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  1. Oh thread, how I missed thee Hello again Braxton fans. I had exams and managed to do what I thought was the impossible. No HAA for 12weeks! haha what a mission catching up. I didn't know which episodes featured #1 Braxton and had to watch all of them. Pheww fortunately 22mins/epi for a few hours a day and Im alll caught up with the latest. Super excited. Danny Braxton - what a character! LOL Great casting. Papa Braxton is played by a former wrestler - soo fitting and Heath looks like his 'mini-me'. What did he do to baby Brax; what is he going to do? They are going head-to-head The episodes have blurred into one. He has a tattoo - haha I googled it and found other fans have asked the very same question several times. "a friend of my heart" (?!) Hallelujah E(-snore) left! And poor Colleen left and noone has mentioned her name. But our Brax has kept mentioning Charlie. Do you miss her? I do. But as they say: better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. I think I read a comment by LauraPhilly: Charlie started Brax's journey on the right path and now Natalie will continue it. Im sure there will be bumps along the way - RB at heart an all. BTW is that the end of the RBs - I noticed they haven't featured. NATALIE! I like her - very cool with both Sasha and Casey - don't you just love people (in real life) who have the ability to just get through and break down walls where non need to be. Some interesting conversations between her and Brax. I quite like how this is different to the 'love at first sight' that Chax had. I quite like that there are so many overlaps with Charlie and Natalie's characters. Keeps it real. It has been 6months? For soap world that is a reallly long time. haha even watching all the epi's together I thought it had been longer. She is cute too. I think they look great together. Im sure her story will keep us hooked. Hmm if rape or a long lost child make an appearance - then that's just too far. There's similar and then there is straight copy catting. <3Brax! Steve Peacocke won the Logie - well deserved. Haha and great speech he made!
  2. I haven't been able to see the current episodes. I hear today's were amazing. Can't wait to see them when I have new internet contract I am enjoying reading everyone's views. This thread has become a little livelier since I was last on and very insightful opinions they are too Not everyone has the same opinion - as would be the case - even if this was a real-life scenario. So I think reading it opens everyones mind. I think the way the character has been written is very complex and refuse to see it in black and white. Whether we empathize or despise Brax - we difinitely have something interesting to discuss. <3Brax! Ill be back to comment on the latest goings on as soon as I have seen them
  3. Thanks LauraPhilly! It is good to be back. How are you liking the new HAA year so far?? urghhh soo annoyed at my internet. It takes me atleast an hour to watch a 22min episode! I don't enjoy Brax time when it pauses mid-drunk or angry scene! haha to quote a youtube comment: "I love a drunk Brax I love a sober Brax, I love an Angry Brax, I just LOVE BRAX".. is THE only thing that made me giggle while being annoyed at all the extra loading time. I just love Geoff... he is one funny guy. I just wish he would pick on someone his own age. If Brax were to hit him - he would be abusing the elderly, no?! However, he really isn't doing a great job of scaring me - I think it's the accent. He clearly just can't take no for an answer and has some deeper psychological issues at being rejected??! lol Im clutching. I have no idea what I'm saying! As a huge fan of the forbidden Chax romance I have to say I am also enjoying Leah's time with a juicy storyline. I feel like she is long overdue some interesting scenes and what's juicier than scenes with the head Braxton boy?! I guess I am biased. But there is something so unthreatening about Leah. The girl-next-door-sweetheart that the boys always end up marrying. Ermmm dare I say... the only issue with this sweetheart is that your guaranteed a quick exit by DEATH so Brax needs to be warned of the penalties. Don't get me wrong bar the few pregnancy-miscarriage selfish moments her character went through last year I am a big Leah fan. Unfortunately in soap world characters have to move on from death at cheetah speed and it looks to be heading in the Brax-Leah direction. Yep so I am struggling to remember the scenes from the past week and today as it has taken a while to get through them but enjoying the spiral that is Brax's journey so far. Especially liking his interaction with Watson/police. haha him kicking the door down... as classic as the time he climbed up a pole. I heart drunk Brax <3Brax! Ohh how I wish Brax could have said something to Heath about the consequences of getting revenge and having the urge to have the last laugh. PEOPLE DIE HEATH!! That's all!
  4. 5436-5438 Wow what a return to 2012! I am not sure what everyone thought of this final outcome but it blew me away. So much great emotion from Leah, Ruby, Casey and Brax. I have to admit the whole thing was a surprise to me. Spent no time thinking about the rumours and who said what when but I have to admit I was convinced she wasn’t going to die as it was being implied and looked so obvious. Good one @writers... LOL you got me good!! Kinda feel foolish haha ehh well you win some you lose some. I guess the writers did Esther Anderson a huge favour by killing off Charlie as now she can have a legit chance at trying to make it in America. Guaranteed she wouldn’t have the same motivation if she had a cushy HAA gig as a security net to fall back on. She is beautiful, has a Hollywood-body, it seems she is humble and down to earth and for those reasons –if for nothing else - I hope she makes it!! I got a little teary when I saw the goodbye video - she really has no idea what the future holds for her. If it means so much to her – Esther will fight for her dreams. As should anyone Oh how I have missed analyzing Darryl Braxton! And to say it was an eventful start to the year for him is really the understatement of the year (even if the year is pretty new)... From the hide and seek game he was playing with the devil-on-earth aka Jake to the barricading himself with a gun (THE same gun responsible for shooting Charlie) to prevent anyone switching off her life support to once again (TWICE) being in handcuffs/behind bars and to drinking himself silly instead of going to the funeral of the woman he loves. Oh and not to mention the verbal attack on Bee and Ruby... pot, kettle, black all comes to mind! I don’t do this very often but I have to agree with Elijah (ps New Year’s resolution is to stop saying mean things about him - oops ignore the eyeroll I just did.. bad habits die hard an all) “Let’s not be sad for he has given us so much to smile about” ... I think the “he” he is referring to is Cam Welsh btw lol! Anyways... those snippets of scenes were heart wrenching especially Leah and Ruby’s. I think the bit that got me was when Ruby was talking about how Charlie was happy and could be herself. I knew this was always written as a tragic star-crossed love story but seriously my romantic heart just cried a little at the outcome. So the moral of the story is that IF a good girl follows her heart and gets with the bad boy she meets DEATH? A horrible, untimely death? Hmm I don’t think that was the moral but it felt like it for a while. Well an epic tragedy is what is was imo. The writers did a great job of telling it over a year and giving it so many twists and turns and keeping the fans wanting more. I am apprehensive but excited to see where Brax goes to after this. Looking forward to learn more about the depths of his character, his past and most importantly what his future holds. Exactly how does one recover from losing the love of their life when in fact they are ultimately responsible for it? I mean he didn’t pull the trigger but his “dark” life style ended her “light” one. Well I hope the drama is worth it all and we get some great stories from it <3Brax! Him telling Ruby about the date night ... ohh how I will miss the happier Chax times. RIP Charlie Buckton. RIP CHAX. --- Steve Peacocke, Lincoln Younes, Bec Breeds and Esther Anderson for some Logies please! Awesome job done in 2011 and so far in 2012 --- Well Congratulations to the writers for a successful 2011. I admit I would have been happier with a happily ever after, however Im still here itching for more.
