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    H&A!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only ever really watched two. Neighbours being the other. Particularly right now H&A is FAR superior to Neighbours!!!

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  1. Hi Shania!

    Lydia here! (From YT :wink:) You wanna message on BTTB or maybe now we've found a safer place we could exchange emails?

    Can I ask you how old you are btw?

    I LOVE it here!! Such a cool place to come and comment and find out news about H&A actors and have discussions and share opinions with my fellow UK viewers!! My fave is when we all agree on something and we share our views about it in the UK pace thread!! :D 

    Lydia x

    1. Shania


      Hey Lydia!

      I'd love to message on here :)

      I'm thirteen, how about you?

      It is really cool, I love all the spoilers! I haven't really used it much but I'd like to use it a lot more!

      Shania xx

    2. Changelo shipper <3

      Changelo shipper <3

      Wow 13!!!! :o Er... me too!  

      No I'm a little older than that. I'll just say I'm over 20. :wink:

      You live in Aus. right? Whereabouts? I live not too far from London. It's easy to get there on the Underground anyways.

      No I don't do spoilers (unless I'm bored and I'm on the internet). I'll never specifically look for spoilers when I'm bored though. I might google certain characters I like mainly in H&A coz that's my fave show right now. I was looking for videos of Zac and Leah on YT the other day. I found a video of the couples in October in Aus. so thought I'd watch that. It's just gonna be couples talking and kissing really right?! :wink: Wrong! Whoops! Found out some things I wasn't ready for yet. :o My friend has given me some alternate solutions for when I'm bored on the Internet - bloopers, memes, that sort of thing. :) 

      Do you have any brothers or sisters Shania? I have one younger sister and a younger brother in that order. :)

      Talk to you again soon. :)

      Btw. You like my avvie? :wub: I was just looking for photos of Zac and Leah on Google randomly and I found it and it was perfect I was like "MY AVVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :D:D:D 

      They do have a PMing system we could switch to if you wanna?

      Lydia x

    3. Shania



      Haha, yes I live in South Australia ^_^ What's it like in England? I've never left Australia.


      I have a younger sister and an older brother :)

      Omg I love your avvie :wub: ZEAHHHHHHHHH

      and that would be good if we switched to that :D


      Shania x :ph34r: 

