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Sally and Flynn A Love Story


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Story Title: Sally and Flynn, A Love Story
Type of story: Medium Fic .
Main Characters: Sally Fletcher & Flynn Saunders
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, 
Summary: When Flynn Saunders arrives in town he never expected to meet the girl of his dreams and fall in love with her but he knew the moment he saw her that she had his heart. *Some of the story will be the same as the show and some things I will be changing.*


Chapter 1

Flynn Saunders had just arrived in Summer Bay and he hadn't either taken a look at the local sights yet as all he was eager to check out was his workplace and meet the people he would be working with. So far all he knew was the names of two people that worked there Shelley Sutherland who ran the place and Noah Lawson a young teenager who had just finished school and was eager to become a guidance councilor well from what Shelley had told him anyway. 

The moment Flynn arrived at the Centre he was in awe of how nice the place looked and he could see from the amount of kids that were there but this place must be good. It was less then a minute later when Flynn heard a voice "Flynn it's nice to finally meet you I'm Shelley." Flynn turned around from where he was looking at the children and smiled "I'm glad to finally meet you too, I heard some nice things about this place so I'm looking forward to working here." Shelley nods and smiles at the doctor before giving him direction to follow her as she was going to show him around the Centre.

It wasn't long into the tour when Shelley name was called and the pair stopped. Flynn spotted two woman walk toward then, one was tall with short hair and the other Flynn took one look at and couldn't help that smile as he knew she was beautiful. The woman handed Shelley the files before the one with shorter hair spoke "I'm Shauna and this is my friend Sally we help out here sometimes." Flynn smiled at the two girls before introducing himself "I'm Flynn, the new councilor here." Shauna smiled and shook his hand while Sally just stood back and watched in the distance. Flynn and Shauna talked for a bit about this place but Flynn couldn't help that notice Sally didn't include herself in the conversation, he didn't know why but he had a feeling that if Sally gave him a chance to get to know each other or at least had a little chat to him that maybe they could be friends. 

Once Shauna and Sally had left Flynn looked back at Shelley "Did I do something to upset her?" Shelley knew Flynn would be referring to Sally as he wasn't a local he wouldn't know what Sally had been through recently and how it affected her "No, She just going through some stuff, don't take it to heart." Flynn nods and gives Shelley a smile "I'm glad, I don't want to get on the bad side of the locals on my first day." Shelley looked at the younger man "Believe me you never want to get on the locals bad side particularly because of what a tight knit community Summer Bay is." Flynn nods " I will remember that. Shelley looked at Flynn "You should go get settled into Summer Bay and I will see you here tomorrow." Flynn nods as he bids Shelley farewell and leaves the Centre.

Once Flynn  had dropped his bags off he had decided to take in the sights and found himself walking along the beach when he spotted two locals walking towards him "It's Flynn right. You work with my mum." Flynn looks at the girl and realizes she in some ways looks like Shelley "That right, I'm Flynn." The girl and her friend smile "I'm Dani and this is Hayley. " Flynn shakes the girl hands and then asks them where he can get a good coffee and once they tell him where to go, he thanks them and heads in the direction of the local diner.

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4 minutes ago, beachside said:

Great Start and I cant wait to see what you change from their love story. 


So excited for where this will go.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the story.

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4 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Interesting idea.I don't remember all the details to know what you've changed but it'll be good to see where you go with it.

I haven't watched 2001 and 2002 so that part will be totally my own. Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy this story.

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Chapter 2

Sally and Shauna were walking along the pier "Flynn he's hot." Sally just laughed and shook her head after all it didn't surprise her Shauna liked him as she had dated or liked allot of the bay residents "Well I'm wasn't paying attention so it's not like I can agree with your statement." Shauna looked at her friend "I did notice that is everything ok? You have been in your own world all day." Sally took a breath "It was a year today since the non wedding." Shauna looked at her friend and hugged her "I'm sorry Sal I didn't realize." Sally hugged her back "Don't be, it's ok. It just a bit of a sore subject for me that all." Shauna nods as she knew how much Sally had struggled since that day after all Sally heart got broken and even though she had tried the dating thing once since, she wasn't really keen to date any guys and wasn't sure if she ever would be.

It wasn't long till Sally and Shauna arrived home and Sally headed for the freezer grabbing some ice-cream as all she wanted to do was eat away her pain which she knew wouldn't happen but she was going to try anyway. Thankfully Shauna had gone to her bedroom knowing that Sally would want to be alone to drown her sorrows.

Meanwhile Flynn had walked in the diner and ordered a strong coffee before a local approached him "Are you new in town I haven't seen you around before?" Flynn immediately nodded "Yes I am. I'm Flynn Saunders, I'm going to be working with Noah and Shelley." The woman smiled and put her hand out for him to shake "I'm Leah Patterson, I run this place. Look as a welcome to the bay this coffee is on me." Flynn smiled at the local, grateful for the free coffee and for her kindness. After getting his coffee Flynn left the diner and headed for the caravan park to unpack.

It wasn't long after he got back and was about to unpack his fourth load of stuff when he spotted Sally. He remembered her name from the drop in Centre earlier. She was sitting on the stairs outside a motor home. Flynn decided to go and say hi so walked in her direction and when he got there he looked at her "Hello." Sally looked up and recognized the guy as Flynn who she had met well said hi to earlier at the drop in Centre. Sally showed a smile "It's Flynn isn't it?" Flynn nods "Yes and you are Sally, we didn't get much of a chance to meet earlier so I thought I would say hi." Sally nodded and smiled at him even though her day was crap she was going to be polite and nice to him "Yes sorry about that. Today haven't been the best day for me which is part of the reason I didn't talk more earlier." Flynn nodded in understanding "It's fine honestly." Sally looked up at the motorhome "A special place for you here is it. I don't mean to pry." Sally nods her head again "This place is Lance's my best friend we used to sit here and chat during the crappy days and I ended up here today." Flynn smiled just listening before speaking "Well I will leave you to it but hopefully I will see you around." Sally smiled before saying a quick goodbye to Flynn as he walked away.

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13 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Sally didn't pay attention to Flynn... That might change!

She didn't but who knows it might, You will have to keep reading to find out. Thank you again for reading this story.

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7 hours ago, Sunny Girl said:

I'm enjoying the story as well Zig, Thanks for brightening my day with a chapter. :)

so glad you are enjoying the story. I hope you will enjoy what is to come

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