  5. Warning: very long rant coming up. It reflects how much I loved the episode. 5430 – Nearly 200 episodes since the Braxton’s and RBs entered HAA. I thought it was an absolutely amazing finale. I thought it was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING preview and promo. It feels SAD. Like really I'm feeling pretty dramatic - like someone pulled out a piece of my heart and is crushing it as we speak. I don’t like it. But time heals all wounds x *hugs to people who feel the same* The 3 Braxton’s together in one scene - the way it should be. As usual I felt sorry for Heath at times and then want to shake him at others. Why doesn’t he realize about ‘action and consequence’. April actually looked really pleased with herself. I get that he is a naughty boy with all his drug dealings and fighter fists however he does have his moments of being soft. Easy for a girl like April to be blinded by the flickers of ‘good’ he displays. He really can’t be blamed in this situation. He is a man and when a pretty girl [who btw is not under any influence] throws herself at him – it would just be un-physiological if he didn’t go along with the flow. I have to admit as wrong as it sounds on paper - it looks good. They are pretty together [picture perfect]. I can see chemistry between them. Haha erm was their hook-up PG?? I don’t think so. Im not complaining. Im old enough to watch lol. Hmm not sure where it can go with his stupid and bad-boy-ness and her brain and perfectionism. It would be a serious case of opposites attract if these two actually got together. Have a feeling after the way she was grinning away like a school girl that he is going to have to crush her hormone-filled heart. Got to laugh at the picture of Bee next to her bed. Ohh how three is a crowd. Ohh and Dex’s picture was on the other table lol 4 is also a crowd in this case! I adore Casey. Who confused us and told us he was going to come back changed and dark? Lol juvie gave him a glow imo. He and Ruby have been so adorable together. I have got to feel bad for Heath being the odd one out. No Buckton cousin around in the world? I really loved the mother-daughter scenes especially when Charlie wasn’t her usual uptight self regarding Casey too. I really hope that wasn’t the first and last of them like that! Ruby can’t believe Charlie kept a secret? Ahem ?*laugh out loud* -moment. Erm she managed to keep Brax a secret for the longest time AND also her own past...’Im your mother not your sister’-secret... Just saying! Ohh Charlie’s ILY to Brax! Of course he knows but it doesn’t hurt to share. I liked that she questioned if he knew about Stu; although a little worrying that she didn’t already know the answer to that question. But a great response from him: “Like a lot of the boys, Stu’s had a tough life. That’s what brings us together”. I had my thoughts of how the s/l would go with Brax. Some undercover theory. But maybe it was this simple all along. Brax was a bad boy with a tough up-bringing. A good guy on the wrong tracks and given the chance a good guy on the right tracks. Oh their conversation explains Heath being free. Charlie hadn’t processed his paperwork. Lol as long as there is an excuse for him being free Im happy. Given that Charlie is supposedly the most competent cop in town no one else could possibly process his paperwork now, could they?! Oh he better eat his words! How dare he say “Im not sorry to see the back of that cop” – you better be sorry! Considering she gets shot because of Heath’s idiotic move on Jake’s drug crop. In summary Chax fans should be hating on Heath. It was a really touching moment when she was putting her badge on and her last look in the mirror. Big sighhh giving up your career for love! Hmm the love really must be out of this world. The knock ...and gosh Jake looks so evil! Prison really didn’t give him a glow. Bang Bang. She hit the ground! *fingers crossed* she is not dead If this s/l means they stay in the Bay and this is the only way then so be it. I am selfish like that! I actually cried after seeing the promo. A great song choice. “I won’t let you go” by James Morrison. OMGosh Brax don’t let her go! It really felt like the end. Especially the way it showed their story. In my eyes a really beautiful story of ‘THE-ONE’ love. Like all great sad movies or stories I felt all the emotions in that 60second promo. Seriously brought tears to my eyes. I take it she is on life support and he doesn’t want to take her off! Arghh don’t do it! Let’s try the Sleeping Beauty story: kiss her and see if she wakes??? Brax in tears = heartbreaking! Urmm I am only studying Medicine but 2 gun shots in the abdomen does not mean death necessarily. Not in real life and not in SB. It’s not a walk in the park [urghh and she is soo tiny] but nothing is decided. I have faith [NOT in denial] that she survives. It is a gut feeling. Can’t explain it! However if Esther has decided to move on from HAA; I wish her the best. Dreams are for pursuing not just to have while sleeping imo. Stunning actress; beautiful person it seems! How cruel are people. Gosh I get that people don’t like the s/l but reading things like “die woman die” makes me so angry. I LOVE the storyline. I ADORE the characters and I ADORE the actors who play them so well! I have never enjoyed a storyline so much. And YES it is probably due to the fact that I have a heart. The writers don’t owe anybody anything. They have a job to do which is to write entertainment and they have done that in my eyes. No matter the ending and how sad or happy it is, the journey has been so amazing to watch! I will really miss sharing on this thread. I miss Chax already. It is all good. I will be back ranting in January if nobody minds. Maybe a few things to say if I get to see some more awesome promos before then. Peace out! Enjoy the holidays folks =); Chax fans enjoy a break from this obsession <3Brax! “No one’s going to take you away from me” – PLEASE, Please let this be true
