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Pin Oak Court House For Sale

Guest Dan F

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I live in the area, so I'd be interested to see how much money the house was sold for. I'm guessing around $700,000 to 800,000

In terms of how much residents of the street receive, I've heard it's quite a large figure, but I don't know what it is specifically.

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They will definitely get paid a substantial amount for letting them use their house as a location. I know someone who works for a locations agency in Sydney, finding locations for TV and film and the fees are in the thousands per day. Considering they use the location pretty much every week for 11 months of the year, it will be a fair amount.

I'd love to buy the place and would if I had the cash. Having said that, if it was just a random house in a random street, in that area (so far from the city) I wouldn't buy it. It looks quite plain.

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