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Neighbours star in battle with producers over alleged discrimination.

Guest Dingo x

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NEIGHBOURS star Kym Valentine got the all-clear from doctors to return to work after a two-month stay in a private clinic in Melbourne for severe depression in 2011.

But despite having 2 1/2 years left on her contract, she will allege producers told her she was no longer required, according to a family friend of the actor.

Valentine is in dispute with Neighbours producers Fremantle Media, with the actor alleging unlawful discrimination.

"Kym was hospitalised in 2011 for two months for severe depression," a family friend told the Herald Sun.

"On discharge she was given the all-clear for doctors to return to work ... she had 2 years on her contract, and even though she was given the all-clear, Fremantle Media advised that she was no longer required to fulfil her contractual obligations.

"They kept trying to say it's all about Kym and they were very supportive of her, but they weren't.''

Valentine took sick leave in 2008 when she contracted pneumonia.

She later returned to work, but in 2010 was again on sick leave twice, thanks to a blood clot and exhaustion.

She is suing Fremantle Media for sex and disability discrimination.Valentine also wants to return to play the role of Libby Kennedy.

She is seeking damages for lost wages for ''pain, hurt, suffering and humiliation'', according to legal documents.

A spokesman for Fremantle Media told the Herald Sun today: "We do not comment on matters that are before the courts."


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Oh I have symapthy for her! I use to know sources and I do not blame her for being upset as she didnt want to leave unlike other actors!

Neighbours behind the scenes isnt a nice place and I can only guess what its like now since my info like 3 seasons old now!

They treated some actors badly and heard some awful stories.

I read on other forums some former Neighbours who seem "unfriendly" in public and I take that as they did not enjoy thier time there.

Yet you have people like Kym who LOVED the show and her character and they way they treated her I have to side with Libby!

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I don't know that suing Fremantle Media will allow her to return to the show as Libby in the future. I can understand her frustrations but I'm just not too sure if she's going about this the right way.

In what way is the Neighbours behind the scenes not a good place samdanfan?

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I talked to an old friend today and she said this lawsuit just might ruin the chance of ever seeing Libby again on Neighbours. I feel sorry for Kym as she couldnt help being ill and I heard nice things about her from fans who did neigbours events. Ill tell a nice story about Kym. I had a friend here in the USA who had a baby girl and she called her Libby. I wrote and asked Kym for signed fan cards for her family which was sent and I gave them to her .

Kym seems to be one of those actors who LOVES her character and wanted to support her show. Unlike some actors who dont care.

I use to know some sources a few years ago and some had access and I cant go into detail yet Some actors left not happy despite what you may read from N PR interviews which is why I dont trust them.

Like any show you have your good people who want to be there and some who dont work out.

among the bad stories I heard was

one actor was let go and didnt want to leave!

The show was happy one actor left as they considered them a Diva

another actor was happy to leave as they Loathe having to deal with fans in public

That was back in the Bower years, I can only guess what things are like now. My source said tonight I shouldnt blame the show for bad fan experiances as my mate had so life too short to be angry so that why i try to help out other fans to deal with my disapointments

Neighbours does have a good name with the tour and most of the actors do Fan mail like H&A. My complaints is my favs have left, the rudness on their forums and loss of contacts as they have gone away?

I hope things get better for the fans I for one have mixed feelings.

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Thanks for at least explaining even if you can't be too specific about certain individuals. I was always suspicious about the Bower era, as I always suspected that some of the actors/actresses weren't happy with the way the show was heading or the way there characters were being written in general.

I'd love to see Libby make a return to the show in the future, but I have a feeling that suing will stop that from occurring.

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Since we don't know much about the facts etc, I really do feel sorry for Kym Valentine. I always felt that Kym was let go. I don't think many of the cast were happy under Susan Bower's reign.

If Kym does go ahead and sue Fremantle Studios, then I don't see Kym ever returning to Neighbours which is sad news :(

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I can't see Libby being written back into the show if Kym does sue, even if she is awarded compensation. Which is a shame considering Kym loves the show and her character. It's not often we get actors of her age that want to stick around.

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Alexx your right they are very few actors like Kym who loved her character and show. I do feel sorry for her.

James Yes theres some things fans dont know and I lost sources as things are not as open as they where a few years ago. Its sad this will end Kym role on N as I dont see her coming back.

Light She has a right to be bitter as Im sure she didnt want to become ill and to have a Mcloeds actor come into the show Libby 2 Michala Banas who Knows Bower! and Brett Tucker (Dan) and friends with Simone Buchanan (Sam) if I was Kym I would have been jealous and worried she might be repalced by Libby2! and rumor was that could have happen? Yet the show didnt want to break up the Kennedys and I was shocked later when it happen!!!!

I do hope Kym gets another series one day!

Jezz Yes some actors where not happy and What Kym has done has ruined her from working on N again. Theres the offical reason and real reason some of the former cast left. Lets just say dont believe all the interviews you read saying "I will missed the show and cast or "I would like to come back"

When one guest left it was printed in interviews by them and others that they wanted to come back yet as my source told me thats never going to happen as they put Neighbours in their past! So thats why I dont trust anything I read from them.

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Light She has a right to be bitter as Im sure she didnt want to become ill and to have a Mcloeds actor come into the show Libby 2 Michala Banas who Knows Bower! and Brett Tucker (Dan) and friends with Simone Buchanan (Sam) if I was Kym I would have been jealous and worried she might be repalced by Libby2!

That's what you would feel. I'm sure Kym was professional and mature enough to see that the only possible outcome was to have a guest actor come in and play the role whilst she was sick.

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