  6. 5432 I like the scenes between Brax and Liam. They have some chemistry lol?! There isn’t much for friendship for Brax so I hope we get to see more of that. And seriously he can’t go to Heath if it is Charlie-related advice he needs. So I think I can see something blossoming over working together and fixing bikes. Haha at least Liam sounds like he will miss Brax as much as we would - should he leave for the city. Ohh Geoffrey is a little heavy handed. And Brax actually looks nervous surprisingly. Got to say it was pretty hot him standing up to him the way he did. Wonder what his next step is going to be? That was a definite threat to Charlie wasn’t it? Hmm as if the peeper wasn’t enough of one! LOL at the cute Chax scene. I love fun and flirtation between them. They have been long overdue some stress-free fun the way the past several months have gone for them. For now, let’s ignore the fact that it was the ogler who must have opened the window and made the noise while they were otherwise preoccupied. Haha I have to admit I love this side of Charlie. Esther was on Morning Rise show recently and stated how Brax brings out the best in Charlie – a fun and vivacious side. Have to agree with what she said and it was so well displayed in that oh-so-adorable scene. Ermm Leah, why on earth did you look away? Not awkward at all for you to perve on your roommates boyfriend. When he is standing in your kitchen bearing all [and hotly I might add] – it’s surely acceptable?! Got to love a man who is confident in his own skin! <3Brax! Not long to go until the end! And so looking forward to Casey being back =) Let's hope for 2/3 Braxton boys to step up for their girls
  7. 5431 Oh silliness that is Heath = baby throwing his toys out the cot to get some attention. Oh fool that is me - what I meant is that he reckons dealing drugs and working for criminals is a decent way to provide for himself and his family. As usual Brax is trying to keep him out of jail. As usual Heath makes yet another stupid choice and needs bailing out. At least we see Brax making the right choice to try and persuade him but not breaking his back to get him to listen. After all you can’t expect a change from people if they don’t want it for themselves . Bet he will start blubbering if he gets put back inside jail. Can’t see why that fact alone is not motivation for him to avoid breaking the law! I know it's HAA and its not real/accurate but I can't get my head around how many times Heath can get out on bail and how his charges amount to nothing even when he gets caught red-handed... hmm oh well [just a show - no need to stress over it I guess] Haha love John. Awesome character – so animated! “Don’t give up your job before you go”. Pity she needed that push to search Heath but glad she did chase him down and didn’t take any of his threats lying down. As usual Heath has a ridiculous come back “you planted that” haha sure she did. I wouldn’t blame her though to prevent Heath from joining her and Brax. I think it has been said before [by me/others] but I have to admit as much as I love the drama between them up until now; I have got to say I love the drama-free version of them just as much [if not more]! They are so happy about leaving the Bay. How rude ! <3Brax! “In a few days we won’t have to worry about my family anymore or your job. There’ll be nothing stopping us hanging out all day everyday” aww too cute Arghhh there is a peeping Tom at the window... haha is he a Chax fan too? JK woah way to ruin an awesome Chax moment with a shadow creeping. Let’s hope Chax started their hanky panky when they get to the bedroom else the ogler would have had a free X-rated-show. Now that is just plain freaky!
  9. 5428 Haha Poor naive Brax. Would Heath just go and follow his brother and his cop girlfriend to the city. LOL be the 3rd AND very useless wheel in their new love nest?! Haha Nah I don’t think so somehow. I love how they mentioned the three of them leaving. If that were the case, they may as well make room on the couch for Cheryl too. Can’t see her leaving her boys even if one of them is 28 years old! They will need to live close to the pokies else she won't be able to do the one thing that makes her happy lol. Oh Alf you are so right. SB would not be the same if they left! Not in my opinion anyway I don’t know what is going to happen with the King. He is throwing his weight around and Brax looks rather worried at the end. Admittedly if there is someone who can manage respect and keep their head whole - it is Brax! I really love the relationship between John and Brax. There is a surrogate father figure in John – haha I may be imagining it but I can see one forming at snail pace. They snipe at each other like family [kind of]! I never thought I would say this but I missed Charlie in uniform. Actually that might be a slight exaggeration as I definitely don’t like the guard she has up with Brax when she is questioning him. But cute kitchen scene . She is in-deep if she is willing to have H-H-Heath [haha love John] ruin her and Brax’s alone time. The more I think about it, the more wrong it seems to have Heath away from surfing for a prolonged amount of time. Would be like taking a fish out of water. Rather cruel seeing him flap about even more aimlessly. Ermm Hullloooo Darcy. DARRRRRCY What about Darcy??? I am shouting it so I can be heard. Brax forgot about her today [haha they should take her to the City too?] and Heath manages to forget about her most of the time while he is trying to secure a future for her by selling drugs and working for a crook (yes it sounds ridiculous; because it is! ) <3Brax! “That was just him being a girl. No offense” Just cause this was funny. Should offense be taken? Heath having a cry because his big brother is leaving him is the equivalent to what girls would do? Ohh dang he could be right. I might cry and rage at Charlie if Brax left too. Haha no offense taken then. Only next week left to rant. I, for one, OBVIOUSLY have enjoyed this RB s/l especially centering the love around DB. I think it is important to note what is great drama in a soap is not so awesome in real life. I can totally distinguish between the 2 worlds [real and fake] and appreciate them. Awesome job done by HAA writers. To get so much in a 22min epi is something of a challenge and I appreciate their efforts this year. I personally hope it continues for next. [Also just wanted to say I have prob seen all the epis from the start of HAA too and gave up the past few yrs while at uni. haha oops I might not rant about them at alll but I really love the older cast members ie Ada, Ray, Lynne, Shane and have huge HUGE soft spots for Emily Symons and Lyn Collingwood] Oh and lastly I want their to be another finale twist: Charlie pregnant with a Braxton-bub! Please let his happen. I am living in hope.
