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  1. There is a list of weddings with their dates on the site: http://www.backtothebay.net/reference/marriages.shtml
  2. I've just taken a look at the episode. The initials were engraved on a fountain pen that Donald accused Adam of stealing, when in actual fact Nick had just borrowed it.
  3. I have a note that the initials RJ came from episode 1403 but I don't remember the context.
  4. I think the first one is Wanna Be Up by the Chantoozies.
  5. Happy birthday BTTB! There's an even scarier anniversary for me this year... April 11th will be TWENTY years since I published the first issue of Summer Bay News online (the forerunner of H&A Source which merged with Chris' site to become BTTB). That certainly makes me feel old. I have fond memories of 13 years ago. When I hear songs from the time they always remind me of being at my job in the US, being interrupted by messages from Chris for most of the day after he got home from school, always with some new idea for the site. It's really good to be back as a contributor again after a long absence and to see how much hard work goes on behind the scenes collating facts, figures and trivia that will one day make its way onto the site. It's an incredible resource and now that the show's in its 30th season I realize how important this is. 13 years ago I, and others too, probably felt like we knew the show inside out, but now there's 30 years of history it would be completely impossible for anyone to put it all together without the joint effort we have here. It's an unwieldy beast! Well done everyone.
  6. I just looked up the episode (1430) out of curiosity and I was slightly wrong. Jack's mother had gone into hospital. I was right about the father, but he had also just lost his job.
  7. He wasn't from Summer Bay. Pippa and Michael received a call from the department asking if they could take Jack in because his mother and stepfather were going through a rough patch. Jack later revealed his stepfather was abusive.
  8. I had a big collection of fan cards from about 1995 onwards when I started writing in for them. I sold them all on eBay about ten years ago though. There were loads available on eBay at the time but it looks like they're a bit more scarce now.
  9. Ah, Finlay. I remember having a considerable number Tina Thomsen posters on my bedroom wall, pulled out of Inside Soap, TV Hits, Fast Forward, Live & Kicking magazine, etc! She was basically just a "nice" character, wasn't she? She was the "Tori" of the early 90s!
  10. True, and most of the songs were played on both shows. A lot of them were very catchy and stuck in my head. The H&A soundtracks in the 90s provided some of them, and thanks to the Internet I've managed to track down and download / buy a lot more. It gives a good nostalgic kick to listen to them all. I also became a big fan of My Friend the Chocolate Cake and have all their albums. Never would have discovered them if it hadn't been for the shows.
  11. You might be thinking of little Rachel in episode 2181 on a trip to the zoo. Does anyone know if Damian had a "family photo" taken (on screen)? I've skimmed the episodes around the time Pippa and Michael took him in but I can't find anything.
  12. Correct, the logo disappeared with the new credits in 1996. I bought the video below from Australia and was surprised to see the logo (in brighter colours to match the sun and wave opening titles) pop up throughout Shane and Angel's wedding episode. I'd never seen an Australian formatted episode before at that time. However, the 2000th episode doesn't have the logos.
  13. Yes it felt a bit strange. It's not the first time that they have fast forwarded... wasn't there a "six weeks later" shown on screen earlier in the season? It worked though. I loved Bobby's interaction with Fisher again and it even got to the point where she smiled at him when he looked in on the exam. Or was it supposed to be a smirk? It looked like a smile to me. When Roo showed up I was confused as she seemed to be worse than ever and I thought she was supposed to be a reformed character from now on... but then Tom explained it.
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