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Births, Marriages & Deaths

Dan F

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As promised the Births, Marriages and Deaths pages are now getting a much needed update and revamp.

The original plan was to update them alongside the 6000 Episodes feature, but it's taken a heck of a lot longer then we expected (as any staff member witness to the discussions between RR1 and myself will attest to!). We're now there though and there's much more info than before.

First up is the Births page, which also now includes the off-screen births that we heard of at the time, and those pregnancies that didn't go to full-term.

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Fantastic feature, with some I'd forgotten about like Oscar Fisher. I also must have missed about Colin Broadhurst.

Just one more definite for the list... Travis & Rebecca's son born in 2002 - when Sam was around for the sesquicentenary.

Not sure if these were mentioned at time of birth but there's Pippa's baby girl, although I'm not sure if we know if she was Ian & Pippa's or fostered. Also Ollie Phillips.

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^No, we knew Kirsty and Pippa were pregnant but it was never actually confirmed they'd given birth until some time after the fact, when we next met them.They were mentioned in discussions but the general feeling was you have to draw the line at presumed or retroactively established off screen events before you start trying to list every single character born over the course of the series.

Travis and Rebecca's son is a definite "Whoops" though.Next update...

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Travis & Rebecca did actually pop in my mind as I was uploading yesterday, as I know in a cut scene from Episode 4000 that Barbara told Don that Rebecca was "pregnant again", but wasn't sure whenabouts to start looking. So yup, next update hopefully. :)

There does get a point where you've been staring at the list for so long that your mind goes blank, so mentions of any obvious omissions where there was definite onscreen mentions are appreciated.

Yes Colin was born in the same episode as Olivia - there was a scene where Don came into the diner to talk about the new baby boy, when the others were talking about the new baby girl, which led to some confusion before he mentioned Angel's name. The picture we used was actually one presented by Marilyn showing them with baby Colin (even if we the viewers know that it was likely an old photo of them with baby Shane :P)

Edit: I've now split this off into it's own thread as I imagine it's a one that people will come back to at various intervals with any updates/omissions

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