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  5. The problem is is that Jade wasn’t a memorable character in my opinion, was kind of in the shadows within her era. whereas chloe was a star
  6. The only chloe I will love is Chloe Richards
  7. good on her! I feel upset for her, how could they give an iconic name to a character who already has no purpose on the show. There’s many of other names that can be used. TPTB need firing
  8. Top 5: Irene, Sally, Alf, Dean and i’m missing someone that stands out but I can’t place my finger on it. maybe Brax or Morag, can’t remember if they are on
  9. Bella that’s a shock i expected her to be a bit lower. I feel like Ari will be the regular not featured. I feel like monday (21/12) will maybe feature john and jasmine
  10. Today (Saturday) presented a lot of current regulars so we can start to narrow down which main character didn"t make it. Not sure if Ari or John have been on yet
  11. He was number one or two on mine so he is going to be getting 6+ i think
  12. I forgot about them ahah, which then makes me now think it’s one of them
  13. anyone vote for John? he is my guess
  14. I feel like Raffy, who was high in 2018 will drop alot due to her departure. I feel like Irene will also drop some places.
  15. breath of fresh air, brings some sass to the show. Better than most characters at the moment.
  16. I think I’ve commented before but: Donna Bishop: a wasted character, good character with a storyline to tackle issues. A shame Nicola Quilter quit to pursue a singing career, but happy to see she runs a fashion line now Lisa Lackeys character of Roxy lived up to the actress’ name of a lack of space. I feel like if the character wasn’t written out, we may get to have known her better but I also feel like she had run her course. nelson McFarlane (I think that’s how you spell it) was a good character as we explored upon the backstory of Irene. I would love to see him return one day. Anyways nelson bought a home,y feel to the show and was someone to relate to in terms of personality. i liked all these characters + more the worst characters from this era were probably the other short lived ones (Luke Cunningham? Viv Newton, Alex Bennett, Lucinda Croft, Simon Fitz-Gerald.
  17. Didn’t Isla Fisher audition for Angel, but then later got Shannon? Same with Kestie Morassi, auditioned for a role earlier, but then was cast as Maggie.
  18. Mark Furze who played Ric Dalby was at Palm Beach today for a swim. i would like Bec Cartwright back as Hayley Lawson as I reckon a new chapter of Hayley can happen, like teenagers now and she can’t cope with them so she comes to Irene for help. Will Smith also comes back
  19. I wish the actres didn’t play her bc I would of loved the actres to have a regular role
  20. I didn’t know where to Ask this. does anyone know where the following people are these days Mitch Firth (Seb Miller) Kate Garven (Jade Sutherland) Amy mizzi (kit hunter) Just want to know what they are up to after leaving 15 years ago
  21. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-Iqf-Q6v2hI At the end of this promo, it states: Forecast - Storms Ahead. im having trouble remembering what happened in 1999, referring to the storms, aka drama ahead. were any of the short-lived 1999 debutees in this promo besides new Natalie Nash?
  22. I would like them to explore a bisexual story line for Colby, he seems like the fit for it and can make a couple of good story lines and character development.I know they are thinking of one currently. (in the spoiler section)
  23. What were your thoughts on Saul between 1996-1998/9? i didn’t like him lol. He was evil and weird. But I think he was a good villain in this time. edit: I think the guy who played him has sadly passed, am I right?
  24. Is this the Graeme Squires that played Tom Nash between 1998-2001? it looks like him, 5th one down on the right side https://raywhiteturramurra.com.au/about#team
  25. I hope we find out who Ryder’s father is one day.
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