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WAAAAAY loooooved that, especially ……

 Inside the movie theatre Jai was sat in front a couple of dense people who didn’t know what was going on in the story.

“Wait is that her sister?” One of them said.

“I don’t know. I don’t get it.”

“Oh my gosh is he dead?” The other asked.

Jai had quite enough of them talking over the movie. “How the heck am I supposed to know? I’m watching it with you dummy.” He said exasperated.

 “I’m guessing save the cheerleader, save the world never got off the ground here.” Dexter whispered to Belle.

 “Since I was twelve.” Belle mumbled as she sat down next to him. “I remember when I was little I used to pretend to take pictures with a plastic pink camera I got from a My Little Pony magazine.” She scolded herself. That was a stupid thing to say she thought. He probably thinks you’re a childish preteen who’s up past bedtime.

Aden smiled. “I never picked you out as a My Little Pony fan.”

“I’m not…I am…I mean…I was.” Belle stuttered.

 She lifted the strap from around her neck and passed the camera to him. As he took hold of the metal object his arm brushed against hers. She studied him as she held back a shiver. His bright blue eyes were crystal clear like small lakes and he wore a smile that made her heart feel light for the first time in her life

 Aden moved the camera away from her and snapped a close range shot of her. “Smile.”

Belle looked away.

“What? The photographer doesn’t like her picture taken?” He asked as he snapped another.

 Belle shot up into the air as a boy jumped out from behind them. Something green and slimy had hit her shoulder. She looked down at her camera, afraid that some of the goo had landed on it, but it was slime free. Before she could prize her precious from her neck a water balloon smashed against her chest.

The attack had stopped and everyone looked at each other.

“Well that wasn’t weird at all.” Dexter said as he picked a pair of boxer shorts off his head.

 I’m in a white supremacist crew. They have a base close to my home.”

Aden laughed. “A fifteen year old white supremacist. Nice.”

“Gotta love the young people.” Nicole replied. “They’re the future. Shed a tear.”

“Well the world is ending this year so nothing to worry about too much.” Dexter said as he dumbfounded looks.

“Translation?” Nicole asked.

“The world’s coming to an end in a couple of months. The apocalypse is coming; we’re going to explode or something.” He answered.

“You know I totally forgot about that. I’ll start a count-down on my calendar.”

“Ok, Miss 9021Obnoxious.” Jonah spoke.

Nicole scowled at him. “Oh please build me a time machine so I can get out of here. Come on Aden lets go.”

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