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New look Back to the Bay.net

Chris J

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The main site has started to have a makeover, with a fresh design and layout that works seamlessly across mobiles, tablets and desktops. So far, only the News section has been completely revamped, but the rest of the site will follow shortly.

The site has more or less retained the current design for the past 8 years, and hadn't adapted to the fact that over 50% of our visitors access from mobiles or tablets. The new site uses a 'responsive design', which means the layout shifts and adjusts itself to suit the size of the device you're accessing it from. So you'll no longer have to zoom in to read tiny text on a mobile device - instead, the text gets larger and the various columns move themselves out of the way to put the main content front and centre.

It's far from finished, and i'm uploading it as a work in progress to allow you guys to comment on it as it evolves. It's currently very white, which I'm sure will probably get some negative comments, but it'll have more colour injected into it as time goes on - I'm working on getting the general layout and structure sorted first, and ironing out any major bugs, before making it more 'designed'.

So have a look around and let me know what you think :)

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I always found the site readable on my iPhone anyway, but I like that it's more mobile friendly, if not user friendly.

I'm not keen on having to scroll past news I've long read to find any new content there may be, for example I had to scroll past all the news to get to the part about the new look, which I'd worked out myself by that time.

It looks good though and I don't think it's too white.

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Well it works pretty well on Firefox, IE and Chrome. Also tested on my iPhone and it looks pretty sleek. The forum itself was mobile friendly after the last software upgrade so it's good that everything else will follow suit.

Looks good and certainly makes the site much easier to navigate on my Android phone.

I used to be an Android person until I joined the dark side...

Had a bit of a "Woah, what's this?" reaction when I first saw it but I'm sure I'll get used to it in time.I don't have a mobile so I'm afraid that's lost on me, but good that it's helping other people.

And there was me thinking you'd joined the Matrix era a long time ago. Can't imagine not having a mobile phone nowadays.

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Yes agree with Red Ranger 1, when I first saw it I thought wow, what's going on!! but the new look brings an up to date, fresh feel to the site. I have tried it out on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and am currently on my iPad, the site looks great on both, very user friendly.

Thanks Chris J for taking the time to make improvements to the site, looking forward to seeing the completed "make over". :)

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