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Darryl 'Brax' Braxton - Steve Peacocke


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The drought was toooo long. Nearly didn’t make the dehydration. Nearly :rolleyes:

Firstly Jake – what an awesome Character! He was pure evil and scary psychotic. “Daaaarrryyylll” :huh: lol bring back Joker-Brax any day of the week! Jake spat on the phone when he was talking to T. Firstly it was gross, secondly I’m actually worried for the idiot that is her. She is in BIG trouble if she set up an exchange and Brax didn’t turn up. Is Brax an idiot? Where was he? He didn’t go to do the exchange AND he made Casey close up... erm helloo is anyone home? What happened to being one step ahead of the fun “game” he is living? Jake is volatile and capable of murder WTH is he doing!! :unsure:

It was clear that he was worried when Charlie came round to Casey’s to tell them about Jake. What an awkward moment with all 4 of them in the same room and each knowing/thinking different things. Glad Charlie was there to protect Ruby. She knows the deal with Jake and smart of her to be over-cautious – if only she knew the rest; then it isn’t so much as over- but under-cautious! Im also glad she held her composure while talking to him in Angelo’s. He really shouldn’t have questioned what she was doing. I mean duhh it was obvious PLUS he claims to be doing the same for all involved too?! Maybe he is used to people trusting him and doing things his way. Maybe he is a little stung that Charlie thinks that he wouldn’t protect Ruby when or if the need came to it?

He was harsh with her today but it had to be done. Drive her away by being a class one A-hole. Is it working? I doubt it lol she is in too deep. Clearly she still cares for him by warning him to be careful. Good that she realized that he wasn’t giving her the tip-off about Heath for their relationships sake but because Heath was in danger of being proved that all that muscle he is carrying isn’t the equivalent to a bullet proof vest!

Ohh Casey - What a brave boy you are! I really hope he remains the smart one and doesn’t get voluntarily involved in his brothers or the RB crimes. I like the natural instinct to protect Ruby (I have seen men cower like mice in the face of danger) - it is nice to see the strong and brave component to him. Well thanks to Brax/Heath he is really losing any naivety he once had.

Brax throwing around the furniture in Casey’s apartment made me giggle for some reason. I love how he acts like he owns the place. If only Romeo and Indi weren’t in the way :P lol

<3BRAX! “Where’s Brax? Where’s my stuff?” ehhh :( Give it to him already... why make the charmingly sweet psycho ask for it twice?!

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DocZed64, you always say everything I am thinking perfectly

Today was great. I loved it so much I watched it like 6 times in a row. LOL. I cannot wait till tomorrow

So great that Brax adn Casey were trying to be protective of Ruby, but Casey... you are not involved in his stuff??? The stuff is at your house and you still had Ruby over??? bad move. Brax looked worried and scared knowing Jake was out. It was good of Charlie to step in for Ruby's sake.

Tomorrow looks good. SPoilers were a little off so I wonder how much we will actually get tomorrow. But the car scenes look good and so does Charlie running to Brax so I will sleep well tonight knowing what we get tomorrow with these two!!

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