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Home and Away Christmas Specials on My5

Dan F

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On 03/12/2019 at 07:09, c120701 said:

The second one was nice, but the editing seemed a little off. I’m assuming some of Ada’s bits were cut for time, like they talked about everyone coming to the bay running from something but didn’t mention what Leah was running from - there should have been a clip of Leah’s arrival there. 

Then the segue from the discussion about Vinnie to Olivia Deeble’s video made it seem like Ryan Kwanten had filmed a special message for Ada. There we just lots of little bits like that where Jason and his tone didn’t match what was being said too such everyone saying they just want their characters to be happy and in love, but Jason saying that it all sounds very exciting.

Maybe a UK edit for spoilers?

It certainly was a bit jarring in places, I've not done a side by side comparison but I think the Oz one was still the same.

Next week's episode heads to the Pier Apartment  - Episode 3 Preview

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Digital Spy have revealed that there's a new special arriving on My5 on New Year's Eve.

Home and Away's UK fans will be able to discover even more about 2020's storylines on New Year's Eve, when an online special is released on Channel 5's on-demand service My5.

Hosted by Jason Smith, who played Robbie Hunter between 2003 and 2006, the festive New Year's Eve special will share new spoilers and teasers about what's ahead.

Teasing the special, a Channel 5 spokesperson told Digital Spy: "Love, relationships, friendships, birth, deaths, marriage, 2020 promises to be nothing short of must-see appointment television.

"So pull up a pew and prepare for a treat with this world exclusive UK sneak peek of the all new Home and Away… just for My5 viewers!"

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This was generally a very enjoyable little series to watch. Although it did feel a bit stilted in parts, re-visiting and watching some of the older clips was fun, especially when the cast can't remember any of the storylines they were apart of!

Jason was a great host, and I'm not ashamed to admit, still 100% crush-worthy to me. I adored him being given and promptly putting on the Robbie glasses - that was such an intense flashback ?. Oh, the nostalgia!

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