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Darryl 'Brax' Braxton - Steve Peacocke


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I like the way the interactions between Brax and Ruby are becoming better and you can see a relationship forming there. I liked how Brax asked her about Darcy’s present. There was a kind of a cute vulnerability in his look while he was asking. And Ruby is hilarious. Glad she is a human child again these past few months.

Casey once again standing up for Brax and proving he has his back. Brax has only known for a short time that he maybe a father but the way he and Casey talked was as though he had actually fallen for the idea himself or Darcy maybe?!

The scene with T was just scared, crazy, mis-placed angry talk on her part. I mean turning it around and blaming him for everything was just ridiculous. Didn’t like the comment she made about him hitting her. I doubt he has history of that with any women but the guys she is probably used to being around probably would! Maybe she felt like she deserved it? (I won’t argue that she doesn’t). WAOHH Heath is Darcy’s Dad?!! Nooo way I would never have guessed lol :rolleyes:

I honestly had a sunken heart when I saw the scene with Darcy and Brax. Man this is THE scene which optimises the reason I love the character. He is the one who is going to step up for her even though she is not his. Giving her the board, promising to be there for her as an uncle just stresses the “good” side of this character!

Darcy is a brilliant young actress. Maybe I am blinded by the cute dimples but w/e I am soo glad that she is an addition to the Braxton family. I can’t wait for Heath to find out. Maybe Darcy can run away from home and her BAD mother and cue Heath finding out the truth?! I am thinking we have a little more left from T before she leaves :unsure:

It can’t be possible for anyone to hate the scene on the bench! Can it? “She’s not in your league Charlie, nowhere near, not for a second” aww and then some puppy eyes at each other... too cute!

Giggled at the “Have you come to arrest me” – glad they can joke about jail! :P

--Great choice of tune for the background music!

<3Brax! Saw the sneak peek. Best I have seen. Can’t wait for Monday/Tuesday :wub:

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Such a great day eh.... He was so great talking to Darcy, and you could see how difficult it was for him to be around Tegan. I also loved the moment between Charlie and Brax on the bench. He knows he screwed up and so does she. I cant wait to see the rest on monday!!

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