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A thread to discuss the negatives of the Braxtons?

Guest Light of the Bay

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For a while now it's been obvious on this board that there is a divide between fans of the Braxtons and those who are not. The problem is that the ones who don't like them have nowhere to discuss the issues with them and we're always told "not to turn another thread into an anti-Braxton thread". Well perhaps creating a topic dedicated to discussing their many faults would solve other topics being plagued? We've been told that "options are being considered" but that was weeks ago now!

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I don't believe a negative Braxton Thread is needed. Members who dislike the Braxtons are already posting their views extensively in multiple threads so that opportunity already exists.

Sure, there have been a few members who have expressed frustration at the constant negativity but that is their right. Any personally abusive or argumentative posts have been edited or deleted in accordance with Board rules.

I have seen no more evidence of victimisation of anti Braxton members than I have of "repetitive posting which adds nothing to the discussion posted in multiple threads" by the anti Braxton crew.

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The problem is that the ones who don't like them have nowhere to discuss the issues with them...

Weekly Australian episode discussion


There's plenty of scope within the existing threads for people to maturely discuss the Braxtons. If people were able to follow the forum rules, and not repeat themselves everywhere with comments that don't add anything new to discussion (which we've requested god knows how many times), then there wouldn't be a problem of "other topics being plagued".

We've tried pro and anti threads before and it didn't work, it just created even more of a divide. Even if we did create an Anti-Braxton thread, it wouldn't be a way to bypass the forum rules, and it would simply become another duplicate as people would still post the same comments elsewhere anyway.

I'm not going to repeat myself over how people should behave towards members who they don't agree with, as I've said it so many times before.

My "options are being considered" comment was related to the Twitter spoilers thread (for which we decided on the best option, closing it to avoid duplicate discussion), not an anti-Braxton thread.

Edit to add:

I guess it's okay to express opinions within reason in Braxton-related threads then? The 'Storylines' thread seems appropriate to me.

So you do concede that there are Braxton related threads. Though of course the only one you've mentioned is not specifically a 'Braxton' related thread (some of which are listed above) but a general one for all. You've obviously made your point in there and in other threads several times, so your only reason for bumping the thread would be to add something new.

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I guess it isn't needed then.

We're hardly a "crew". :P

I wasn't sure what the collective noun for multiple anti Braxton members was. :innocent:

Hooligans :devil: .

Seriously though I do think the forum has got better recently, with not as many fights breaking out and nasty comments so adding a anti Braxton thread would undo the love-in that is happening with the divided troops. Can't we all just get along? ^_^

(The hooligan thing was a joke before I get any warnings.)

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