  10. 5427 – Again only seen YT Chax clip (Thanks @WeLoveChax – you don’t eat as much of my dongle as the full epi uploaders) That episode was tense or was it just me? Geoff gave me a shiver. *hyperventilating* My bad I mean Geoffrey! That was a close one. I think Brax nearly lost a finger or half his head. Even his own family were scared of him... they did not utter one word. And his poor wife didn’t know what a smile was. Haha was nice to see someone on the show that was far scarier than Brax [apart from Jake that is]. Oh gosh what to do with Heath? I can’t love him. Or if I do, it is short lived (like gone in 60seconds) and I just want to thump him again. Does he need reminding that he put everyone’s lives in danger by crossing over on Jake’s drug turf and now he is doing something stupid with some other king criminal. Like literally a famous one known to all. Urghh when will he learn? He is angry at the thought of Brax leaving [who wouldn’t be? Haha no need to answer – rhetorical Q] but seriously he is just too stupid for words. Darcy -8year old daughter; ring any bells? Besides technically Brax isn’t leaving Heath with nothing: he still has his precious RBs! Awesome dinner scene with Charlie/Brax and Ruby. Can’t wait for more like this with the addition of Casey too hopefully! Loved when he took the food off Ruby’s plate LOL like a real family! Finally we see Brax stepping up and taking charge of his feelings. He don’t care about the RBs no more, and has had enough of Heath-the-mess-maker. Love it! “There is no way I am going to sacrifice our future together to keep bailing him out” <3Brax! “I need someone to buy the restaurant; not hold a gun to my head” yaay I knew Brax wouldn’t leave us to watch SB's favourite restaurant being run by the hands of a soul-LESS crook. Erm I’m not sure how he is going to avoid that invisible gun to his head though. What an intense few seconds when they all stood staring at each other and the King wanted Brax to 'think' some more. I got a feeling the King gets what he wants. Hello drama!
  11. This thread is as ghostly as Angelo's! 5424/5425 – Only seen YT Chax scenes this week! [student life and Dongle restriction = *sad face*] - hope I didn't miss anything too interesting! Admittedly I am a little confused at how these scenes have been arranged. I assume in epi 5424 Brax and Charlie had thought that maybe a possibility could be that they move to the city but hadn’t made any definite plans. However, the ultimate sacrifice Brax made was to commit to leaving with her by selling up Angelo’s asap so they could leave once she had worked out her notice. Can’t wait to find out how and why things change. *please let them remain together* - enough drama – their current scenes together [actually talking] are rather adorable! Gosh Queen Bee needs to get off her high horse. How is Brax firing Liam going to help exactly? Two wrongs don’t make a right! She hates the lying – so why tell more and get in deeper. She needs to let loose a little and be LESS high-maintenance. Haha I get the irony of my words – and yes I know Brax has been plenty guilty of wrong-doings. There is a simple solution to this all along. Why she hasn’t told Liam the truth is beyond me . It is not likely that he would go to the cops and say “Your bad! I didn’t crash into Bee/Heath. I crashed into Brax/Charlie” – - silly dramatics for nothing imo. But atleast we know Bee is a pointless bff. How dare she say Brax is the bad guy (LOL I have to lol at the loyal defending I do). She is a little quick to forget that Liam has a shady past like ALL in SB! Since when did Angelo’s become so quiet?? Trying to think back to the last time we saw it and it was buzzing! Hmm maybe it’s been quiet since Brax’s arrest and the evidence going missing?!? I think my fave scenes were Brax with Bianca and Heath individually. They said the same thing which made him realize that no matter how much he tried to change – he would still be stuck with his bad boy title. Doesn’t help that his tats are always visible for all to see and a constant reminder to the residents of the Bay that he is a marked River Boy. Hmm get rid of the tats – get rid of the label?? <3Brax! “Leaving that stuff behind is tough” “I want to be with you. So it’s worth it” By stuff I assume he means the boys banter and idiotic behaviour. His lines and smile are so smooth ! So a thought crossed my mind when Alf was trying to control the RBs. Brax is the equivalent of all the foster parents that have been on the show. Instead of trouble kids, he has taken troubled men under his wings! Err moving on... Hahaha LOVE the new promo – Deal with the Devil
  12. This thread is as ghostly as Angelo's! 5424/5425 – Only seen YT Chax scenes this week! [student life and Dongle restriction = *sad face*] - hope I didn't miss anything too interesting! Admittedly I am a little confused at how these scenes have been arranged. I assume in epi 5424 Brax and Charlie had thought that maybe a possibility could be that they move to the city but hadn’t made any definite plans. However, the ultimate sacrifice Brax made was to commit to leaving with her by selling up Angelo’s asap so they could leave once she had worked out her notice. Can’t wait to find out how and why things change. *please let them remain together* - enough drama – their current scenes together [actually talking] are rather adorable! Gosh Queen Bee needs to get off her high horse. How is Brax firing Liam going to help exactly? Two wrongs don’t make a right! She hates the lying – so why tell more and get in deeper. She needs to let loose a little and be LESS high-maintenance. Haha I get the irony of my words – and yes I know Brax has been plenty guilty of wrong-doings. There is a simple solution to this all along. Why she ha
