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  2. Thanks for the answer
  3. It’s been ages since I’ve seen the show but does Leah live in Summer Bay House or has she moved into Justin’s house?
  4. Justin and Leah - I cant stand them together.
  5. Difficult to say who’s the most iconic character after Alf but I’m going to pick three characters in no order. We’ve got so many iconic characters. 1) Irene - she’s the second longest serving character and she’s been on the show for almost 26 years now. She’s the matriarch and is very likeable. Sometimes she’s very underused but Lynne McGranger can prove she’s still a good actress when given dramatic storylines. Lynne is a huge asset to the show and Irene, alongside Alf is the heart and soul of the show. It’ll be a very sad day when Lynne decides to leave the show one day. 2) Sally - she was the second longest original character and we saw her grow up in the Bay and she was there for 20 years. She was a real favourite and topped polls. She had some iconic storylines and Kate Richie was impressive in her scenes in Flynn’s cancer storyline. Her departure in 2008 is probably the most beautiful and the best exit storyline ever. There were lots of promos of Sally’s goodbye in 2008 and a lot of magazine covers about her. When she returned in 2013, it was certainly well received by the press and viewers. 3) Don - he was one of the show’s major original characters. Donald Fisher was someone we all knew in real life and I say this as a good thing. He was headteacher of SBH for so many years and it was always wonderful to see him mentor the younger students. He can be very harsh but very fair too. I felt Don still has a lot of potential left when he left in 2003. I always admired Don’s flaws and his acceptance of mistakes eg Bobby.
  6. Almost 20 years of Leah which is fantastic but I hope there are some new refreshing storylines for her. I wouldn’t want Leah to be a tired character.
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  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Sally left Home and Away in 2008 but she returned for a brief stint in 2013. She hasn’t returned again since she left in September 2013. Kate Ritchie is one of Australia’s biggest icons. Home and Away producers rarely bring back characters so do you think Sally will return for another guest stint in future?
  10. Oh that’s terrible news . 41 is too young.
  11. I like Roo and I hope she has a storyline coming up. I’m so pleased Georgie Parker has remained on the show for almost 9 years. I love that she is always promoting Home and Away on her Instagram and she is always posting photos of the show and her colleagues.
  12. Will we ever see Sally again in Home and Away? She left the show almost 11 years ago but made a brief return 5 years ago. Btw I love this photo of Kate Ritchie and Debra Lawrence (Kate uploaded it in instagram).
  13. For me, the producers have ruined Leah in the past few years although she has improved recently. I suppose it’s a good thing Leah has been front and centre and she deserves it. It’s a shame her popularity has deteriorated when she was unbearable in recent years. Has Ada been using fillers? Not criticising her but it seems noticeable onscreen. She is naturally stunning but I think I can really see the fillers on my HD screen.
  14. It looks like we are going to find out more about Irene's backstory according to recent episodes?? I'm thrilled for Lynne McGranger because Irene has been a background charactr for years. Can't wait to see more of Irene's storyline.
  15. I'm glad he has left the show. His exit was rubbish and I can't believe he is that selfish to let Ricky think that Brax is dead. Horrendous act from Brax. I only liked him with Charlie but that's because Brax was tolerable with Charlie, not that I liked them together. Good riddance Brax and please don't ever come back. He won't be missed by me and hopefully they will now focus on other characters more. Sally was Home and Away but Home and Away survived when she left the show. So the show will be fine after Brax's exit.
  16. I have been looking at Cornelian Frances' son Instagram account and I'm saddened that he said that Cornelia really misses Home and Away and it looks like she may never return I agree with Lawrence when he says "they only want young folk these days". I hope Dan Bennett will sort out the show.
  17. Steve Peacocke is very popular but I think the character of Brax is stale now. Since Casey's death, Brax has lost his "spark" and it's painfully obvious (to me) that Brax needs his brothers. Brax and Charlie's relationship was a huge success but after Charlie died, Brax has Heath and Casey and he fitted in because of his love for his brothers. But since Casey's death, Brax has been hanging around the Bay like a bad smell. I think it's a shame that Steve Peacocke has never won a Gold Logie because it must have been frustrating for his fans. I know how they feel because Kate Ritchie was shortlisted for several Gold Logie nominations but she always missed out winning. But in 2007 and 2008, Kate Ritchie finally won 2 Gold Logies. BIB - I think it's a bit harsh to say that. Neighbours actually got more coverage than Home and Away in the Logies. Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher got a lot of coverage in their interview. I just think it's a bit insulting to say that Neighbours is insignificant in the Australian television landscape these days
  18. Wow, just wow... I still can't accept him as VJ.. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/s15/home-and-away/news/a609142/home-and-aways-matt-little-poses-for-shirtless-beach-shoot.html
  19. Would anyone like Martha to return to Home and Away in future? I thought Martha was a brilliant character and I would love to see Roo and Martha interact in Summer Bay this time. I really miss Alf's relationship with Martha. Thoughts?
  20. Thanks again Dan for your fantastic feature. I enjoyed reading about the characters' deaths. I was shocked when I recognised Hayley Doven's photo as I never knew Bonnie Sveen played her. Great work!!
  21. Fabulous feature Dan. I really enjoyed reading it and I liked the pictures as well I thought Ella is Robbie's son? Because Jonah wasn't the father of Ella so I assumed Robbie is the dad? Anyway great work as usual
  22. If I was a producer of Home and Away, I would give Irene a big storyline/purpose. She has been criminally underused and she needs her own family in Summer Bay. Irene is an iconic character and I wonder why TPTB are so reluctant to give her more airtime and give her family members??
  23. Fantastic feature! I will always remember episode 1000 because it was actually my 2nd episode of watching Home and Away. I was very very young when I watched Home and Away. Good times remembering Irene's drunken fall. I didn't know who Irene was so I was intrigued by Irene's "death" as I thought this "random drunk" was dead and the fallout was immense. But it turned out that Irene never died. I have fond memories of the 2000th, 3000th and 4000th episodes. My favourite ever episode will always be the 4000th episode because it was all about Alf Stewart and I was over the moon that they brought back so many characters for Alf (I'm still annoyed that they killed off Chloe though). Great work
  24. Wow I can't believe the Brax episodes are very recent (2013 onwards). I would have thought they might have shown 2011 episodes..
  25. ^ Wow I'm stunned to hear that. 2011 was only 3 years ago. I need to have a look at the tweets now haha.
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