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  1. Another one to add is on Friday 7th May 1999 at least one showing was pulled in the HTV Wales region due to the coverage of the Welsh Assembly Elections. I have a recording of the episode shown the following Monday and it started with an extended recap before the opening titles. I know it was Five rather than ITV but can anyone recall exaclty what happened to H&A on 9/11 and in the aftermath of the London Bombings? I seem to recall the lunchtime showing on Five being pulled on 7/7 but can't recall what happened with the evening showing. The lunchtime showing of Neighbours definatley got pulled altogether that day and the evening showing ended up being on BBC2. I'm pretty sure the lunchtime showing of Neighbours got pulled in the aftermath of the failed bombing on 21/7/2005 but can't recall what happened to H&A. If anyone knew exactly what happened to the programme on these dates I'd be interested to here.
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