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Morag and Bobby's relationship

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Hey guys,

I have a few questions to ask... Sorry if they sound lame, lol. 

I was just curious wondering what the mother-daughter relationship was like between Morag and Bobby from 1988 to 1993?

I had never watched them together on-screen because I was just a little girl, lol. 

Does Morag ever mention Bobby through the years when she comes back to the show? I don't think I had ever seen her mention Bobby or talk about her on-screen.

I am just curious, that's all.

It would be really appreciated if someone can answer my questions please.

Thank you :) 



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Morag hated Bobby because she was the result of an affair Morag had with Donald and her husband would never touch her again after that.

They basically hated each other (there was less than a year of them on screen together once it was revealed they were mother/daughter) as Morag left in 1989. Then when Bobby died in 1993 Morag turned up and wanted to have custody of Sam. Sam was ridiculously passed around like a prize possession until he somehow ended up in the Ross house (still perplexes me) and I'm not sure if Morag ever mentioned Bobby much when she returned in the 2000s.

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One of the most disappointing things about Morag 2000+ is the lack of reflection and conversation about her and Bobby. Perhaps not in her 2001 stint as she was still quite horrible and had a definite motivation for being there (to take Duncan) , which actually would have been nice if they refered that she tried to do that with Sam, but in her later stints when she became nicer, it was a perfect opportunity to invest some time divulging into how she now feels about the Bobby situation. Does she know realise she was wrong and is that what has changed her character somehow? I think in 2008 Martha may briefly refer to it, but nothing from Morag directly. 

When Nicole wanted to give her baby up to Marilyn, Morag was getting herself involved. I was expecting a reference at any minute but not once did she mention giving Bobby away to show she knew what she was talking about. Also when she married Ross it was a perfect time to think about her first husband and have some real character moments. But that was another opportunity wasted. I'm she there where many others in the 00s

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51 minutes ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

How did Morag react to Bobby's death in 1993?

I remember seeing a older H&A video clip on Youtube that contains Bobby's funeral and Morag was in it talking to Pippa.

Morag was saddened, and when she found out Bobby was about to have a baby, she found this to be even more heart-breaking.

Alsa was a bitch to Morag all throughout her 1993 stay, a far cry from the sympathetic attitude she had towards her back in 1989.

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Yes, Ailsa and Morag fell out before Morag left in 1989, after she used a dinner party to reveal Danny's mind games and to humiliate Bobby. I summarised the episodes for the site recently. From episode 432:

Morag tells Ailsa she could have had Danny charged and sent to prison but she didn't. She had to do something when he started getting closer to Bobby. Ailsa still thinks it was a convenient excuse for her to get at Bobby and defends Danny because of what he has been through. She tells Morag she has lost her as a friend and suggests she leave Summer Bay. Morag tells Ailsa she is as blind as the rest of the locals.

So Ailsa's attitude towards Morag in 1993 was in keeping with how they left things.

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But what about Danny's reign of terror? He didn't even get a slap on the wrist over it. The police and everyone else failed to give one iota of a f*** about how Danny's campaign of vengeance impacted on Morag mentally (on top of the fact that she was already in bad mental health)

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"You're gonna get yours, Judge. You know something? It'll be when you least expect it. So I'd be on my guard if I were you. You're a dead woman, *bitch*!"

That made me laugh for some reason, probably more due to the shock.

Anyhow, Bobby figured Danny was messed up enough and was probably worried, he would top himself in the big house ala his Dad, so let him escape.


On ‎16‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 7:20 AM, j.laur5 said:

Its funny how Ailsa always seem change in way she treated as there times like with Bobby and Irene she chould see good them and wanted to give them fair go and there times when she never trust people like ,Morag and Dodge.

She was only one of four people to see through Dodge (The other three were a local yokel, a gossipy church hen and a suspicious kid)

Also, Morag didn't exactly make herself top of Ailsa's Christmas card list when she went on about how she should "have had more sense" when she was pregnant with Duncan.

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