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Life Goes On in Summer Bay


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Story Title: Life goes on in Summer Bay

Type of Story: Medium Fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Alf, Roo, Marilyn, John, Raffy, Ryder, Colby, Sergeant Georgina Watson

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence (maybe)

Summary: Marilyn is given a shocking diagnosis which will affect her life, and John's too. After Chelsea leaves the bay, a new love interest is on the horizon for Colby. After dropping out of school, Ryder decides on a new career.


Chapter One

Pier Diner

"One coffee coming right up Mr Stewart" said a very happy Marilyn.

"Thanks Marilyn, I'll just be over at the bait shop, can you bring it around?" replied Alf.

"No problem" Marilyn said, with a big smile on her face.

(A few seconds later, in walks Roo)

"You know what Marilyn, I've just had the best idea"

"And what would that be?"

"The sun is shining, so what about we go to the lighthouse and have a picnic, Dad and John can come too?"

Marilyn responded "I'm not sure Roo"

"I'm sure you could just get a casual to cover your shift" said Roo.

"Would you just leave it! I said no" snapped Marilyn, as she walked off.


Summer Bay House

"Roo, do you know where Marilyn got to?, she never brought me my coffee?" asked Alf.

Roo responded, "To tell you the truth Dad, I think something is not quite right with her at the moment." "One minute she's all happy and bubbly, the next she snaps at me."

"Well, that doesn't mean anything's wrong with her love" said Alf.

"I just think we should keep an eye on her" replies Roo.

"Ok, if you insist."



(Colby has just come out of the surf and Raffy has just come out of the water after going for a swim)

Raffy said "Hey you, are you ok?" "You seem quite down after Chelsea's sudden departure."

"Thanks, but I think I'll be ok" "I'm a big boy, I can look after myself" Colby replies.

"If you need a friend, or someone to talk to, I'm here"

"Thanks Raffy" said Colby.

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A very good start, you're building up the story very nicely, with something possibly serious happening with Marilyn. I'm enjoying Raffy and Colby's friendship, something we wouldn't see much on the show. I look forward to see where you go with this. ?

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Hmm I was slightly baffed to why Coco would be upset about Chelsea leaving but that was me misreading Colby haha

Marilyn has a crush on Alf and she can't woo him with her coffee with John around haha Naaa maybe not Marilyn and John are having probelms about fostering?


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Chapter Two

(Summer Bay House)

"A police officer!" said a surprised Roo.

"Yes Roo, I want to join the police force now that I've dropped out of school" replied Ryder.

Roo responded "Are you sure this is what you want to do, you've been hanging out with Dean lately and for all I know, you two might have got up to more mischief than you're letting on."

"Well it's decided ok, I'm going to go into the station now and speak to the Sergeant about me joining the academy" said Ryder.

"If you insist" said Roo.


(Palmer House)

"Marilyn, we need to talk" said John.

"If this is about me getting angry at Roo yesterday, just leave it" replied a stubborn Marilyn.

"Ok I'll leave it Maz"

"Dinner almost ready?" asked a hungry John.

"Here's an idea - get it yourself, you lazy man and stay out of my life" snapped Marilyn.

"I didn't mean to upset you" said John.

"I need to go for a walk, I'll be back soon" replied Marilyn.



"Hey, what are you doing here" asked Raffy.

"Just picking up the pizzas for the station" replied Colby.

"For what it's worth, I think that Chelsea was stupid to just leave the bay, you deserve better Colby" said Raffy.

"Thanks Raffy" replied Colby.

"Anyways, I better get going, but I'll see you around" said Colby.

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Great chapter

wow Ryder wanting to become a police officer

wonder what is up with Marilyn she doesn't usually go off like that at John

Nice developing friendship between Colby and Raffy

Update again soon :)


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