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(April Fool) Five to rerun Home and Away from the start


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29 minutes ago, John said:

Did you honestly believe it even long enough to read the following post?  

I believed the title, then when I clicked on it, I saw the "sorry April fool's" bit and felt not laughter, but instead I felt disappointed. I thought..........hey didn't Dan F say it wasn't cost-effective for Seven to sell the repeats to the UK and other parts of the world, then I hoped, then frustrated: not another f%@$ April t00l prank, anyone would think April 1 is a licence to be a complete f$*&wit for a day.

I live in Australia but I think it's a shame the UK continue to miss out especially as it has a large following for the repeat episodes (especially after ITV cut them up when originally shown there)

See? I'm sorry to say but getting one's hopes up then letting them down does not make me laugh

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