  13. 5418 RB’s or Charlie? Outlaws or the love of his life? Maybe I am biased but is his decision really that difficult? I mean the RBs may be like family but the fact is they are not. And fair enough if they would keep their noses clean but why is Brax the only one sticking to his rules about staying out of trouble. He might feel responsible for them but the truth is he can’t be a father/role model to all of the unruly kids [and men] in that gang. However, I don’t personally see how he can live in SB [total population of 50] and expect to stay away from them and not be dragged into their messes. And what about Heath? A RB but also actual blood. Hmmm but don’t get me wrong I loved the gesture. Charlie gives up her career; Brax gives up his family. Lol I know which one is getting a better deal in the equation His moment in the water was amazing, wasn’t it? It reminded me of Casey’s back when he was contemplating if he wanted to go back to school or not. Aww these boys are just lost and need to be found. I can’t get over how idiotic Heath is. Lol the writers are going to keep him as this bad-boy-fool for as long as possible. Well thanks @Heath – I think he pushed Brax over the edge faster. He was taking his sweet time in giving up the gang! Wish Brax would just thump him again and say ‘What about Darcy? What if some idiot sold your kid drugs?’ And lol YES Heath at church would be a nice change. Mention of Charlie leaving with Ruby to the city . I have to admit I hate any mention of it (whether it happens or not). It makes me realize I am not ready to leave these characters just yet. They will have to suffer failures and remain in school for now just to keep me happy. Totally sane - not at all obsessed (*ahem* much) <3Brax! “It’s actually pretty simple. I love you. I love you and Im just doing what it takes to be with you cause I reckon your worth it” hell yeah she is! My heart is currently all mushed up over this scene. Haha Brax looked pretty proud of himself at his realization that she was worth losing the boys for. Brax being soft = Hot! What I really would like to see for the next few episodes is that they tackle things together instead of breaking apart at every glitch. We have had enough getting off the merry-go-round to last their entire SB relationship surely?? I want to see a ‘normal’ couple and their ‘dirty little secret’ out for all to witness. It won’t take long for SB itself to fall in love with them. It took us [Chax fans] all of 2 seconds after all! I can almost hear Colleen saying" I knew he was a good sort" - haha maybe I am not sane
  14. Im now a working gal... * * it means much less time to watch HAA and keep up to date with the latest gossip and not enough time to rant about my fave character =( (doesn’t mean I adore him any less)... Loving the way the s/l is currently running 5417 Charlie rejected surfing... NOOO - but we waited soo long. Aww she rejected the trip to Bali too? Huh how does one manage to do that?! Lol thank goodness though unless we are going with them I don’t want to know! How beautiful were the romantic scenes?! @writers hmm as much as I love the drama there is NO way I could get bored of seeing boring old happiness for longer than a few episodes. My bad I meant longer than a few mins in one episode. I was actually thinking how on earth they would get out f this one. Even if Brax wasn’t proven to have stolen the evidence – it would have been a sensible and realistic assumption for everyone to assume he did and he had Charlie’s help. Haha then the twist came. I actually understand why he planted the stolen evidence on the other cocaine drug dealer. Now at least there is no way for that guy to get away with his crimes but you have to laugh at the way Brax thinks he is all high and mighty and can stitch up other people but anyone does it to him (or his brothers) and he is ready to declare a war all-guns blazing. Lolling @the hilarious irony of it all! Still lolling..... seriously why does he think he is too clever or undeserving of just-desserts? Im thinking back to when he said ‘it’s all a game’ – lol he would make one awesome chess player the way he can visualize all the pawns without them moving! Hmmm someone will check mate him soon though if he is not careful. He is leaving an enemy list longer than the lies he has told! ermm that is a lot of enemies [dangerous ones at that]. And again he just spits out wisdom of the way the law works hah I love how he knows that stuff too! <3Brax! “My hand was forced in this. I did what I had to do” - it was this time but what about all the other times? Go Charlie for not wanting to just accept who he is and for realizing that if he doesn’t make a change then she would be losing herself on the wrong side of the tracks. It’s time to step up or step out Brax! “I’ll defy the whole galaxy, just to be here in your arms under the moon. Just so you know I’m in over my head” ---lyrics (Short Stack - Wendy) made for a great love story. It was an amazing choice of song playing during their romantic time together. The only negative was Liam’s heavy breathing in between the scenes! Take offence@Liam!
  15. 5414 Jokes - Charlie got an insight into how Brax quick thinks his way out of messy situations. Haha he really does know an awful lot about how the law works Brax’s relationship with his phone is as abusive as Sasha and Stu’s. Poor things get such a rough ride! Just an observation. Now that Charlie quit her job maybe she can stop ‘hating’ the way she feels about Brax. I have to admit I am excited at seeing her in the next few episodes without a uniform and how different she is individually and with Brax. Would love to see her more light-hearted instead of drowning in guilt and depression over loving someone she wish she didn’t. This whole Liam situation won’t help but once he wakes up and Bee gets over the lie then maybe we can get something new and interesting from her character. I am not saying it is right that she leaves her job or that he lets her but just interested to see where it goes in soap-land – even if it is only for a short period of time [which I hope it is – unless the writers have a new career or storyline in mind for her which will keep us hooked to her and Brax {ie. Chax-babies}]. You have got to love the look of frustration on the boys while the good girls struggle with the human-sized web of lies they are entangled in. “This is what happens when you cross the line. You can’t hang on to anything. You have to keep going until you don’t know who you are or what you stand for” woah that was a mouthful that Charlie blurted out. I love that she genuinely feels guilty and she was just as torn when Brax was being framed and no one was listening to her. Yaay for Brax being clear of the charges – so glad that it wasn’t just down to the evidence being stolen! I am so glad Liam was in the wrong and there are at least no cover-ups of reckless driving etc. I couldn’t handle that. I wonder if this will affect Brax and Liam’s work relationship. Both Brax and Heath are really smitten with their girls and are such softies when they want to be. Poor Heath - but no matter how much he thinks he likes/loves her – for some reason I can’t explain away the differences between them – the way I do with Charlie and Brax’s relationship. I doubt Heath’s love triangle is over just yet though. Whoever, if anyone, is next for him in the Bay – I really hope they bring out the soft version of him – lol not the version who is itching to get back to ‘business’. <3Brax! “I always thought you had outstanding instincts” lol Joyce may as well board the Chax train. It’s taking it’s time but I can sense it going to great places =) WISHING Steve Peacocke a Happy 30th Birthday. He has made the show absolutely amazing. Love watching him play Darryl Braxton!
