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  1. sallyandflynnfan

    Most Popular Character 2018

    That what I thinking as we know Justin, Ben Colby and Coco all got votes. We also know Mason does. We also know Raffy, Ziggy, Brody, Maggie and Dean have fans so they will have some votes. Also people who been on the show a while such as Alf, Leah, Irene and Maz will have votes. so I thinking even Jasmine, John, Willow and Tori will have no votes
  2. sallyandflynnfan

    Most Popular Character 2018

    I voted for Mason so it wont be him. My guess is Jasmine and John or Justin
  3. sallyandflynnfan

    Older Guys

    Hunter died. I wasn't expecting that but I'm Glad it wasn't Mason Hope Mason will be ok I couldn't handle it if he were to died Update soon
  4. sallyandflynnfan

    Falling In Love

    Chapter 4 [Ziggy and Dean walk into Colby's and see Bella and Willow on the couch] Willow: Dean Hey, oh Ziggy hello Dean: Hey Wil, Hey Bella. Where's Colby? Bella: He gone to get the meat [Bella looks up and sees Ziggy] Bella: Who are you? Ziggy: I'm Ziggy. Dean girlfriend Bella: I didn't know you had a girlfriend Willow: Neither did I Dean: It only just happend Willow: Congrats guys [Willow gets up and hugs Ziggy then Dean] Bella: Anyone want a drink Ziggy: Beer would be good Dean: Same and you aren't having one Bella: I know [Bella hands Ziggy and Dean a drink as Colby walks in with the Meat] Colby: Dean Hi oh Zig we weren't expecting you Dean: I have some news Willow: Brace yourself Colby: What going on Bella: Dean found a girlfriend [Colby looks at Ziggy] Colby: When did this happen? Ziggy: Today Dean: For the first time in a long time i'm happy Ziggy: Well so am I [Ziggy kisses Dean as Colby, Willow and Bella cheer]
  5. sallyandflynnfan

    Falling In Love

    Chapter 3 [Dean knocks at the Morgan's door and Ziggy answers] Ziggy: Dean hey! Dean: Get changed we going on a adventure Ziggy: What sort of an adventure Dean: You will see Ziggy: Now you got me interested. Come in and talk to the others while I go get changed [Dean walks in as Ziggy goes to her room] [Justin looks at Dean] Justin: You know she married right Dean: Yeah I know, we are just friends hanging out Justin: Just remember she my brother wife Dean: Yeah I know [Ziggy walks out] Ziggy: Everything ok Dean: Can we go Ziggy: Yeah [Ziggy smiles at Dean as they walk out and Justin gives then a funny look] [Dean drives to a clifftop at the Mangrove River] Ziggy: What are we doing here Dean: Well when I was a kid I used to jump off this thing in to the water. Ziggy: Right Dean: I know you don't like heights but this isn't over high and you have a safe landing Ziggy: Ok Dean: So are we jumping Ziggy: Yeah we are [Ziggy takes her shirt off to reveal swimwear and Dean takes his top off] Dean: Are you ready Ziggy: Ready Dean: In three Ziggy: Two [Ziggy grabs Dean hand and I holds it] Dean: One [Ziggy and Dean jump] [Ziggy and Dean are in the water musking around] Ziggy: That was fun Dean: Yeah it was Ziggy: So do you do this often these days Dean: Not really but I wanted to this morning Ziggy: I surprised not many people are here Dean: Not many people know about this place Ziggy: So why did you tell me Dean: Cause your someone special and you care about me [Ziggy kicks some water at Dean before kissing him and he kisses back] Dean: I wasn't expecting that Ziggy: Well the truth is Dean that I falling in love with you Dean: But Brody Ziggy: We broke up that why he left Dean: I didn't know Ziggy: No one does [Dean hugs Ziggy] Dean: I'm sorry Zig Ziggy: Don't be just kiss me [Dean kisses Ziggy, they soon get out of the water] [Ziggy gets her phone and dials Brody number] Brody: Zig hey Ziggy: Hey you need to know something Brody: What is it? Ziggy: That I love Dean and i'm with him now Brody: That fine we are separtated Ziggy: Yeah we are Brody: I will tell my family Ziggy: Thanks Brody: A part of me will always love you Ziggy: And a part of me will love you always Brody: Bye Ziggy Ziggy: Bye Brody [Brody and Ziggy hands up] [Dean walks over to Ziggy] Dean: You ok Ziggy: Yeah I am now that i'm with you Dean: I love you, I always have Ziggy: Me too [Ziggy and Dean kiss] [Dean and Ziggy are in the car] Dean: How do you feel about coming with me for a BQQ with Colby, Willow and his sister Bella Ziggy: That be great. I didn't know Colby had a sister Dean: No one did. She was brainwashed by her dad Ziggy: Wow that huge Dean: Yeah. So will you still come Ziggy: Of course I will Dean: I love you Ziggy: I love you too
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  7. sallyandflynnfan

