, one of which is up on the site:

Taken from Station Beach in Palm Beach near the seaplane wharf


This one was taken in the same place - late afternoon is my favourite time to take pictures as when the sun is low you get a really nice type of light!

This one was a publicity picture I took for a film I had to make in the Spring - starring my two best friends!

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Ooooooooh. Loving your work! I have a few I took in Whitby. I'll post them up here




Cottages I stayed in on holiday in Whitby


Some dodgy tunnel on a bridge


Another Boat?


Lifeguard Boat In Whitby


...and another boat. I dont have a thing for them...honestly.


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Higher quality pictures (I couldn't be bothered to resize them lol!)

Holly - It's really hard getting a good picture of my dog. Hence the reason why she looks kind of.... annoyed heh!

In Stratford - I think this is the theatre.

Purdy Flower - Don't be fooled by it being off center. It's supposed to be like that.

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