  16. 5413 – THE best Chax-epi in a really long time I think what I loved most is you could see the difference in where the relationships are between Charlie/Brax and Bianca/Heath. Both have great chemistry: Heath and Bee have strong lust but also friendship is something new that ties them together too whereas Charlie and Brax have this magnetic-like-love that won’t disappear so easily over time and space. I don’t think there is a copy cat element to the 2 stories – they are totally different even if the common ingredients are 1cup of [uptight] good girl mixed in with unknown quantity of bad boy [with functioning hearts]. Haha Heath had some great one liners and scenes. “Get off the road you pelican” LOL. I laughed at his stuffing his face with food. Huh is he 10? The way Bee looked at him was as though her lust turned around into disgust or at least disbelief that she got left babysitting. I loved how Brax and Heath were both in sync today. There were no explanations needed. Calm heads remained in a crisis. Heath went out on a limb for Brax without even thinking of the consequences for himself. And about time too that he was there for his brother without any questions. The concern he had for Brax was heart warming. The irony since Brax told Heath to not get a scratch on Charlie’s car I have missed fun and flirty Chax so soo much. Thank the lord for wallabies! And wow to the fact that Heath and Charlie shared the same air space without handcuffs and smart remarks in between. <3Brax! “I don’t hate anything about us and I love you” “...No matter what we should stay together” – I LOVE love – this couple put a huge smile on my face after this epi. Way to make it perfect: We got a reunited Charlie and Brax with a cute little ILY, a meaningful embrace, Brax refusing to walk away, flirting and kissing, holding hands while dreaming of being together in piece, Brax carrying an injured Charlie to her car! My HERO – what an awesome epi!!
  17. 5412 I got the best giggle while watching Brax and Joyce. Come on Joyce, seriously give the leader of the RBs some ounce of credit. Nothing is ever black and white! Why would he be stupid enough to be enjoying an apple on a heist and leaving the jacket under his bed where no one would think to check AND steal evidence back. Did he expect it to be in a display cabinet?! Charlie may be compromised with her bad boy getting in her head but she still manages to do a better job than Joyce! Yes I think she deserves a promotion - at least in the land of SB! Haha awkward ... when he came to sit and watch telly with him! Horaay for Watson being on the ball and realizing Charlie may have been on the right tracks. Hopefully she finds the truth while Charlie has been forced to step down. Totally clear that she is conflicted and trusts Charlie’s judgement even though it doesn’t quite make sense to her as she still sees Brax-the-criminal-mastermind and not much else. Haha John’s fishing about the ‘royal treatment’ he got. What was that look Brax gave them? Love Steve’s acting. He can act the tough bad boy one minute and play the misunderstood and seemingly innocent guy the next. Buh-bye Benji – piece of advice: revenge is a dish best served cold... I hope Jake doesn’t kill you when you go back. What a waste of such a handsome face! So if a non-Braxton RB gets a line on the show – we know they are due to cause some trouble in SB before they are carted off. Good to know. <3Brax! “I feel guilty; more guilty than I have ever felt” aww we were supposed to get bad-boy-turns-good NOT good-girl-turns-bad! You have to feel her pain at crossing a line for a man who still has to prove his worth.
  18. 5411 Awww Charlie replaying the apple being thrown out of the getaway car to find any clue to suggest it wasn’t him. That’s true love right there! It was surprising that some of the residents of SB have warmed to him. I mean he is radiating hotness – so it is about time right?! Silly Brax – But you have to feel sorry for him falling into the arms of girls with no souls! This is precisely why you don’t get into bed with any tom, dick or harry! They will chew on you and then spit you out the second they get their chance. How lucky is Brax to have Charlie on his side! She was professional enough to do her job even when sex with Hayley was shoved in her face. She actually was the one to tell him about Hayley working for Jake. How foolish he must feel for being played like a cheap fiddle. Esther did a great job acting the sad and uncomfortable moment that came at the station. Delicate AND shameful indeed! Very glad he apologized and also how he avoided telling her when he was first questioned about his alibi. Watson was hilarious today! Haha when she asked if he liked apples. “Mothers don’t make good witnesses”- In Cheryl’s case she doesn’t make good with anything. I really hope Watson follows up on Charlie’s investigation. She is supposed to be her friend as well as colleague and plus I like her. I wouldn’t want to put her on my HAA hate list. Enemy to Brax= Enemy to moi. If she finds Sam then maybe she can find the truth out for herself! Her face was priceless when Charlie was interviewing Hayley. The claws definitely came out. What planet is Hayley on? Clearly she is doing more than working for Jake as a lawyer. That is just disgusting. She prostituted herself – question is why? For love or money [or something else]? And what is going to happen when all their deceitful hard work goes up in smoke? <3Brax! “Im not going to let you go down for something you didn’t do” Every criminal needs to hire a Sangster. He comes running; waves his magic wand and Brax is free quicker than you can say ‘Im innocent’. Benji was really quick to confess to Brax but there is no way he will go back inside on the wrong side of Jake so looks like there will be trouble ahead. Found there little fish banter amusing too. Art least if Benji goes back inside - he will get a decent meal!
