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Need you Now

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Story Title: Need You Now

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Irene, Roman, Nicole, Aj (Aden Junior) and Hannah (Belle and Aden's children)

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Aden and Belle are happily Married, Aj and Hannah go to the city to spend the weekend with Aunty Nicole and Grandad Roman but when they get back something has changed, what's gotten into Hannah with not eating, will it become serious and how can Belle and Aden help her?

Just something small to get the ball rolling, sorry if its not very long, Will try and get it updated as much as I can, will also be finishing off Sexual Seductions in the next couple of weeks also :)

Chapter 1

She rolled over and wrapped her arm around her husband, snuggling closer into him as the sunrise began to shine through the crack in the dark curtains of the bedroom. She heard Aden’s emitted ‘Love you’ as he snuggled back into her and taking her hand in his.

She smiled, looking up over her husbands sleeping body to check the time on the alarm clock. 6:30 am, resting her head back on her pillow happy that they had another half an hour to sleep. She yawned, closing her eyes once again as she felt her husband move slightly against her. That extra sleep in was cut short as a baby’s voice yelled out ‘mumma’ throughout the house.

‘The baby’s awake,’ Aden murmured, not intending to move a muscle. ‘You turn.’

Belle yawned before climbing out of bed, grabbing her dressing gown and heading out of the bedroom as she wrapped it around her, walking down the hall and into a room, blue painted walls and wiggles pictures around the walls she looked over at the cot where a 14 month old baby boy was standing holding onto the side of the cot.

‘Hello baby!’ she grinned at the little boy as he grinned back and held up his arms, waiting for Belle to pick him up. “Did you not want to sleep in this morning hey.’ She said as she picked up her son and walked straight over to the baby change table to give Aj a fresh nappy.

Once she had changed Aj she took him downstairs and began making breakfast for the rest of her family who would soon be up. Aden had work this morning and her 15 year old daughter had her last day before holidays and would be going to the city with Aj to see Aunty Nicole and grandad Roman for the weekend.

Within half an hour it was like a mad house with a 15 year old teenager having lost things and trying to find them, a 14 month old starting to walk and laughing his head off every time he fell on his bum and Aden on the phone to Nicole sorting out details for the weekend.

Belle was in the kitchen making lunches and such for the day as well as preparing a list of groceries that she would need to get after dropping Hannah off at school and Aj off at daycare and of course Irene off at work as her car was in for servicing and Aden off at work also as his ute needed a new radiator.

‘C’mon guys we need to go like now I’ve got to pick up Irene and drop your dad and you off and Aj at day care, Hannah have you found your sports uniform and your ballet shoes?’

‘Yes mum...’ came Hannah’s reply as she grabbed her school bag and shuffled out the door, grabbing her lunch on the way as Belle picked up her son and his nappy bag with all his essentials as Aden got off the phone and grabbed his bag and lunch before stopping to give his wife a kiss as they all walked out the door, not before making sure everything was locked up first.

A/N sooooooooooooooo that was the first chapter, hope it was ok, its been a while since I've written so I may be a little rusty but please dont hold that againt me lol.

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thanks guys so much for your comments. much appreciated!

Next chapter.... hope you like it

Chapter 2

After dropping Hannah, Aj and Aden off to school, day care and work Belle drove around to Irene’s and waited in the drive way as her foster mother locked up her house and walked down the drive and hopped into the car.

‘Morning darl,’ Irene grinned as Belle leant over and gave her foster mother a hug. “How’s Aden and the kids?’

‘They’re good, just dropped Aj off at day care and Hannah off at school. Aden had to work today so I had to drop him off too, I wish he’d get the bloody car of his fixed,’ she smiled as she put the car in reverse and backed out of the drive and headed toward the Diner.

“Aw love give him time, he’s working to get it fixed so that’s something. More than I can say for Liam, bub is almost due and he still hasn’t got that second hand piece of junk fixed yet...’

“Irene you need to get onto them, they can’t stay there with a newborn, you shouldn’t have to deal with the late nights and early mornings, not with work, tell them to get their own place,’ Belle complained as they slowed down as the traffic going to school was slowing them down.

“No it’s alright love, I don’t mind and with Bianca’s salary and Liam’s job at Angelo’s, they can’t afford to get their own place yet...’

‘It doesn’t matter Irene, if Aden and I can manage on just the one income with two kids then I’m sure a teacher and ex musician can surely afford it, I mean come on,’ Belle shook her head as Irene laughed.

‘Darl I know you don’t like Bianca and with Liam being your ex boyfriend and all..’

‘...No that has nothing to do with it, Irene they’re sponging off you,’ Belle remitted as they finally pulled up outside the Diner, both women getting out of the car and walking the short distance before entering together and seeing Colleen already there serving the very people they were talking about. Bianca’s stomach was well rounded as she stood there waiting for her what Belle assumed would be a decaf latte.

Liam stood beside her, hand resting on her lower back as he looked over at Irene and Belle who had just entered, nodding once at Belle who being polite, did the same back before walking into the kitchen as Irene put her apron on. ‘Love they help me around the house and they pay rent so they are fine love, don’t worry too much I’ll be fine,’

Belle sighed, closing her eyes and rubbed her temples before nodding. ‘Okay, I’ll play nice, for you!’

‘Good, then you, Aden and the kids can come over for tea tonight love,’ Irene smiled as Belle laughed.

‘Well Aden and I can come but the kids are going to the city for the weekend to see Roman and Nicole,’ she replied as Irene made on ‘oh’ noise and started chopping some vegetables for when the lunch time rush came in. ‘Ok, we’ll come, see you tonight,’ Belle answered giving Irene a kiss on the cheek and heading off to do some grocery shopping.


She sat in the car park of the school waiting to pick up her daughter. Hearing the bell ring she watched carefully as her daughter exited the school with her blue uniform and knee high socks with 2 inch heels for her school shoes and long brown hair. She smiled, proud of her beautiful daughter but her smile faded when she saw that boy holding her hand. She watched on as he pulled her into him, kissing her daughter, hard as his hands wandered down to her bottom. His baggy jeans that he wore around his bum and a white singlet as his school shirt hung from the back pocket of his jeans.

Belle frowned as she saw her daughter pull away and rest her hands on his chest. She couldn’t tell what Hannah was saying to him but he didn’t like it, he got angry and pushed her before turning and walking away, a few feet before seeing another female and putting his arm around her neck as they walked off, Belle looked back at Hannah who’s smile had faded and she began walking towards the car.

‘Who was that?’ Belle asked as soon as her daughter had got in the car and shut the door.

‘That’s... Damian, my boyfriend,’ Hannah replied slowly as she buckled up her seat belt and looked at her mother.

‘He seems like he has an attitude problem Hannah, I don’t want you mixing with that lot honey....’

‘...Mum, dad was like that if I remember the story correctly, please don’t judge Damian, you haven’t even met him.’ Hannah replied, looking her mother directly in the eye, but Belle could see that Hannah knew exactly what her mother had said was true.

‘He’d better not be pressuring you...’

‘He’s not.’ Hannah replied quickly. A little too quickly for Belle’s liking.

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Irene is such a mother hen to everyone it's sweet. Interested to see how the story progresses between Damian and Hannah, now that Belle's aware of him. Wonder if he's going to cause trouble for them or if he's just misunderstood, but he wasn't too nice with Hannah at the end. Great second chapter, really look forward to more. :)

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