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here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 3

‘Now you know not to talk to anyone, and keep an eye on your brother, and please call me when Aunty Nic picks you up...’

‘Mum you don’t need to worry, I wouldn’t let anything happen to Aj,’ Hannah replied as she held her little brother in her arms, standing in front of her parents as her dad had one hand rested on Belle’s lower back.

‘Babe you don’t need to worry, you know Hannah, she’ll take her of her little brother,’ Aden replied as Belle leant closer into her husband.

‘I know, it’s just; this’ll be the first time they’ve gone on the bus to the city by themselves, I’m their mother... I’m aloud to worry,’ Belle retorted as Aden grinned and Hannah laughed, Aj grinning as he held his bottle. ‘Ok you’d better go before the bus driver gets angry, see you Sunday night, be good!’ Belle spoke as she and Aden waved to their two children as they got on the bus which started up, shut the doors and began driving off on its way to the city.

‘Ok, lets go home and get ready, Irene invited us over for dinner tonight,’ Belle replied as Aden moaned as he got dragged back to the car, grabbing her and pulling her into him.

‘I was hoping we could stay home and.... have our own fun,’ Aden seductively spoke to his wife as she giggled and kissed his lips.

She replied. ‘Sooner we get to Irene’s, sooner we can go back home!’

Aden raised his eye brows and grinned. ‘Lets go then!’


She walked back inside and took her seat back at the table next to her husband. ‘That was Nicole, the kids are with them and are safe,’ Belle sighed in relief as Aden grinned, leaning over to her and kissing her cheek.

‘Now you can relax gorgeous!’ he replied as Belle nodded in agreement.

‘You think I’m too much of a worry wart don’t you?’ she questioned her husband as he immediately shook his head.

‘Babe no; Definitely not, you’re a mother and there is nothing wrong with that at all, it actually makes everyone see what a great mother you are,’

‘Aden’s right love,’ Irene chimed in as Bianca and Liam nodded in sole agreement. ‘You are such a warm, caring, loving mother any child could have, but you also have boundaries and Hannah and Aj can see that,’

‘If I can end up being half the mother you are, I’ll be a very happy woman.’ Bianca replied as Belle looked over at her and nodded, before smiling.

‘Thank you,’ she replied. ‘It means a lot knowing that.’


‘Thank you so much for tea tonight Irene, it was amazing and.... the company wasn’t too bad either,’ Belle hugging her foster mother as Aden stood behind his wife.

“Aww love your more than welcome. Now don’t you leave it so long to come around for tea next time darl ok!’

‘Promise, see you soon,’ Belle grinned and stepped back as Aden gave Irene a quick hug before walking his wife down the drive way to the car, holding her door open as she got in and shut her door before rounding the car and jumping in the driver’s side and starting the engine.

Belle could see Aden grinning from ear to ear, with that annoying yet totally cute ‘what did I tell you’ smile. ‘Ok,’ Belle said as she smacked Aden on the arm. ‘You can say it! Go on I know you want to,’

‘Say what babe, promise not thinking a thing!’

Belle laughed and shook her head gently as they took the short drive home. ‘No I bet your not!’

Aden chuckled as they pulled into their drive way, pulling the car to a stop and turning off the engine. Once out of the car and inside, Aden pulled Belle into him and started kissing her passionately, first kissing her lips, then her neck as she tilted her head slightly, grinning as Aden’s hands manoeuvred over her slight curves.

‘Ok bad boy, lets take this upstairs!’ Belle spoke through a moan as Aden lifted her up, wrapping her legs around him.

‘My pleasure,’ he replied with a grin.


She rolled over and grabbed her phone as she heard the loud ringing, opening one eye as she looked at the screen which said ‘Nicole Franklin’

She sat up quickly; panic and bile rising in her throat as she quickly answered the phone. ‘Nic whats wrong, are the kids ok wha-‘

‘It’s ok Belle calm down, Aj just wanted to talk to mummy and daddy before we go to the zoo,’

Immediately lifting her free hand she ran her fingers through her hair as she tried to calm herself down before looking down at the sleeping form next to her in the shape of her husband. ‘Oh thank god I thought something was wrong when I saw your caller ID came up; ok... put him on,’

‘Hi mummy. We going to the zooooooooooooooooooooooo,’

Belle giggled. ‘Really, wow you make sure you have fun and get aunty Nicole to take lots and lots of photo’s for your sister to bring back for mummy ok!’

‘Oh tay mummy, me love you where’s daddy?’

‘He’s right here baby,’ Belle replied shaking Aden’s side as he woke up, rolled over yawned before taking the phone. Belle got out of bed as Aden began speaking to his son as Belle walked into the unsuit bathroom and turned on the shower.

For Belle had to do a shift for Irene at the Diner in an hour, and she didn’t want to be late.

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