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  1. About Denny, she was just about to leave the bay and checked with Charlotte if Hunter could take over her job. Then she discovered the safe Hunter stole from the diner and was going to tell the poilce
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  3. Chloe, she didn't deserve to die. She could go visit Olivia and James
  4. Bella reminds me of Bobby from the first year of the show
  5. Did Justin Rosniak also play the boy who teased Sally over Milco? I remember they said he was.
  6. Didn't like how they broke up Will and Gypsy, then sent him to prison. I wonder if VJ would one day reunite with Lily, they were cute together. Also born on the same day
  7. I remember seeing an aboriginal man, during Alf's near death experience in 2003.
  8. A star is born with Lady Gaga That was last year, this year Mean Girls
  9. Lucky Amanda turned her life around, thanks to Belle
  10. Morag's funeral, a good send off for Cornelia
  11. Almost forgot about Alan and Bobby Do the romantic relationships between foster siblings count? Didn't Shannon date her brother at a point?
  12. Tony once slept with Lucas' girlfriend
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