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Chapter 5

“W-what do you mean Hannah’s boyfriend. I didn’t even know Hannah was seeing anyone. Belle Hannah is too young to be in a relationship...’ Aden stumbled as he looked at Belle and then back over at the boy Belle had called Damian. Anger and bile rose in his throat as he began making his way toward them, pulling out of Belle’s grasp as she yelled out after him, but he had zoned out, the only thing Aden was worrying about was his daughter, and this boy was obviously a player, something Aden remembered all too well, hurting Belle more times than he could remember; still today wondering how she had managed to forgive him. But Aden was not about to let his daughter get hurt, and not by this boy!

‘Hey!’ He bellowed as the boy called Damian and the blonde haired girl turned to look at him. “I believe your dating my daughter... and that!’ he pointed at the blonde who quickly took a step back and put her head down. ‘...Is not my daughter!’

“Dude... who are you?’ Damian asked as Belle caught up to her husband, taking his hand.

“Who... who am I... I’m Hannah Jefferies father you piece of scum don’t you.... ever go near my daughter again...’ Aden was screaming as Belle dragged him back down the beach, finally getting her angry husband away from Hannah’s clearly cheating boyfriend.

“Do you really think that helped the situation?’ Belle questioned her husband as Aden could still feel the rage inside him.

‘No; but it sure as hell made me feel better!’ was Aden’s reply.


Sunday Night

Belle and Aden waited at the bus stop for Hannah and Aj to arrive back in the Bay. As much as Aden and Belle enjoyed the peace and quiet, they were dying to see their two beautiful children. Aden especially with Hannah, not liking the fact that he would have to tell his daughter her boyfriend is cheating on her with other girls.

Seeing the headlights of the bus coming towards them, Belle leant into Aden and smiled up at her husband. Waiting as the bus pulled up in front of them, hearing the hiss as the doors opened and a minute later Hannah exited the bus holding her little brother in her arms, followed by the bus driver who got their bags out from under the bus, bidding them goodnight before getting back on the bus and reversing out.

‘Hey baby,’ Belle sighed breaking free from her husband’s grip, hugging Hannah tightly before taking her son from her daughter. “How was Aunty Nic?’

‘Great, she said to say ‘hi’ and that she misses you, and Poppy Roman said dad needs to pick up the phone more often and call!’ Hannah smiled at her dad who laughed and nodded, knowingly agreeing with that statement for he did need to ring Roman more than he had over the last 12 months.

‘Ok let’s get you kids home, it’s not overly warm and Hannah, I need to talk to you honey,’ Aden replied as Belle rested Aj into the crook of her neck as he was already starting to go to sleep in her arms.


Aden sat his daughter down on the couch while Belle had taken Aj up to get him ready for bed, at 15 months old he’d had a very big trip and his first trip without Belle and Aden by his side.

‘Honey listen I... this isn’t easy to tell you and... I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend but...’

“...Dad just say it,’ Hannah replied, worry beginning etch her beautiful features. “What’s going on?’

Aden sighed, he’d never had to do this before. “Your boyfriend; Damian, honey your mother and I saw him last night on the beach... with another girl,’

Instant tears welled up in Hannah’s eyes and she sniffled, putting her head down for a moment as she wiped her eyes. When she finally looked back up at her dad she nodded and looked at him with her gorgeous big brown eyes. ‘Thanks dad, I’ll handle it... I’m going to bed.’ She finished getting up from the sofa, leaning down and giving her father a kiss before heading up the stairs.

Aden sighed, running his fingers through his hair before he got up off the sofa and headed upstairs to go and help his wife put their son to bed.


She stood at her locker, getting her school books for her first class that morning as her phone sat on the lower shelf of the locker. Putting the last of her books in her bag she slumped her bag over her shoulders as her phone vibrated showing up a message. Looking down at her phone she let her long brown hair fall down over her face. She was about to pick up her phone when a pair of hands covered her eyes making her jump before turning around.

‘Sorry babe,’ Damian smiled pushing Hannah and her bag up against the locker, leaning into her before kissing her, instantly slipping his tongue into her mouth. Hannah struggled for a second before pushing Damian off her and staring at him as he looked confused.

“What?’ he asked.

“Who was it this time huh?’ Hannah yelled, bile rising instantly in her throat. “Madeline, Emily, Therese, Abigail...?’

‘Babe it was no one ok... your my girl, maybe if you lost a little weight I wouldn’t be checking out other chicks,’ he replied before walking off to greet his mates who had walked through the doors down the corridor.

Hannah watched Damian leave before turning and slamming her locker door shut and walking off in the opposite direction; toward the girl’s bathroom.

