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Sally and Flynn A Love Story


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6 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Sally kind of set Shauna up for a fall there. I wonder if she realises Flynn's interested in her...

she did but she doesn't realise that Flynn is into her not yet anyway

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Chapter 6

After parting ways from Flynn, Sally headed to the diner and spotted Lance there. She walked over to her friend "How's your mum?" Lance smiles and laughs "As chatty as ever " Sally couldn't help that laugh "Admit it, it part of the reason you love her that we all do." Lance could help that nod at this after all he knew that Sally was right and he did and that he was lucky to have her and knew how hard it must be for Sally barely seeing Pippa and not having Tom around "How are you doing? You know with Tom..." Sally wiped her eye quickly before Lance could see a tear "The closer it gets, the more I wish he was here, the more I miss him." Lance puts his arm around Sally "He was a good guy." Sally nodded in agreement "He's was the best. Pippa sent me a picture of Tom and I the other day and it made me realize how much of my life he missed, I wish he saw me grow up." Lance listens and looks at Sally "I know Tom and he would be so proud of you and Sal, I'm sticking around until next week so I will be here whenever you need me on Friday ok." Sally nods as she hugs Lance "Thank you." She was truly happy that Lance came back and was grateful that he would be there for her when  she knew she would need him the most.

After seeing Sally at the beach, Flynn felt more relax and less like he was on the wrong side of her which made him relieved after all he did want to get to know her just like he wanted to know the other locals but for some reason he had wanted to get to know Sally more then anyone else and Flynn had realized that the moment that he laid eyes on her so he was grateful that he might finally get a chance to do just that.

It wasn't long after when Flynn arrived back at the drop in centre and spotted Noah sitting alone and walked over to him "Everything ok?" Noah nodded as he looked up to his new co-worker "I'm just hoping everything turns out well for once." Flynn was confused and Noah spoke again "There always something happening in Summer Bay, some kind of drama or event. You will get used to it." Flynn nodded "I don't mean to pry but what's the latest drama." Noah laughed "That fully depends who you ask. I mean some people here have gone through allot recently and are still dealing with it." Flynn nodded as he let his curiously get the better of him "Is Sally one of them, it's just because she been quiet when I've been around." Noah nodded "She had a rough six months and she is still dealing with it all which is probably why she is keep anyone she doesn't know at a distance because of what she is dealing with." Flynn nodded in understanding, he wanted to know what Sally was going through and considered asking Noah but he knew it was none of his business and that he hardly knew Sally.

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23 hours ago, beachside said:

Great couple of chapters


Sally and Lance's moment was so nice they were right about Colleen


Glad Lance is sticking around


Noah's right there is always some drama in the bay

Glad you enjoyed the last few chapters and Noah is right that's for sure.

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Chapter 7

It was the following day and the day before Tom anniversary when Sally walked into the diner and spotted Flynn there and need the distraction from thinking about Tom, she headed in his direction after all he didn't know her which meant he wouldn't ask any questions about anything. 

When Flynn saw Sally walk towards him, he smiled straight away before looking at her. "I believe I owe you a coffee what would you like?" Flynn smiled at Sally as she asked "Just a latte." Sally smiled "Mind if we have that to go and go for a walk." Flynn nodded accepting her request as she left to order the coffees.

Once Sally had the coffees in her hand, Flynn stood up and grabbed his from her as they headed out of the diner and agreed on a walk along the beach.

As they got down to the beach Sally looked at Flynn "What bought you to the bay?" Flynn knew this would be a questioned he was going to get asked at some point "I have a rough relationship with my dad and needed a change of scene." Sally knew that everyone was different but if it was her she would done anything for a relationship with hers or more of one with Tom "Perhaps not been in the same place will help." Flynn nodded a smiled "What about you, how did you end up here?" Sally decided on a short answer instead of the real version "Been here my whole life pretty much." Flynn smiled as he took a sip of his coffee "You must love this place." Sally  nodded and smiled thinking about all her happy memories here. 

After that the two walked and made small talk for a while before arriving at Sally's place to have a snack as she figured with how rude she had been to him when he first arrived she could at least give him some brownies. 

When they arrived Sally headed in the direction of the kitchen while Flynn looked at some of the photos in the house. He first saw some with people that he figured were her siblings, then one of her with Noah, Jude and Shauna and then the final one caught his eye. He recognized Sally with a older man who he guessed was her dad and couldn't help that smile at the photo, it was clear they had a special bond. Flynn didn't know why but he found himself picking up the photo to have a closer look.

Sally then walked back into the living room area with brownies when she saw Flynn looking at the photo "That's me and Tom, my adoptive dad." Flynn turned around and looked at Sally "You guys seem close?" Sally smiles as she holds back her emotions "We were. He was my hero and my rock. I miss him every single day." Sally decided to not tell him about the event tomorrow after all, she didn't know him well enough and besides it none of his business. Flynn could see the sadness in Sally's eyes "I'm sorry." Sally smiled "Thanks but it's okay. I like talking about him." Flynn smiled as he put the photo down before heading to the table where Sally was with the brownies.

When Flynn got there they both went for a piece at the same time and there hands were now touching. Sally didn't know why but she didn't move her hand and Flynn didn't his, instead she looked directly at Flynn and smiled and he did the exact same thing. Sally couldn't be certain nor did she know the reason why but she felt like this was a moment and that wasn't a good thing as she never wants to be with another guy not after the whole wedding and lying thing with Kieran.

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Chapter 8

It had been a few hours after the brief moment that Sally had shared with Flynn and thankfully he left shortly after it, after all that meant that she wouldn't have to have the whole we won't ever happen chat with him which she knew would happen at some point but she needed to figure out what she was going to say to him first and all the answers to the questions that he might have for her.

Meanwhile Flynn was walking along the beach deep in thought after his moment with Sally. He did want to talk about it but he also knew they both probably need time to think first and probably needed to figure out for themselves whether they wanted to be with the other person or not, although Flynn knew from the moment he had seem Sally that he wanted to be with her, he didn't know why but after he saw Sally for the first time he felt as though he found his soulmate and this kept getting proved to him whenever he interacted with her and proved again after today. In fact after today, he knew for sure exactly where he stood on the matter.


The day went by slowly after that but unfortunately    for Flynn he didn't get to see the opportunity to see Sally and he hoped he would get too the next day, as he knew they needed to talk.


It was now the next morning and Sally woke up straight away with so much sadness. She hadn't even gotten out of bed and the tears were already flowing down her face. Every year this day was a hard one for her and every year she seem to miss Tom even more but this year she was missing him more then ever and she was wishing even more that he was here.

Once Sally did get out of bed, she walked to the kitchen still in her pajamas to see Lance waiting for and the moment he spotted his friend, he immediately got up and hugged her which she returned as she let the tears flow "I miss him so much." Lance nodded as he held his friend in his arms "I know you do Sal." Sally then looked at her friend "I'm going to be the worse company today." Lance could see guilt on her face "It's fine besides you seem me at my worst." For the first time all day Sally had managed to laugh and smile thinking about the pranks that Lance and Martin did back in the day that would get them into trouble.

After that Sally quickly decided on getting change so they could go out. She wanted to spend the day exploring all of Tom favourites places and that started with the pier and she knew that she would be a mess the whole day but she didn't care as she knew doing this was going to make her feel closer to her dad.


Note- To see how Sally handles Tom anniversary and talking to Flynn, you will have to tune into the next chapter as this part of the story is focused for two chapters. Hope your all enjoying this story so far. thanks for reading

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