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  1. beachside

    Moving On

    Yay he convinced Bella to get a new camera. So glad Emmett can be there for Bella.
  2. beachside

    Now A Family

    OMG Pippa is back. Looking forward to Pippa talking with Cassie and meeting Ric.
  3. Thank you Thank you. I love writing for those characters. So glad you are loving the story. I will be updating soon don't worry.
  4. Chapter 7 Sally, Alf, Lance and Colleen have just walked into the Summer Bay House and Sally recognises a familiar face. "Oh my God Frank". Sally says seeing her Foster Brother and walking over and hugging him. "Hey Sal". Frank says hugging her tight. "I can't believe you didn't tell me Dad". Roo then adds looking at Alf. "He asked me not too". Alf says as there is a knock on the door. "I will get it". Sally says. "Thanks Sal". Alf replies as Sally walks over and opens the door. "Carly". Sally screams. "Hey Sal it's so good to see you". Carly tells her Foster Sister. "You too and look who else is here". Sally replies. "Hey Frank". Carly says walking over and giving her Foster Brother a hug. "Hey Carls". Frank replies before Carly moves down the line. "Roo hi". Carly says hugging her old friend. "Hi Carly nice to see you". Roo responds then Carly moves on to kiss Colleen, Lance and Alf's cheeks.
  5. beachside

    Moving On

    Mac has her reasons but poor Logan!! Emmett is shocked but hopefully can help Bella be able to take photos again!!
  6. beachside

    Now A Family

    Poor Cassie. I love the Cassie and Dan dynamic.
  7. Thank you for reading!! That was so much fun to write!! Thank you and thank you for reading. I am so glad you loved it as much as I did writing it. Don't worry I will be. There is so much to look forward to.
  8. beachside

    Now A Family

    So glad Cassie opened up to Ric. I wonder if they will visit Pippa in Queensland. It's great Cassie feels comfortable enough to talk to Dan. Great chapter.
  9. It certainly does!! Thank you it was so much fun to write so I am glad you loved it!!
  10. Chapter 6 Roo was at Summer Bay House doing some laundry for the Caravan Park when there is a knock at the door so she walks out. "Just a second". Roo says as she places towels on the dining table. "Ok". A male voice says. "How can I". Roo begins to say when she opens the door but stops in shock as she stares at her ex. "Hey Roo long time no see". Frank says as he stares at his ex. "Frank oh my god. What are you doing here?". Roo says still in shock and questions. "I'm back for the celebrations". Frank explains. "Oh right well my Dad didn't tell me you were coming". Roo informs him. "Yeah I know I asked him not too I wanted to surprise you". Frank informs his ex. "Well you certainly did that. Come in". Roo responds as Frank walks in. "This place hasn't changed a bit. It feels like a lifetime ago since I was last here". Frank comments. "One thing about the bay besides the beach that doesn't change is this house". Roo replies. "This is true yes and you haven't either". Frank tells her. "Neither have you". Roo reponds.
  11. beachside

    Moving On

    Awww Bella and Emmett!! Wish we got more Bella and Logan in the show!!
  12. Yeah I knew if they weren't together still that wouldn't go down too well. Yeah you will see that a lot in this story.
  13. beachside

    Now A Family

    Glad Cassie told Flynn the real reason behind her not telling him the truth. I think a trip away is exactly what the family need.
  14. Thank you!! Yeah I felt like this needed to be done as it isn't likely to happen on the show!! Don't worry I will continue to update!! So glad you are enjoying the story. Thank you for reading. I am glad you are enjoying the story
  15. Chapter 5 Later on that morning Alf was getting the Caravan Park ready to go as more guests were beginning to arrive and Ryder was helping him. "Why am I not surprised". A male voice says and Alf turns around immediately recognising the voice. "Strike me Hanson Ric". Alf says hugging his grandson. "Hey Granddad". Ric says greeting him. "Hey Mattie. Tony". Alf says greeting the two people who had come with Ric. "Hey Mr Stewart". Matilda greets him as footsteps start to approach. "Hey Alf". Tony replies shaking his old mates hand. "Oh my God Ric". Cassie says in shock seeing her best friend as she gets closer. "Hey Cass long time no see". Ric replies as he walks over and hugs his friend. "Yeah it has being it's good to see you and you to Mattie". Cassie says as Ric wraps his arm around Cassie. "You too Cass". Matilda replies. "Oh sorry Ryder this is your Uncle Ric, his partner Matilda and an old friend of mine Tony". Alf says realising his nephew hadn't being introduced. "Hey Ric". Ryder says reaching out his hand to shake Ric's. "Hi Ryder. Granddad has mentioned you a bit it's nice to put a face to the name". Ric greets him. "Yeah he's mentioned you a fair bit too so the same goes". Ryder says before shaking both Matilda and Tony's hands.
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