Entering the bathroom she saw a few girls in there doing their make-up. They were the types of girls who’s parents wouldn’t let them leave the house wearing any sort of make-up ‘Get out!’ Hannah yelled at the girls who turned and looked at her. “I said get out!’ NOW!’ she screamed at the girls who quickly gathered their things together and piled out of the girl’s bathroom rather quickly, leaving Hannah alone with her own thoughts.

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Huge thanks to RR1, Sarah, ScreamingQueen2006, pembie and Kristen for all your amazing comments.

Huge turn.... hope its ok :unsure:

Chapter 6

She heard the bell ring and looked at her watch to see how long she had been alone in the girls bathroom for. Fifteen minutes had passed since Hannah entered the bathroom, grabbing her school bag she took one final look in the mirror before exiting the bathroom, running straight into another year eight student, who just happened to be in Hannah’s first class for that morning.

‘Sorry... so sorry,’ the girl stumbled, quickly gathering herself and moving out of Hannah’s way, taking off toward their designated classroom. Ever since Hannah had started high school at Summer Bay high, her parents reputations were still flying high around the school and the minute the students found out Hannah was the daughter of former rebel bad boy Aden Jefferies and then cheater and former drug addict Belle Taylor, Hannah was automatically put into the ‘cool kids’ group and no one messed with her.

She had never been picked on, and she never bullied anyone even if she was a ‘cool kid’ but she was quite different to her parents, she had her father’s quick temper but her mother’s brains and beauty and always stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. When she first heard the whispers about her parents she quickly decided she hated them, until a girl came up to her one day and told her a story her mother had told her about Belle helping her mother when they went to high school together. Hannah ended up going home and asking her parents about their days at high school.

From then on, she was proud to be a Jefferies child.

But today, today she wanted nothing more than to be someone who could slip through the corridors without being noticed, someone who could walk into the diner and not hear the chit chat about her parents days being teenagers, someone that could easily disappear and no one would notice.

By the time she entered the classroom, tears had brimmed her eyes and when she looked up; everyone was looking at her.

Hannah Jefferies was at school, crying!


Finally finishing all the housework Belle had made herself a cup of tea and was just about to sit on the couch when there was a knock at the door. Sighing, she sat her cup down and walked over to the back door, a happy shock at who was on the other side of the door.

‘Nicole!’ Belle grinned, closing the gap between them and hugging her sister-in-law. “What are you doing up here?’

‘Didn’t Hannah tell you I was coming?’ Nicole asked as Belle shook her head, letting the blonde into the house and closing the door behind her.

‘No she didn’t, she’s had problems with her boyfriend that we had to try and deal with,’ Belle replied as Nicole made an ‘ah’ noise. “What’s going on Nic?’

“I think you’d better sit down,’ Nicole replied making Belle begin to panic.


She sat in the diner, Damian beside her and two of her other closest friends on the opposite side. Everyone had ordered lunch, everyone had ordered except for Hannah.

‘You sure you’re not hungry babe?’ Damian asked, placing his hand on her upper leg and up under her school dress. Hannah shook her head in reply and simply answered with a ‘no’

Hannah bit her bottom lip as she could feel Damian’s fingers fondling with her undergarments around her private parts, trying to close her legs so he would stop she was met with force as he grabbed her leg right near her groin and squeezed hard, Hannah flinched and had no choice but to let her legs relax as she felt Damian’s hand slip down her pants.


She rounded the corner, her pace fastening as she headed towards home with her heavy school bag heaved over her shoulder. She had just rounded the corner of the Surf Club when she was shoved, her school bag falling as she was pushed against the wall so hard she was winded.

“Don’t you ever do that again,’ Damian was inches from her face as tears ran down her cheeks and she sniffled. “When I want something I get it baby!’ he grinned as she looked down and saw him beginning to undo his zipper.

“No... Damian please no... no, not again,’ was all she could whimper.


Belle sat on the couch, she couldn’t believe what Nicole had told her, she couldn’t believe what Nicole had heard come out of Hannah’s mouth; why wouldn’t Hannah confide in Belle, why would she hide something like this.

“Belle I don’t know how long this has been going on but... it’s affecting Hannah to the point where she refused to eat all weekend and I haven’t met this boy but...’

‘We have,’ Belle sighed dropping her hands as she felt Nicole’s hand rubbing circles on her back. ‘Not officially but I saw him and Hannah Friday at school and him cheating on her Saturday night. Aden told her last night when she got back but he told me it was as if she already knew...’

“Belle... what are we going to do? What if he’s...’

‘Don’t... say it?’ Belle whirred. ‘If that son of a.... if he’s hurt my baby; Summer Bay won’t be big enough for him to hide in!’

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I did think Hannah would stop eating after what Damian said to her about her weight.

I feel sorry for Damian because he might be acting the hard man with Hannah now,but with Aden and Belle already on to him the control he has on Hannah won't last long. I think he has picked the wrong family to mess with somehow :D

Good chapter.

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