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  1. Who were the Kray Twins, and when were they on the show?
  2. That's exactly how Ken Smith died. I remember Ric also getting crushed by a car but survived.
  3. Did Justin Rosniak also play the boy who teased cute little Sally over Milco? Looks like Justin is being typecast into playing mostly bullies, except for Ben. Was he also a bully?
  4. Who's Teresa? Been away in Europe so couldn't watch these scenes.
  5. Good idea on a joint 40th for Sally, Miles and Leah.
  6. Hope so, maybe for Irene's 60th. Also Pippas Sr and Jr and Miles/Milco
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  8. Found out after hearing about it on the news apps, was very shocked to hear the bad news. Reminds me of Pua (Vinnie on Shortland street)'s death, also found out on news. Rather similar circumstances, sorry to Ben's family and friends for their sudden loss. Guessing they might kill off Jesse off screen, didn't like his final storyline with him in jail. Wish he came back and sorted things with Olivia. But good to hear he may be reunited with Chloe in heaven.
  9. I like how Maggie and Roo appeared to become friends from the first time they met. The scene where they first met was funny.
  10. Robbie and Tasha - same as Kane and Kirsty, first secret wedding then official wedding. Yeah I remember Dan and Leah renewing their vows.
  11. Sally, Shannon and Selina, Liked when they cheered up Sally when she hated herself, then went on that raft before it broke.
  12. She also had some storylines in earlier years like being accused of killing Lou and losing Belle in 2009. That's when I first saw her relapse.
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  14. When was Jasmine in a coma? Speaking of, it was sweet when Willow's dad came to see and sing to her when Willow was in a coma.
  15. I'm usually having dinner at that time with homemade lemonade as a drink. Healthier than fizzy lemonade.
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