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  3. Chapter Six (Surf Club) Raffy is enjoying playing a game of pool when the police arrive. "Raffy Morrison?" asked Sergeant Watson. "Yes" said Raffy. "I'm placing you under arrest for the assault on Colby Thorne" replied Georgie. "You can't be serious, he's the one who tried to make a move on me!" insisted Raffy. "There is no evidence of that" "You are not obliged to say or do anything, but anything you do say or do may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?" Raffy is handcuffed and hauled away, Alf and Roo look on shocked (Police Station Interview Room) "This is a joke, I just want to go home please" pleaded Raffy. "I'm sorry, that's not possible" said Georgie. "How did you even find out about this?" asked Raffy. "When he came into work yesterday, he seemed very weird, and when I asked him about it, he eventually cracked and told me about you assaulting him" said Watson. Raffy begins to cry "Can I call anyone, your siblings, John and Marilyn?" asked a compassionate Watson. "No" insisted Raffy. "So, will I be charged?" asked Raffy. "Yes" said Watson. "Ok, but I can go home now right?" asked Raffy. "I'm sorry, but for the time being, we have to lock you up" said Georgie. Not wanting to be locked up, Raffy runs out of the station, the officers in chase (Palmer House) John comes back into the house "Maz, I'm back" said John. The house remained silent. "You here Maz?" asked John. John searched the house for her, and found a note on the table left for him "Oh no" said John. The note read: John, I'm sorry, I've decided to move to Paris and live the rest of my life over there. Please don't come and look for me.
  4. Chapter Five (Pier Flat) The morning after, Colby has just had a shower and has just realised the extent of what he has done. John is at the door to see Colby. "John, hi" said a nervous Colby, worried that Raffy has told him. "Sorry to just drop around like this mate, but I need to ask you something" said John. "You and Raffy have been hanging out a bit, recently right?" asked John. "Yeah, how come?" asked a nervous Colby. "Something's not right with her mate, she came around last night with a bloodied hand and seemed very shaken up, do you know what that might be about?" asked John. "No, sorry, I wish I could help" said Colby. "Anyways, best be off, sorry to bother you mate" said John. (Palmer House) Marilyn has just been to her doctor's appointment and her and John discuss the situation. "Marilyn, I'm so sorry darling, I should've guessed it sooner rather than later, given how you were behaving" said a sympathetic John. "No once could have done anything or knew that I had Borderline Personality Disorder" said Marilyn. "And the good thing is, is that Tori said you haven't displayed many of the symptoms yet, but unfortunately over time they will come" said John. "I might go to the Diner and grab us some lunch aye?" asked a hungry John. "No, no...please don't leave me like this" said Marilyn in a worried state. "But I'll only be like thirty minutes" said John. "No, no..." said Marilyn, having a mini-panic attack. (Outside the Police Academy) Ryder is saying his goodbyes to Alf and Roo before he starts his training. "Guys, I just wanted to say thank you for everything, and I guess I'll see you in a few weeks" said an excited Ryder. "You just enjoy yourself and be good" said Roo. "And don't go binge drinking any of their beer" joked Alf. "Haha, see you" said Ryder.
  5. Chapter Four (Palmer House) Raffy comes in, to visit John and Marilyn "Oh Raffy, nice to see you, would you like to stay for dinner?" asked Marilyn. Raffy remains silent "Everything alright sweetheart?" asked Marilyn. "Hey, what's with all the blood on your hand?" asked a suspicious John. "Um, I tripped when I was getting out of the car" said Raffy. "Well, I can ask Justin if we can take you to the hospital tomorrow to get your hand checked out when Marilyn goes to get her check-up?" asked John. "What's wrong with Marilyn" asked a nervous Raffy. "Silly John thinks that something is wrong with me" replied Marilyn bluntly. "I'll leave you guys to it but see you later" said Raffy. "Bye" said John and Marilyn in unison. (Police Station) Alf and Roo are waiting for Ryder and Sergeant Watson to come out of the interview room. They then come out. "How did you go mate?" asked Alf. Ryder remained silent and looked at the Sergeant. Watson said "I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the police academy, Ryder Jackson." "Oh, that's great darling" said Roo. Roo went on, "So when does he begin training at the academy?" "Well you better get a good night's sleep Ryder, as training starts at Goulburn 10:00am sharp, led by Inspector Mike Emerson and Senior Constable Xavier Austin" said Watson. "Well on that note, we best be of, thanks Georgie" said Alf.