  2. Thanks. So my next question is how long is the H&A Christmas break in Aus? They have it on air for longer than we do too. Maybe that's something to do with the fact C5 wanted their viewers to have a decent "finale" ep. here in the UK? Like I mean if we were to have H&A on air in the UK until 9/12 too maybe that "finale" wouldn't be a good place to leave it especially for this long 5 week break we're to be subjected to as well. *scratch head* Argh TV ey? I'm really into H&A atm! They're doing a really really good job I think! Anyway I'll miss H&A a lot I think and especially for 5 FLIPPIN WEEKS. 5 WEEKS!!!! SERIOUSLY????? That's soooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. *thumbs down* Ooh I like this point a lot!! A Golden Opportunity indeed and that way we wouldn't have to endure such a flippin major long break too!! YAY!!! We'll just have to come and support each other though this tough time in our lil thread here you guys. Shall I go first? "Hi! My name's Lydia and I'm a Home and Away addict". We'll get through it together you guys! *group hug*
  3. Wow!! Five weeks ey? Boy! That's a heck of a long break and especially for a daily soap opera like H&A. Whatever am I gonna do with that spare half hour every day for 5 WEEKS!!! Might have to go back to Neigh. then aargh!! I don't really have an issue with the gap being quite so big for us and Aus with H&A as long as the episodes keep ticking over nicely and we don't a have a flippin 5 WEEK break. A two or three week break maybe but 5??? It might be kinda good to have a break from these sorts of shows at a couple of specific points throughout the year. But just short breaks. Yeah maybe it will be alright if 5* show some classic eps. during the break. Always up for learning more about the present characters pasts' and those characters from the past who I only vaguely got to know anyway. I only watched H&A properly for myself for about three years the first time around. Wow! Didn't realise it was quite that short!! "Braxtonville Crime Takeover" got in the way grrrr!! Anyhoo I used to watch a little bit, every now and again with my sister when we were both a lot younger (once the show made the initial change to C5) so it would be interesting to see the past episodes for me! Just out of interest how long is the Neigh. Christmas UK break gonna be does anyone know? Same as Aus. pos? Like I said I really don't have a massive problem with the gap issue between us and Aus. but maybe it does seem a bit ridiculous that in the UK we are quite so far behind Australia. Is there a particular reason for this do we know. Like on the Australian end? I know what C5 are saying. You know when I first came back to H&A this time around I did find some clips of Matt and Charlotte on Youtube and I thought this was a relationship that had been and gone earlier in the year just before I came back. I was later to find out of course that this was not the case. This whole thing probably occured coz I was going along with the fact that the UK is two weeks behind with Neigh. Anyway I'll stop banging on about it now. This is an interesting and useful thread to have for all of us English viewers right guys? ;) It is kinda good to have an end date I guess. That way I won't be watching it on the Friday and then anticipating an ep. on Mon. 7 Dec. only to be disappointed when there is none. Sounds like too that we're not gonna have an entirely useless "season finale" here in the UK so that's something good at least! ;)
  4. Ah! Intelligent posting! That is very useful thank you! Very useful!! I noticed that earlier on and didn't think it was a regular feature but I haven't been back here for long so I might not know! This is great! This was something deliberate right?
  5. Third place for Bianca alright!! So here's the first and second then. That's twice in a row that Charlie's won. Brax - 62 Charlie - 73
  6. Bianca - 20 Brax - 51 Charlie - 63
  7. Wow you guys really do work fast! I was last here 2 days ago and we're already down to 3! Bianca - 18 Brax - 52 Charlie - 64
  8. My internet's been down for the last few days but I really wish it hadn't been otherwise my fave character, who I like to affectionately call Angiepants™ might still be in. Sooooooo glad Elijah's out though! Good work there people!! Bianca - 21 Brax - 14 Casey - 10 Charlie - 24 Dexter - 8 Gina - 5 Irene - 5 Leah - 6 Liam - 4 Marilyn - 5 Miles - 6 Morag- 9 Nicole - 7 VJ - 10 Xavier - 1
  9. Angelo - 7 April - 5 Bianca - 12 Brax - 10 Casey - 6 Charlie - 13 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 6 Elijah - 3 Gina - 5 Irene - 5 John - 4 Leah - 6 Liam - 6 Marilyn - 5 Miles - 5 Morag- 5 Nicole - 6 Romeo - 5 Sid - 4 VJ - 7 Xavier - 5
  10. Sad to see Indi's gone so soon. I really like her. Angelo - 6 April - 5 Bianca - 12 Brax - 10 Casey - 6 Charlie - 12 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 6 Elijah - 3 Gina - 5 Heath - 1 Irene - 5 John - 5 Leah - 6 Liam - 6 Marilyn - 5 Miles - 5 Morag- 5 Nicole - 6 Romeo - 5 Sid - 4 VJ - 7 Xavier - 5
  11. Yahoo!!! Angelo- 6 April - 5 Bianca - 8 Brax - 8 Casey - 5 Charlie - 9 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 6 Elijah - 3 Gina - 5 Grace - 5 Heath - 3 Indigo - 2 Irene - 5 John - 5 Leah - 6 Liam - 5 Marilyn - 5 Miles - 5 Morag- 5 Nicole - 6 Romeo - 5 Sid - 5 Thabo - 1 VJ - 7 Xavier - 5
  12. Angelo- 6 April - 5 Bianca - 7 Brax - 7 Casey - 5 Charlie - 8 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 6 Elijah - 4 Gina - 5 Grace - 5 Heath - 3 Indigo - 3 Irene - 5 John - 5 Leah - 6 Liam - 5 Marilyn - 5 Miles - 5 Morag- 5 Nicole - 6 Romeo - 5 Ruby - 1 Sid - 5 Thabo - 2 VJ - 6 Xavier - 5
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