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Ryan Kwanten says he would consider returning to Home And Away to give


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He's come a long way from Summer Bay after finding fame in the US on hit show True Blood.

But Ryan Kwanten isn't ruling out returning to where it all began, and told KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O on Thursday that he would consider re-appearing on Home And Away to give his former co-star's character a 'happy ending'.

The 37-year-old hunk starred alongside soap veteran Ada Nicodemou and played her unlucky-in-love character Leah's husband Vinny.

Speaking affectionately of the brunette, 37, Ryan explained he would be glad to reprise his old role and at take up his post at her side.

'Ada was one of the first stars I ever worked with so for her I would pretty much do anything,' he told the breakfast show hosts.

Leah and Vinnie said 'I do' in an elaborate Greek and Scottish ceremony complete with an orthdox crowning service, that aired back in 2001.

Unfortunately, Ryan's character was sent into witness protection shortly after they tied the knot, leaving Leah to raise their newborn son alone.

Ada's off-screen love life hasn't been as tumultuous and she married partner Chrys Xipolitas in 2007, with whom she shares two-year-old son Johnas.

Tragically, the actress lost her second son Harrison, to stillbirth in August.

Ryan meanwhile, is now based in Los Angeles, and flew into Sydney on Tuesday evening alongside his girlfriend of over a year Ashley Sisino.

The Australian star finished filming on the final season of True Blood earlier this year.

Sure to keep busy however, he has a number of films coming up including drama Reach Me in which he stars alongside Sylvester Stallone, The Effects of Blunt Force Trauma and Kidnapping Freddy Heineken which also features Anthony Hopkins and Sam Worthington.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2794922/ryan-kwanten-says-consider-returning-home-away-former-star-ada-nicodemou-s-character-happy-ending.html

It doesn't say it in the article but during the radio show Jackie O directly asked him "I don't know if this is true but Ada asks that you promised that you'll come back to the show for a happy ending" to which he replied with the "I'll do anything for her" Quote.

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This would be amazing if he returned, I've always maintained that he's not really dead and one day will make a return, I think Leah deserves a happy ending. I also believe there could be some good scenes with VJ and Vinnie.

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According to Elijah, Vinnie died in a farming accident in 2010 and was buried under his real name, he took Leah and VJ to his grave but if Ryan wanted to return this could easily be explained, back in 2007 when Dan died, Leah harboured a lot of guilt over Dan's death, thinking she may have been punished by God for marrying Dan while still married to Vinnie, maybe Peter Baker, Vinnie and Elijah made up Vinnie's second death to help Leah able to move on.... Or he could be a ghost. :P

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I think they did shoot themselves in the foot a bit by killing him off in 2010. It was a nice storyline but it did ultimately provide closure, and to resurrect him again in yet another 'witness protection' thing would be a huge disservice to the fans I think.

Ryan's continued insistence even now that he'd be willing to return if Ada chose to depart, does lead me to believe he is actually genuine. Sadly TPTB didn't have the same sort of faith, and at the time of Vinnie's death someone did tell me "Let's face it, whatever he said in the past, Ryan's never going to come back".

Obviously we'd never have known that for certain until they actually asked him (presuming they didn't), which really would have only happened when Ada did decide to leave.

I think they were basing their experience on several former stars who have flat-out refused to return to the show when asked to, for funerals or suchlike, even when they were still based in Oz (which then meant TPTB getting it in the neck from fans disappointed about the no-show).

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I don't think he should come back, and I am glad they killed him off in 2010 but it should have been done far earlier. The storylines he had before he first left, kind of ruined him as a character. It would have been better/easier to make him return if his storyline had been without prison and witness protection.

I know that Vinnie had/has a lot of fans. But should a character just wait for many many years for their "love", just so their "love" can come back for their departure?? I don't think so. That is not right! It is not good for the show, and it is not good for Leah's actress either, because it puts a pressure on her to make her leave. And it gives the impression that she is worth nothing without Ryan Kwanten/Vinnie. And Ada has been in the show for so many years more!

This is an another case of actors and characters becoming bigger than the show and it's storylines.

I believe Ryan Kwanten said this just because he wants to believe that he loves the show more than anything he has done in his career. Many other actors/actresses have been punished and judged in Australia for want to move on from H&A, and have been labelled as disrespectful to the show and their Australian background. So I don't blaming him for keep saying this. Maybe he thinks it would have been fun to be back for a day or two, just for old times sake...

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