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  1. This is what it sounds like to me: I remember when I was a kid When Christmas rolled around Me Mum would ask me what I'd like When Santa came to town And then on Christmas morning When I got all me toys I'd go and play out in Summer Bay Just like other boys Me Dad's on the dole And me Mum's feeling sore And Santa never stops in Summer Bay no more Don't go out and play with all the kids any more And Santa never stops in Summer Bay no more But since the time me Dad got sacked Times are really tough Me Christmas stocking isn't packed... And then it fades out.
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  3. David, you don't know how often I've daydreamed about an opening sequence that combines styles and elements from all the different eras! Thanks for the link. They're also using this version of the theme tune on the official tour bus as Skylover discovered yesterday (play the video)... Fingers crossed for Monday.
  4. Pippa had an interesting storyline where she was hit and knocked out by Shannon's boyfriend Kye. When she came round she had a different personality for a while, really unkind to the kids! She was also awarded the Order of Australia for services to fostering which was nice, although it would have been better if accompanied by some flashbacks.
  5. Feel like writing some summaries for the site while you do so?
  6. Thanks Andrew, that's beautiful.
  7. IIRC, the UK was so far behind at the time that we knew Shane was going to die before we saw the motorbike crash. The Internet was in its infancy and I wasn't online yet so I didn't know any details about how he was going to die and was really surprised when he survived the crash.
  8. There is a list of weddings with their dates on the site: http://www.backtothebay.net/reference/marriages.shtml
  9. I've just taken a look at the episode. The initials were engraved on a fountain pen that Donald accused Adam of stealing, when in actual fact Nick had just borrowed it.
  10. I have a note that the initials RJ came from episode 1403 but I don't remember the context.
  11. I think the first one is Wanna Be Up by the Chantoozies.
  12. Yes, absolutely. Having grown up with H&A and Neighbours I've always wanted to visit Sydney and Melbourne. Of course there's more to it than just the shows - there's loads of great stuff to see and do in both cities - but Palm Beach and other H&A locations are right at the top of my list. Hopefully one day...
  13. Happy birthday BTTB! There's an even scarier anniversary for me this year... April 11th will be TWENTY years since I published the first issue of Summer Bay News online (the forerunner of H&A Source which merged with Chris' site to become BTTB). That certainly makes me feel old. I have fond memories of 13 years ago. When I hear songs from the time they always remind me of being at my job in the US, being interrupted by messages from Chris for most of the day after he got home from school, always with some new idea for the site. It's really good to be back as a contributor again after a long absence and to see how much hard work goes on behind the scenes collating facts, figures and trivia that will one day make its way onto the site. It's an incredible resource and now that the show's in its 30th season I realize how important this is. 13 years ago I, and others too, probably felt like we knew the show inside out, but now there's 30 years of history it would be completely impossible for anyone to put it all together without the joint effort we have here. It's an unwieldy beast! Well done everyone.
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