  19. Thanks @tobygirl and @Whitney =) @Whitney - hope the little one and you are doing well! Agreed about Hayley 5407 – Great epi. Lots of RBs =) Heath got it in one without even using his brain. It is all a conspiracy. Some of the RBs and Hayley are under Jake’s thumb?? Oh how clever Hayley is... not only did she set up the apple but also managed to be his alibi for that morning. Not so smart to leave so quickly and with suspicion though. This can’t be the last we see of her. She will be out for some blood once she realizes Brax has at least 9 lives! Hayley: “Are you not pleased to see me” haha erm one word - NOPE! Nice to see Brax’s room even though the temptress was all naked over his bed – btw ewww. How nice for her to mention Brax was quiet after he saw Charlie the previous day. You could see Charlie’s face working overtime while the creepy hostage guy (Pete) was talking about a tatt on the lower back. He was totally hitting on her – urghh he is going to call her - eww again! Benji [not bad looking at all] was all hostile towards Brax . Did he not get the latest headline about a cop and Brax in prison? So he went down for them 2 years ago – clearly had such an awesome time he is itching to get back there. Interesting! Did my ears deceive me or did Heath spit out some crap about starting up ‘the business’ again now the heat has died down. Erm it has been a few weeks since an actual fire – the leftover heat is pretty much starting it’s own mass bush fire. Lol he wants to do it to provide for his 8 year old daughter. I can’t figure out if he has a low IQ or if he has ONLY air occupying the space between his ears. Where is the sense in anything he said? Hooray for Brax staying legit; standing his ground [hot and amusingly – might I add]; staying smart AND for letting Charlie get in his head. Love how he showered Benji with the money - I love scary Brax. At least Sam looked like he was about to wet himself. It would have been easy for him to give in to his old life today but even without Charlie – he is on the right tracks [finally] - hallelujah. <3Brax! “Another poor loser with a tattoo; can see why that would be disappointing for you”... oooo a STUNG-Brax. Awww totally felt his bitterness towards her. Loved how he thought she was there just as an excuse to see him again. New Promo is AWESOME! Can’t wait for next week
  20. 5406 – just watched the epi. How dare my life keep me too busy to watch the epi until now Poor Charlie, not only is she broken up with Brax but since breaking up with him – she has had to do an awful lot of running. AND each time she goes out - something terrible happens! If only she had some other ‘fun’ to keep her busy and fit. Aww she saw them frolicking on the beach – haha I mean learning/teaching to surf. At least they didn’t give us a close up of that. They better write Brax teaching Charlie to surf at one point. What’s Brax without a surfer side-kick girlfriend!?! Ohh I see Charlie is still the one pulling all the strings and then making Brax seem like the bad guy when he moves on. I had to agree with his “Im just trying to move on” – I don’t blame him with the run-around he has been getting. And the scenes are back to Charlie questioning him about others – haha excuses just see him. Can’t blame her obviously – I totally would stalk him too . OMGosh did everyone see what happened next? For all of you who know about THE APPLE well your in for a surprise and a LOL! It took me a few replays to realize they were saying apple btw. BUT WOAHHH Hayley has access to his fruits – [haha not innuendo-ing anything I swear] – she walked in with the lot: apples, oranges, pears! Haha imagine if the evidence was THE PINEAPPLE – would have been soo much cooler! Just saying --Oh and defo - she should have called! So that’s why Charlie went running to Bee saying it was all over. Because now that Hayley is bringing Brax many fruits – it must be serious; it’s so very clear he has moved on . Meanwhile he deletes her number as though that will erase her AND his feelings for her from his life. Bet he has her number memorized anyway lol but the gesture was cute – only because he looked heartbroken doing it obviously. And so watch this space for Hayley - wonder what she has up her sleeve apart from the apple of course?! <3Brax! “Do you think I am going to live the rest of my life as a monk” haha no noo nobody thinks you could last a day let alone more. Plus Im sure no woman would allow it - if they found a Brax full of chaste, they would soon find a way to unchaste.
  21. I just saw today's epi and was a little sad . It is clear Sasha is acting out with the recent loss of her mother, distance between her and her brother and fuel to the fire is having Sid crawl out of the wood works but it is clear she is not as tough as she pretends when she is clearly shocked and hurt by Stu's actions today. So it might be that this is Stu's only purpose for the show. Showing the potential abusive side to him and how it can start in the young (and explained away) but can grow into something more sinister if not addressed. I hope the writers give a positive message at the end of it. Losing your temper once or even a few times like that doesn't define your future especially with one so young. I really hope if he continues to lose his temper - there will be a positive message to tell. That with the right help you can learn to control the anger and not express it physically - specifically with the intention to harm another. But the simple truth imo is that if things like this aren't addressed in people (and they aren't brave enough to stand up and accept that) then they only get worse, more frequent and manifest into something that can't be controlled. It is a pity - I think it could happen to anyone but who knows what Stu's background is. Wonder if we will find out more. From what we have heard his parents are more interested in pubs and gambling than the welfare of their son. Maybe he comes from an abusive home or is neglected? Might explain the "I love you" after only 2 weeks of seeing Sasha. I wouldn't class that as standard behaviour from a boy like him and with his background. And to think his only role models are the river boys - who might not hit women - but certainly don't think twice about violence with each other and their enemies. Hoping for a positive outcome for Stu Hope Sasha stays clear of Xavier. He is annoying me so much. Wish he would go study for his HSC so he can leave the Bay to go to uni (yeah right in my dreams! ) Great job that Demi Harman is doing. Im slightly in awee of her height. Very pretty actress too!
