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Andrew's Mock Credits

Guest -Andrew-

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Wow they're great! Love love love the colouing.

Great job with the blending, it looks really natural and smooth.

Also liked the choice of music. That's my favourite version :)

The text was a little hard to read and I didn't like how some of it was angled. But overall, I loved it.

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Andrew I absolutely LOVE your original credits and its definitely better then any of the Channel 7 ones (in the last 10 years at least) and this is my favourite out of all of them. I have to say it and I'm very sorry to say but I don't really like your use of over shoulder shots that u use occasionally not in this video but in others like the Romeo Gina one for example, it just doesn't look natural. I also don't like Martha's shot. I also don't like seeing the back of Romeo when he is credited in the other video I think if it was a real credit it would be disrespectful for Luke (as apposed to the credit they actually recieve :P) Also I think with this style the credits would have suited having the recap first. I'm sorry, I'm only criticizing because they are in fact very good and also because I'm a huge fan. :P If you ever decide to do another one and I so hope you do because I always look forward to your videos I would like to say that it is absolutely okay to recycle shots that were in previous videos if u like to just update it with any new cast members. Home and Away don't have credits anymore so I only have yours to look forward to. Plus the show is actually good at the moment- no it really is... No really. Keep up the good work, if not with home and away with something else you enjoy.

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Thanks everyone, hadn't noticed there had been comments!! :D Perry, I am kinda working on a new one, but I haven't watched the show for almost a year now so I don't have much inspiration in doing it. I'm sure I'll get there, sometime in 2013. I would stick a tongue emoticon there, but I speak with all seriousness :P Glad you like them anyway and I agree re: over the shoulder shots. No more of those.

Carina, lol, you're so sweet.

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