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  1. Tori and Christian will be a golden couple for sure
  2. I think Colby/Willow/Bella/Dean/ Ziggy/ Raffy and Mason are the most likeable characters
  3. Jen all you icons are amazing. Thanks for always posting then. Could you post some Roman and Martha ones if possible? could u upload the 1st one on the third row and the second last row separtley.
  4. Thanks. i'm about to upload the first chapter of Moving on my new fic. Would love for you read and let me know your thoughts
  5. so happy that you liked it, Thanks for always reading my fanfics
  6. Loved this Like Morgans and Astoni hanging out miuns the parents of both familes update soon
  7. I was considering it maybe in the next chapter they will
  8. OMG Love this so much. Can't wait to read more. Update soon.
  9. She might not know that she falling for him yet Who knows Vincent might be honest with her first As for swimming it might or might not happen Glad your liking this story
  10. Yes Brody getting jealous and this is just the start Glad you like the moment between Ziggy and Coco Glad your liking the story so far Thanks so much. I honestly just think of plots the moment before I start writing each chapter. Omg I cant wait to read part 2 of yours as it one of my favourite fanfictions
  11. Thanks so much for reading my fanfiction. You are a great writer and I wish I was as good as you. So glad that you are liking the story
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