  22. 5403 First thing I have to comment on is everyone's reaction to the ‘sergeants unbridled love’ lol. Oh how I love Liam for the first time today. For me his grinning to himself and to Brax was hilarious. I need these two to become friends and confidants. Nice little bit at the end with him questioning Liam about Gypsy too. I see a future if Bee and Liam decide to get back together - double dates with Chax I have never been ecstatic about Roo sticking her nose in anywhere and everywhere - UNTIL she defended Charlie. Haha Alf’s face – priceless - when she said it was obvious about what she was thinking. Lol obvious indeed! Classic Colleen “your flesh was weak when your spirit should have been stronger” – I swear she could have turned this into a song and dance. Maybe she could give Liam ideas for song lyrics? Dang the flesh for all her heartbreak! Lol I laughed so hard when Roo told her to keep her opinions to herself – she stuck her tongue out (accidentally maybe?) – It was hilarious either way! LOVE Colleen! Aww and Irene’s “life’s short and we all deserve happiness wherever we can find it” ... Gee wasn’t that happiness they had great today but died a sudden albeit expected death!! Ehh well - bright side of life: 20seconds of happiness beats none I say Okay I will say all the good and mix it in with the bad. Aww Brax came knocking as he was worried about her . Liked how she didn’t give him a choice about the ride. Haha jokes about bumping people off – the irony! North Pole would be better – hmm that was totally an insult to Brax – ehh well if he was an innocent I could kick up a fuss! “If you’re going to do the time; may as well do the crime” – that was surprisingly good humour for Charlie. Then after the so many "so's" and the kiss – it all went belly up! BOO. It was a totally understandable reaction from them both. Obviously Brax was a free agent and able to do what he wanted with whomever he wants. Like I said previously, 7 weeks after they have been together AND she had rejected him one too many times imo. Erm I am not dim – I swear! I get why she rejected him but don’t think he should have waited around for her to throw a bone and yell for him to fetch. I just don’t. Im sorry but nothing has changed in the last few episodes for her to give him a chance or to accept the person he is/has been; so yet again it was just an impulsive decision on her part that could have changed back as quickly as it was conjured! They will never be a successful couple if her decisions are based on the outside world and what they think/know. However, her response today totally understandable and realistic of the hurt and betrayal anyone would feel on hearing the news that your ex has slept with someone else while they are supposedly in love with you. Her response to it - just shows how ‘in-deep’ she really is. I think in time ie a few episodes lol she will realize that although it wasn't a smart move for Brax to take; it wasn't totally wrong of him to have made that move. Just a shame men and women see sex differently. I blame the hormones and a better brain in women (ermm no arguing with facts now lol). <3Brax! “I haven’t stopped thinking about you – ever” Ohh what to do with men. If only you could unite your two brains to think in unison. Don’t just tell – show and tell !
  23. 5402 Aww so Heath has done time in juvie. I wonder if Casey will fight back and come back different – tougher or meaner. Wonder if that is why Heath is such a hard nut. So glad Gina stood up to Heath and happy he knows how to apologize. Heath and Bianca make a great pair. So annoying - that they have both got in the way of our Chax reunion. If Charlie got to see him, then he wouldn’t have been pashing his floozy of a lawyer. WTH was that? So random and desperate! Am I wrong? Hmm something is up with this Hayley chick. She is up to something but totally love her bitchiness to Charlie so far though. I know Charlie said she wasn’t interested but seriously her actions told him exactly how she felt. If only I could shake some sense into him (mmm if only ). Urghh sooo frustrating! WHYYY Brax whyy do you move on at the wrong times! Well let’s give Brax points for not sounding keen to Hayley’s dinner invitation and for looking totally shocked at seeing her wrapped like a cheap birthday gift all over his ute. For questioning Hayley for going after Charlie. For being sad over the rejection Charlie gave him. AND for waiting 7 weeks to sleep/kiss someone else instead of 24hours – like he did with T! So it seems Hayley is the one who may be responsible for tipping the newspapers off. And why is she doing the case pro-bono if she is supposedly a great lawyer. I smell fish! My fave characters need to watch their backs. <3Brax! “You just have to say the word” – Just say it already! I just want to knock their heads together so badly
  24. My interpretation of the it is that 'Blood' is for family, meaning that they will always be there for their families, and 'Sand' because maybe they feel the ocean is there true home. That is just my opinion though...others might feel differently! Nicely put @LauraPhilly Yep they come from broken homes and it seems by the way they acted when Stu got his tattoo that once you get it - you are officially a RB and apart of their family unit. It represents they stick together, look out/after each other and they are also bounded together by their love of surfing. --good thing there moto isn't 'Blood and Drugs'
  25. 5401 Urghh Cheryl is a piece of work. First she takes $70,000 AND $20, gives Casey a cheapo music player (prob stolen) and doesn’t even turn up to his court case! What a disgustingly selfish mother. Poor Casey! At least he only got 30days. That will fly by. So I assume he will be back before the finale =) We are on a merry go round with Charlie and Brax; they just stopped the ride and let Hayley - the lawyer - step on and I think we are about to start spinning out of control. Im strangely excited. At least this couple don’t EVER fall into the boring category (well not for me at least). I am liking Hayley so far. Seems as sharp as a kitchen knife and knows exactly what she is doing. Apparently is a hot shot protégé and would usually work for a small fortune. Interesting! Well she definitely got her claws out when questioning Charlie. It is all out in the open now and there’s no turning back. Can’t wait to see SBs reaction to the star crossed lovers <3Brax! Not enough words spoken by Brax. Erm how am I supposed to quote him? Ohh well. “He used our relationship to humiliate me” aww if only he did so she could move on without giving him longing looks!
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