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  1. I only started watching 88 recently via Dailymotion. Despite the quality, really enjoying it. Being in NZ, show started when I was born. Anyone know other then 7plus where to watch it?
  2. I loved how he entered. Punching out the river boys. He has an edge about him that makes him interesting. They don't always have too be goody too shoes.
  3. I am not sure why fans of this show want every young male character to be gay. For the sake of having an LGBT character on the show. 99% of young male characters or hell in general are into girls. It just seems random. Oh the next young male character should be gay.
  4. I wish Matt stayed. And they wrote Evie out some other way. As much as I grew to love Matt and Evie together. I Think Matt still had alot to offer.
  5. Yeah I like him. He is a breath of fresh air. I like he has history to the roots of the show too. Being Quinn Jacksons Son. And Alf's Grandson. I agree their is potential their to develop a new teen group. And I like Ryder better for Coco then VJ. Obviousley he is more age appropriate.
  6. Man i cant recall this guy ever forgiving anyone for anything . I find alot of his consistency as you put it. Kinda unreasonable most of the time. But that is just he. He frequently jumps to conclusions. Without getting all the information.
  7. Yeah haven't warmed to him yet. Maggie too.
  8. Matt and Roo should of gotten together . But yeah Alec Snow was an excellent young actor. Unfortunately he was mostly under utilised. Especially after Maddy/Kassandra left. I liked Matt and Evie. Seemed to make sense by the end of their era. But tbh I wouldent of minded to too see Matt stay. As it is he seems to be doing well in his music career.
  9. Yeah might be a bit harsh to kill off both Ashford Siblings in one year.
  10. Oh yes . I am sure George is a lovely man. He had his moments. But yeah generally he over acts.
  11. He's a disposable character from the Braxton era. His hot head temeperement is funny. What you talking about man! Tell where he is man! That woman is a control freak man! *Stop spitting in my face man*.
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  13. I'll say Matts more in control, then he was back in 2014 was it. When Sasha left. He has evolved from College Drop out. To a reliable guy. With a stable job. And who looks after his sister. So I'll say his drinking is more casual now. Speaking of his sister? Did she die? lol. I mean when's the last time we saw her.
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