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  1. He wants his farewel comments damn it!!!
  2. Hey Oxidising Angel....you're looking very flash with your new av!
  3. Lah dee dah! I've got so much tidying up to do!
  4. I'm taking everything with me like all my dvd's. They're all going with me. I just have a lot of stuff i'll need there like things for my course such as my sewing machines, materials, paints everything like that. My leather A1 folder.......clothes obviously....my TV, my PC.
  5. I'm from South Yorkshire up north. I'll be leaving home soon........ lol. I got really upset when I was packing my suitcase. I need to get it out of my system before I move lol. But my dad will be visiting dropping my food off. My day of move is the 1st of Sep so I got to start looking at packing some stuff up now really and I'm on holiday the last week of August.
  6. Argh!!! I can't stand summer most of the time. I just suffer really badly in the heat. And then when it's winter I complain i'm too cold. lol. It will be nice and cold for me when I'm living by the coast in Sep when I move . All that lovelt coat rain! Apparantly it snows bad as well there.....uh oh!
  7. Yeah it probably is. It seems to have cooled down a bit now. Yay! lol I was complaining it was freezing and then it was too hot. Nothings ever good enough for me lol.
  8. I still haven't been feeling right lately. I don't feel like eating or drinking. It's weird and I've been feeling sick but theres nothing there and just been feeling really run down. Think I'm better today though. I had a bowl of fruit yesterday but that's about it in two days and forced an enrgy drink down me.
  9. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  10. I'm ok thanks just doing some browsing on the net for uni stuff. At 3:00 am lol. How are you?
  11. Hahahaha! Seems to be like that for some bttb members. It's like 2:30 am here.......
  12. Um...I don't feel as run down but I just don't want to eat. It's weird usually I'm like where's the food!!! lol
  13. Hello! Ive been so i'll these past couple of days. I've totaly lost my appetite and been sick. Just feeling so run down.
  14. Hey Kimmy. Haven't spoken to you in ages. Do you remember me?
  15. I've never thought of it that way but when I'm tired I'm tired. I go to bed early usually unless I'm out yet I still wake up early with a hang-over. I don't know what it is lol. Most people would sleep through the day.
  16. I still wake up early no matter how early or late I go to bed. I'm just one of the very few that are morning people. I can't wait for September to come. I'm hoping for cooler weather but it still stays quite warm but i'll be moving to the coast so it should be cooler.
  17. I'm going to be watching that soon too. Kind of tired though. It seems to have cooled down a bit here. Usually boilig hot in the night recently. I'm hoping for rain tomorrow!!!
  18. Welcome 'buffygirl' Wow! I haven't posted on here in ages!
  19. I don't really care much for Ben & Jerry's. I had the cookie dough one and I thought it was plain and tastless. I haven't bothered trying their others. I really like Bradwells. But saying that......I love italian ice-cream! It's the best!
  20. Nope. I've never owned an ipod. I'd like one but I've heard too much bad stuff about them.
  21. Yeah it is! Hi Pam! *waves back*
  22. lol. I haven't had the flu in like two years.
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