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  1. What did Bobby ever see in that ill tempered loser Greg? Terrible, can't stand him.
  2. I'm watching the episodes with Leanne Dunn. Leanne is played by Kylie Foster who Prisoner fans know for playing the annoying Angel Adams in that show. The character she plays here is also annoying (the actress has this dreadful, squeaky whiny voice which i thought she just put on to play Angel but she has the same voice here so i guess its her real voice) and totally pointless and forgettable, i ended up skipping most of her scenes. I know she is a minor character but she is one of the worst so far in the first 2 years of the show. Feels to me like she was brought in just to give Martin a storyline as the writers had clearly started to struggle with ideas for Martin
  3. I've just seen their exit episode again and it seems very weak and rushed. Considering they were original characters they could have made an effort to give them a better exit at least. I feel sorry for them because they really didn't do much for most of the time they were on the show. The only real storyline they had was with their son and grandson and even that was never really resolved properly, their son never softened or really agreed that they could see more of Ben. Then they just faded into the background.
  4. Sam Barlow, Morag and the Samuels brothers certainly were total horrors who helped make the first year a classic. Also Fisher in the first half of 1988 and Roo for most of the year were good baddies.
  5. It's slightly annoying that the last batch of 1988 episodes are under 1989 and then the 1989 episodes run out before the end with no ''1990''. I wonder if they will ever get around to adding more episodes?
  6. Just finished watching 1988 again. Celia, Floss, Neville, Martin and Matt are definitely underused and more like supporting characters. Lance to a lesser degree, it feels like he gets a bit more screen time than those others. Its strange they are in the opening titles when in the second half of 1988 particularly the show seems to be taken over by characters who never got in the opening titles. Stacey, Philip, the Samuels brothers, Alison become quite prominent for a while but Floss and Nev never really rise above being background characters. Its a shame Celia in particular is underused i really like Fiona Spence.
  7. Hello everyone, i hope you are all well. I have not posted on here for a long time now but recently i have been re-watching 1988 and i have just finished episode 228 and looking forward to 1989 and finally getting to see more of Morag, it feels like it takes a long time to get to the part of the series when she becomes a main character and the truth comes out about Bobby. Anyway, towards the end of '88 Bob Barnett's son Craig appears in a dozen or so episodes as one of Jeff Samuels power pack boys, being trained hard and pushed to his limits. He sustains a leg injury thanks to Samuels and then he stays with Celia for a while and then with Tom and Pippa while his father is away. After this he disappears completely never to be seen again. I quite liked him and would have liked to see him in more episodes. It occurred to me that there was a dark but believable way to have him as one of Tom and Pippa's foster kids. They could have had Bob being killed while during his duty as a policeman, after which Craig becomes one of the foster kids. This is the sort of storyline they could have done back then, it would have been powerful to see a kid lose his parent on screen and then go through the process of being fostered. A well respected member of the community being killed while performing their duties would have been powerful too. There was no mention of a mother at all unless i missed it, Bob was a single parent and Alf and Ailsa tried to match him up with Celia in earlier episodes.
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