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REALLY LOOOOOOOVED that, especially ……

“That was for an assignment Dex. Oh and just so you know, I can hang out with whoever, not that it has anything to do with you. I was deluded in thinking we could be friends, you obviously get too jealous over little things.”

“I like you ok!” Dexter shouted out frustrated. “I know that’s no excuse to go all peeping Tom outside your window but that’s the truth. I like you Belle, so much I can’t express the exact amount. See I’ve never been any good with girls, that’s why I got this so wrong with you.”

“Oh.” Belle said taken aback.

“See, you share in the awkwardness of how dumb that sounded too.”

“It wasn’t dumb. I’m just not looking for a relationship right now, and least of all I expected was you to like me this much.”

“So why did you kiss him?”

Belle bit her lip. “I don’t know, I honestly don’t.

 Belle didn’t hesitate to brush it away. “Hate when that happens, so embarrassing.”

“Only if you’re trying to impress someone.”

Belle shook her head. “Not me. I’m happy being single.

 That ENTIRE final sequence, in particular the opening line …….“Ok so I’m practically the Prince of the Kingdom of Awkward, and if I wasn’t poor old me I’d make a joke about it.” Dexter said as he followed Heath along the beach. “But I seriously need to borrow your surf board as of right now.”

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This is SOOOOOOOO GREAT, especially ……

 Belle had no idea in which direction to head in, and Aden had been no help either, since all he wanted to do was take a break. She found this quite ironic, the school jock tired of walking and wanting to laze on the sand.

 Belle glanced at him out of the corner of her eye to see that he had moved close, his arms wrapped around her shoulder. “Do you expect me to be like Nicole or something?” She remarked as she pushed his arm away.

Aden knew what she was hinting at. “No I don’t expect you to but if you want to...”

“I don’t know if you’re like this with other girls, but that’s not me.”

“I kinda thought you were giving me the green light, my bad.” He lay back on the sand looking up at the glorious blue sky. “So what do you want to do instead?”

Belle frowned. “What? Did you think I was easy or something like that?”

Aden sat up. “I guess not, but you weren’t exactly pushing me away earlier. So I thought I’d see if you wanted something more of a level up.”

Belle crossed her arms over her chest, as if daring him to lie. “Was I some sort of bet or charity case? Try to seduce the new girl?” She realized her tone was rising in anger.

 It was an almost tranquil atmosphere, except for the very jaw dropping fact that there was a shark circling.

 “Seeing as I’m still aware of my senses, I vote for no mouth to mouth. Ugh, I’m never going swimming again.”

Heath, bombarded by the people yelling and pointing, returned his attention to the water where he saw his board floating, a huge chunk bitten out of the side. “You’re really lucky mate.”

“I’m really sorry about your board.” Dexter replied.

“No worries, I’ll just beat you up later.”

 Belle frowned at him. “Why are you doing this?”


“Because what?”

“I really thought I had a chance that’s why I told you I liked you, but now it’s just making me feel bad. So that makes you.” Dexter pointed a finger at her. “Dangerous.”

“How does that make me dangerous?”

“Because I got so worked up over it that my judgement was skewed, and managed to almost get killed by a shark.”

 Suddenly Dexter clasped his hands over his throat. There was no air in his lungs. He tried to inhale but nothing happened.

“He can’t breathe!” Belle cried. “Somebody do something. He can’t breathe!”

Before Dexter passed out from the lack of air, someone pressed down in the space just beneath his ribcage. All at once, everything that was in his lungs was forced upwards, and he began to cough up water like a fountain.  

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Love that it was Heath that saved Dexter, again, I was thinking it would be Aden.Have to admit to being slightly disappointed that you seemed to pull back a bit from the alternate take on Summer Bay and have everyone end up with their usual partners from the show(or probably anyway).But there was some good moments in there, loved Dexter taking the mick out of Nicole's cousin without him even noticing.

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REALLY LOOOOVED that !!!!! ……and this WHOLE fic !!!!

I guess I maybe would have preferred Belle/Dex to get together, buy I’m not the author of this fic so it’s sooooo not my choice!!!

MUCHLY enjoyed that last chapter, especially ……

 “How can I repay you? You’ve saved my life twice, and as yet I’ve done nothing but trash your board.” Dexter spoke from his hospital bed.

“You can buy me a new one.” Heath replied.

 Dexter collected his thoughts for a moment. He figured he could use some advice on girls, and decided to ask Heath. “What’s your philosophy on women?”

Heath remained motionless. He looked like a statue, with his tanned muscular body, and a black sleeveless top clinging tightly to his torso. “Treat them mean, keep them keen.”

 “I guess you had to, survival of the species and all. I never want us to argue again.”

Dexter hadn’t considered getting out of his bed, but with Belle there he wanted to begin putting the foundations of their friendship back together. In oversized shorts borrowed from Heath, and the t-shirt he had worn the day before he threw the covers off him and leapt out of bed. He enveloped her in a bear hug and whispered. “I never want us to argue again either.”

 “I forgive you, but are you sure it won’t hurt your reputation to be seen with me. I mean Nicole thinks I’m low class and all that.

“Of course I want to be seen with you. Right now I don’t care about anything else.” He said as he gazed into her eyes. “You’re an elite, there’s nothing low class about you.”

Belle looked up into his face, touched by his words. No one had spoken that highly of her, or at least not to the point that she believed. “Thanks Aden, that means a lot.”

 April’s eyes grew wide as if an idea had popped into her head. “Oh, life, the universe and everything?”

“Yeah, but the universe doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

“I don’t believe that. I think you’re very likeable.”

Dexter gave a slight smile. “Thanks. At least one person does.”

 “I suddenly feel inspired to dance. You’ll have to help me with the steps. I suffer from the two left feet syndrome.”

April laughed. “Let’s get our groove on then.”

Dexter reached for April’s hand and headed for the dance floor. He had never really touched a girl before, let alone one touching him. It felt awkward, but this was the happiest he’d been in quite a while.

The DJ hosting spoke to the crowd. “Now let’s slow it down for a little something, for the lovers.”

As April moved closer, Dexter could smell a scent of strawberry and gingerbread in her hair. They stared at each other for several seconds, until April shivered and looked away.

 “No!” She snapped, finally letting her anger speak. “You know you’re such a douchebag.”

“And you’re a whore. So what’s new?”

 “Isn’t there a footy game you’ve got to train for?” She asked remembering his schedule all of a sudden.

Aden nodded and smiled again. “I should, but I’d rather be with you.”

Belle giggled. “So cheesy but so sweet.”

 By the way.” Belle called. “He likes you too.”

“What?” April asked, not catching what she had said.

Belle rolled her eyes. “Dex, he likes you too.” She leaned back into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the curb.

April watched as the car disappeared down the street and turned to enter the house. As much as she wanted to write off what Belle had said she couldn’t ignore the glint of hope that bubbled up inside her, the possible start of something special and new.

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