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Strong women/men in H&A.


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Ones who have/had backbone as opposed to the mistaken belief that being gobby, obnoxious and loud defines a strong woman/strong man.

Ailsa Stewart was a strong woman, she had backbone.

Colleen Smart, she was a strong woman.

Pippa was a strong woman.

I feel Lynne's Irene was originally a strong woman but since has become a pushover.

Alf Stewart and Don Fisher were both strong men who had guts. As was Tom Fletcher.





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Bobby was strong. Marilyn i think was a lot stronger than people would give her credit for as well. Shannon and Selina seemed like stronger teens unlike some of the ones that came before them such as the whiny Sophie and Carly. Angel is weak, whiny and needy as well.

Shane started out quite strong but marriage to Angel dragged him down. I think the strongest teen boy in the early years was probably Blake. Blake always took everything on the chin, including being caned!



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How could I forget Bobby?

Yes, Carly, Sophie and Angel were weak and pathetic. Carly could be quite cunning and bitchy.

Sally was a strong woman as was Narelle Smart.

Alison Patterson, while she was one of my fave ever characters, was actually weak and a bully. She thought that being a bully was being a strong woman.


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On 27 September 2017 at 03:34, Homeandawayfan. said:

Carly, Sophie and Angel were weak and pathetic.

I can say I wholeheartedly agree with you about Sophie, I'm currently watching the episodes where she claims she is sexually harassed at work (over one stupid kiss one night, and piddly little things like him helping put her jacket on). Sophie blames everyone else but herself for the troubles she has been bringing upon herself ever since that David creature came to Summer Bay. Her life has been one long self-generated misery ever since. The resistance of Michael and Pippa's demands to stop seeing him. The carry-on over his death. The pregnancy and how she let it decide for her to drop out of school. Etc.........:angry:

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