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So sorry it has taken me so long to update.... but finally something short.... hope its ok :)

Chapter 4

She walked along the beach on her way to work, having at least a spare 15 minutes before having to start her shift she took her time walking and taking in the scenery. Belle couldn’t remember the last time she walked along the beach on her own, usually she’d have either Hannah, Aj or sometimes both of her beautiful children with her, and on the odd occasion Aden didn’t work him as well. She smiled as she saw Ruby and Casey taking a swim together. Casey Braxton had moved to the Bay 5 years ago with his brothers Heath and Darryl or ‘Brax’ as he was now know to everyone in the Bay.

Brax had fallen for Ruby’s mother Charlie, who tragically had been killed by a known associate wanting revenge on the Braxtons. Ruby moved to the city to get away from them, but soon moved back, and after a short break with Casey had gotten back together with him, now they seemed even happier then they were before. Then there was Romeo and Indi who had funnily enough gotten married and had taken over the farm two years ago with Sid moved back to the city and Dex ended up moving to the united states to become some famous scientist or something; Belle couldn’t exactly remember.

Belle and Indigo Didn’t exactly see eye to eye. Three years ago when Hannah was 12, Indi and Romeo decided to take a break in their marriage, during that time Indi had decided she would go after Aden which ended with Aden having to take out a restraining order on Indi and almost the break up of Belle’s own marriage.

Reaching the Diner Belle headed straight into the kitchen, running into the very person who had seconds ago occupied her very mind.


‘Belle, Hi I was... just finishing my shift,’ Indi stuttered as she removed her apron and grabbed her bag as Belle just looked at her. ‘I’d better get going, I’ve got to meet Romeo at the hospital for a chemo session...’

Belle nodded, quickly feeling sorry for the other woman. ‘How’s that going?’

‘It’s tough, some days are better then others, some worse. I wouldn’t be here today if I couldn’t do the shift and we need the money anyway... I’d... better go,’ Indi replied as Belle nodded, watching Indigo quickly leave, heeding a quick goodbye to a dark haired girl who Belle remembered to be Sasha Bezmel (Sid’s other daughter).


A couple of hours later Aden walked into the Diner to greet Belle.

‘Hey babe I don’t finish for another few hours yet, don’t tell me you’ve finished your shift on the trawler already?’ Belle questioned her husband, but not before giving him a kiss.

‘No I got given lunch duty so I thought I’d come in and order them before you got the lunch rush come in,’ Aden replied as Belle grinned, wrapping her arms around her husbands neck.

‘Such the gentle man, ok what do you need and how many are we feeding?’ she questioned her husband, turning back to the meal she was doing before Colleen came in whinging about how long she was taking.

‘Just a mixture of sandwiches for us will do babe, there’s eight of us today and someone will come in at lunch time and pick them up, it’ll probably be me but if it’s not I’ve got the money to pay for it now,’ he spoke as Belle nodded, finishing her meal just as Colleen walked in.

‘All done Colleen ready for you to go and after that you can have your break, you’ve worked so hard today you deserve it,’ Belle grinned as a smile lit up Colleen’s face and she nodded, thanking Belle before taking the plate of food and leaving the kitchen.

‘No problem honey!’ Belle then replied to Aden.


They walked arm in arm on their way home along the beach, enjoying the sunset jetting across the sky. Hannah and Aj would be home tomorrow night so they wanted to make the most of their time together. Belle was just about to speak when she noticed two figures just further up the beach, halting as Aden jolted beside her she watched them.

‘Babe what’s wrong?” Aden asked as Belle’s jaw dropped open. “Honey?’

‘That... that’s Hannah’s boyfriend... Damian.... and correct me if I’m wrong Aden but Hannah is in the city with her brother, your sister well Nicole.... and that young girl he’s fondling.... is not our daughter!’

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