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H&A vs Neighbours?



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Even if Neighbours bit the dust, H&A wouldn't have ended in 1995, as it was a ratings juggernaut.

Fans wanted more Shane, Angel, Shannon, Curtis, Jack and Selina,etc and they got it.

I just think Neighbours has been the Superior Show for the last two years.

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I very much think that H&A's longevity has very little to do with Neighbours. When H&A begun it was clearly a sunnier and more invigorating show with more exciting characters and that carried on and H&A soon outdid Neighbours. The late 1990s was a shaky period but H&A bounced back in 2000 but only since 2011-2012 has Neighbours been better. from 1988-2012 H&A was the much better one. As a kid I was always biased to H&A.

H&A is very popular in Australia, it is like the Coronation Street of Oz, the most popular soap. Neighbours is made for the UK market mainly now. H&A still sells very well overseas from Ireland to New Zealand.

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Let's not forget the Dutch and Belgians still like Neighbours too and some parts of Scandinavia (the ones showing it).

I'd say modern day H&A is more akin to EastEnders (the crime/doom/gloom element anyway).

Note: I like 'Enders at the minute and it's probably the best out of the soaps right now, followed by Neighbours.

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People seem to be under a delusion that Neighbours beat Corrie and EE in the ratings in the 1980s and 1990s. These were consolidated figures of the afternoon and evening showing, which would add up to 18 or so million viewers. Neighbours was never a threat to CS or EE, which got about 15 million for a single showing, whereas Neighbours got at most 11 or 12, and usually 8 or 9. And viewing figures include the people who watched both showings that day of the same ep.

Neighbours and H&A did try and match up to CS and EE but were never true threats, even Neighbours. Neighbours was always the 3rd most popular soap 1988-1994ish.


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Personally I think Home and Away has always shared a larger mass of the audience. I think Home and Away has had a larger impact on pop culture then Neighbours did. Now quality is subjective, but Home and Away is more popular over here then Neighbours always has been. I have always preferred Home and Away. Just always had more edge to it, and more drama. Also the lifestyle, the beach. Where as Neighbours Is on land lol, if that makes sense. Different shows, both have their qualities.

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Yes well as I said, when H&A begun in Jan 1988 it made Neighbours look like something from the dark ages, OK the bait shop was dingy and the general store was a bit run down but the houses inside were brighter, and 30% of the storylines centred around the modern school corridors and classrooms as the Fletcher fosterees argued and pranked with Alison Patterson and Judith Staples etc. And the sunnier location, golden beach, a far cry from the dingier and murkier Ramsay St.

But now, it seems Neighbours is the much better one.

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My vote must go to H&A especially since I just quit Neighbours for the I think 3rd time last week.

I've watched H&A for a lot less years than Neigh. but I've only quit it once.

I think H&A has better: characterisation, characters, sets and the thing I'm probably most into: couples/ships (for the most part) . I think in H&A they develop the couples a lot better and mature them faster too. Also H&A is more focused on the couples and they're all featured more prominently! :wub:

On 10/20/2015, 12:32:01, Luke39 said:

Also the lifestyle, the beach

Yes totally!! Since I've been watching H&A again lately and at the same time as Neigh. I have noticed how H&A happens so much outside whereas Neigh. is most always inside.

The one thing I really grew to resent so much on H&A was all the crime stuff with the Braxtons that completely took over the show. :angry: It got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore that all the focus on  characterisation that used to be done so so well and also the fact that characters actually used to talk to each other and were friends and worked out their problems together which I had previously enjoyed so much took a complete back seat/maybe even ceased to exist altogether. I always really used to enjoy H&A before that and ever since I've been watching the two soaps together I've probably always preferred H&A (except for when "Braxton takeover" was in place but they've all gone now so YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!)!!

The teen group in H&A is faaaaaaar superior too!! Inspite of all the teens except Matt living in the one house they're just not I don't know... lame! All the teens in Neigh. are far far too interconnected. Daniel's a bizarre hanger on as he's older than all of them as well. The difference in H&A is that VJ's the only one who has a parent whereas all the teens in Neigh. have their parents still with them but I do still prefer the H&A teen group!!

Speaking as someone who lives in the UK I do enjoy both Neighbours and H&A for their er... Ausieness!! I love all the Aussie words and the accents!! I'd love someday to be able to visit the locations where the shows are shot!!

Take for example the other day in H&A (well here in the UK): When Leah found Zac at the school and she wanted to talk things through with him - She said "Let's go for a walk" then we later saw them talking about things outside. In Neigh. she probably would've just sat down in the classroom: BORING!!!!!!

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Well now I find them both neck and neck. Judging by the poll results, after posting this question 2 years ago, it does appear H&A is the more popular and iconic in Australia. Neighbours has 7 votes and H&A has 53 votes. Even though H&A has 2 years until its 30th, as I found, the pilot was in development for 3 years so both shows are well past their 30th anniversary in terms of when they were first devised. So Even Stevens, H&A was in development during the time Neighbours was on air before H&A began. See my H&A pre history thread.

The reason I like them the same now is that H&A has improved a lot, and Neighbours seems to have declined a bit since the 30th.

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I've never watched Neighbours so my vote has to go to 'Home and Away'.

I watched every episode up until about 3 years ago, when I moved into my own place with a friend.

We started watching 'Spicks and Specks' instead. Something we could both watch.

And - The whole show became too Braxonified, anyway.

I miss Kate Ritchie.

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