    Forbidden Love (by sallyandflynnfan) - comments

    Thanks. I loved writing it. Glad u liked the ending it defs was. Glad u liked the ending
  8. sallyandflynnfan

    Leah Battle

    The final chapter Chapter 5 6 months later Leah: Thanks Ben for all your help you too Ziggy Ben: No problem Leah: And sorry for ruining your marriage Ben: You didn't that was a long time coming Ziggy: We just glad your ok Leah: So am I Ziggy: I give you guys a minute {Ziggy walks out] Ben: Leah I know these 6 months have been tough on you and on me but during that time I fell in love with you and was wondering if we have a chance Leah: I think we do cause I falling for you too [Leah kisses Ben] Ben: Lets see where the future takes us Leah: Sounds like a plan [they smile and hug] The end Comments
  9. sallyandflynnfan

    Forbidden Love

    chapter 34 [Mason and Colby are driving around the bay] [Zara in the warehouse she unties the rope of herself and walks outside a gum is fired but it misses Zara] [Mason and Colby hear this from a distance and speed up. Mason sees Zara and gets out of the car] Mason: I have been so worried about you [Mason hugs Zara] Zara: I was scared Mason Mason: Understandable Zara: Can we leave Colby: Of course [Mason and Zara join Colby in the car and drives away] Mason: What happened Zara: My mum and your sister happend Mason: I should known Zara: I was so scared that I was gonna die Mason: I was scared I was gonna lose you Zara: You will never lose me I love you Mason Mason: Marry me? Zara: What Mason: If today made me realize anything it how much I want to be with you and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you Zara: But it sudden Mason: So what I know it is but i'm in love with you Zara and I want to be with you [Zara kisses Mason] Mason: Is that a yes Zara: Yes, yes it a yes [Zara and Mason kiss] Zara: I cant wait to marry you Mason: And I cant wait to marry you [Zara and Mason kiss as Colby drives] THE END Hope you all enjoyed my fan fiction. Let me know your thoughts below. Comments
  10. sallyandflynnfan

    Love Story

    The Last Chapter as I lost inspiration. Chapter 2 6 months later [Ryder and Coco are at the beach] Coco: I love you Ryder you know that right Ryder: Yeah I know and I love you too Coco: My life with you Ryder: And mine with you Coco: After all we belong together Ryder: Yeah we do cause you know we belong together Coco: I do and I love you Ryder: I love you too. i'm yours today, tomorrow, forever Coco: And i'm yours [Ryder and Coco kiss] THE END Comments
  11. sallyandflynnfan

    The Story of the Morgans

    THE FINAL CHAPTER Chapter 3 [Decker walks in with Justin and Raffy] Decker: Get your things you have to leave the bay Brody: Fine I tell Phoebe I leaving [Brody calls Phoebe and Tori calls Nate while Mason calls Olivia] [Justin comes out with everyone things as Phoebe, Olivia and Nate walk in with bags] Brody: What going on? Phoebe: We are coming with you Justin: You cant Olivia: We know about Witness Protection so we In risk besides I want to be with Mason [Mason walks over and Olivia kisses him] Mason: Really you want to be with me after everything and with this life Olivia: I do, I love you Mason Morgan Mason: I love you too [Olivia and Mason hug as Phoebe walks over to Brody] Phoebe: As for me Brody the bay doesn't feel right for me and I want to stay with my best friend and besides I cant imagine my life without you Brody: And I cant imagine mine without you [They hug and both smile] [Nate kisses Tori] Nate: As for me Dr Morgan over the three months I known you I have fallen madly in love with you and want to spend my life with you Tori: Even if we on the run Nate: Yeah I don't care where in the world we go as long as im with you [Tori kisses Nate] Raffy: We need to go [Everyone grabs there bags and gets in the car and leaves the bay] THE END Comments
  12. sallyandflynnfan

    All of Me

    THE FINAL CHAPTER Chapter 15 [Roman and Martha are sitting in Jack and Martha house waiting for Jack when he walks in] Jack: Roman hi Martha: Jack sit I need to tell you both something Roman: What is it? Martha: Jack when I got back with you I was happy for a bit Jack: So Roman: What this got to do with me Martha: Jack I don't love you anymore [Jack looks upset] Jack: Why not and why Roman here Martha: Roman I still love you and want to be with you and I hoping you want to be with me to Roman: Yeah I do. Martha: Jack i'm sorry that we are over [Jack storms out] Roman: Was that hard [Martha nods] Martha: I hate lying about the affair and hurting Jack Roman: You did the right thing Martha: Yeah I know. I love you Roman Roman: I love you too [Martha kisses Roman and Jack watches from a distance] THE END Comments
  13. sallyandflynnfan

    Shoot & Save

    Save Casey shoot Robbo Flynn Saunders/ Brad Armstrong
  14. sallyandflynnfan

    Shoot & Save

    Save Dean shoot Robbo Mason/ Justin
  15. sallyandflynnfan

    Who was the last couple you actually really cared about?

    Probably Mason and Olivia or Brax and Ricky. There is an upcoming couple I kinda looking forward to those

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