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  1. It's a shame that Jett got paralysed, and trying to be independent
  2. What about Gemma? I prefer her (that rhymed) and Nikau. Cute mum son relationship. I'm from NZ so I think it's cool to have a Kiwi family in the bay. Enjoyed the haka
  3. Deaths of Denny, Oscar and Hannah The Morgans arrive Maddy loses an arm Evie gets her happy ever after
  4. I'd consider the River Boys also as the darker side of Summer bay
  5. What about Fitzty and Watson? The other female cops from Jack and Charlie's times in the bay?
  6. I noticed Palmer wasn't in the list of longest serving characters, 11 years now. Is Leah's first scene on youtube?
  7. Heath and Bianca, what would her mum think of her dating then marrying a River Boy? What would she think about Dex also?
  8. Notice that Ryder calls Alf "Grumps" even when he's serious?
  9. Sally - all grown up with her own foster children and one biological child, hope lil Pip's OK. Plus found out her imaginary friend is actually her biological twin brother. Bella seems to have matured lately. I also like how Amanda and Belle developed, however Aden seemed to go backwards to square one at the end
  10. I bet Sam will win for Jasmine's storyline, good acting there.
  11. Ironically when Flynn died 10 years after, Pippa was the one to tell Sally the same thing. She eventually did later when watching Flynn's video for her.
  12. I remember Colleen finishing the poem for Cassie when she broke down at Flynn's funeral, that was nice of her.
  13. I didn't like Colleen, found her too annoying. Also Dodge for bullying cute lil Sal and making her say Milco wasn't real.
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