  6. Thanks everyone for all the feedback, will have the next chapter out tonight!
  7. Chapter Three Warning of mild violence (Palmer House) "Oh Marilyn, good your home, we need to have a chat" said John. "Can I please speak first John, I am really sorry for the way I have been treating you lately darling, with me just snapping out" replied Marilyn. "Thanks, Maz, but I think to be on the safe side, we should get you checked out at the hospital" said John. "Are you sure about that John?" asked Marilyn. "I think it's for the best Marilyn" replied John. (Morgan House) "Hey Raffy, is Justin around?, I just need to have a chat with him? asked Colby. "He's just at the garage but should be back in an hour or two" said Raffy. "That's ok, I can wait" replied Colby. (Police Station) "Hey guys, how can I help you?" asked Sergeant Georgina Watson. "Hi love, young Ryder would like to ask you something" said Alf. "Yeah, what is it? asked Watson. "Come on Ryder, we don't have all day" said Roo. "Sergeant, I would like to enrol into the police academy and I was hoping I could speak to you about it?" asked Ryder. "Ryder, are you sure that this is what you want to do?, you're not the first person who's asked me this question" said Watson. "I'm ready" "Alright then, come this way" (Morgan House) An upset Colby has been raiding the Morgans wine and is drunk. "Hey Colby, Justin's just messaged, and he won't be back until later, if you want to come back in the morning...? asked Raffy. "No thanks, I'll stay here" replied Colby bluntly. "Colby, you're drunk, and I know you miss Chelsea, but please just leave ok" insisted Raffy. Not thinking clearly, Colby leans in and attempts to kiss Raffy. Raffy fights back and hits him, leaving Colby with a bloodied nose. Colby quickly makes a run.
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Next chapter should be out tonight, if not tomorrow morning
  9. Chapter Two (Summer Bay House) "A police officer!" said a surprised Roo. "Yes Roo, I want to join the police force now that I've dropped out of school" replied Ryder. Roo responded "Are you sure this is what you want to do, you've been hanging out with Dean lately and for all I know, you two might have got up to more mischief than you're letting on." "Well it's decided ok, I'm going to go into the station now and speak to the Sergeant about me joining the academy" said Ryder. "If you insist" said Roo. (Palmer House) "Marilyn, we need to talk" said John. "If this is about me getting angry at Roo yesterday, just leave it" replied a stubborn Marilyn. "Ok I'll leave it Maz" "Dinner almost ready?" asked a hungry John. "Here's an idea - get it yourself, you lazy man and stay out of my life" snapped Marilyn. "I didn't mean to upset you" said John. "I need to go for a walk, I'll be back soon" replied Marilyn. (Salt) "Hey, what are you doing here" asked Raffy. "Just picking up the pizzas for the station" replied Colby. "For what it's worth, I think that Chelsea was stupid to just leave the bay, you deserve better Colby" said Raffy. "Thanks Raffy" replied Colby. "Anyways, I better get going, but I'll see you around" said Colby.
  10. Thanks D.B, Kristen and Red Ranger 1 for your comments Next chapter will be out tomorrow
  11. Story Title: Life goes on in Summer Bay Type of Story: Medium Fic (undecided) Main Characters: Alf, Roo, Marilyn, John, Raffy, Ryder, Colby, Sergeant Georgina Watson BTTB rating: G/T Genre: Romance, Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Violence (maybe) Summary: Marilyn is given a shocking diagnosis which will affect her life, and John's too. After Chelsea leaves the bay, a new love interest is on the horizon for Colby. After dropping out of school, Ryder decides on a new career. Chapter One Pier Diner "One coffee coming right up Mr Stewart" said a very happy Marilyn. "Thanks Marilyn, I'll just be over at the bait shop, can you bring it around?" replied Alf. "No problem" Marilyn said, with a big smile on her face. (A few seconds later, in walks Roo) "You know what Marilyn, I've just had the best idea" "And what would that be?" "The sun is shining, so what about we go to the lighthouse and have a picnic, Dad and John can come too?" Marilyn responded "I'm not sure Roo" "I'm sure you could just get a casual to cover your shift" said Roo. "Would you just leave it! I said no" snapped Marilyn, as she walked off. Summer Bay House "Roo, do you know where Marilyn got to?, she never brought me my coffee?" asked Alf. Roo responded, "To tell you the truth Dad, I think something is not quite right with her at the moment." "One minute she's all happy and bubbly, the next she snaps at me." "Well, that doesn't mean anything's wrong with her love" said Alf. "I just think we should keep an eye on her" replies Roo. "Ok, if you insist." Beach (Colby has just come out of the surf and Raffy has just come out of the water after going for a swim) Raffy said "Hey you, are you ok?" "You seem quite down after Chelsea's sudden departure." "Thanks, but I think I'll be ok" "I'm a big boy, I can look after myself" Colby replies. "If you need a friend, or someone to talk to, I'm here" "Thanks Raffy" said Colby.
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