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Rabbit - Mitzi Ruhlmann

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Rabbit has only just arrived on UK screens & was wondering if anyone knows if she's real or a figment of Miles' imagination? I might be reading too much in to it

but just seems that she only ever turns up when Miles is alone & i just find it all a bit strange, with Miles not being in a very good state of mind lately i thought it might make sense for her not to be real?

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Can I join the crowd saying how great she is and how much I hope she's real and sticks around?In fact, even if she's not real she should stick around.Nothing wrong with Miles seeing a cute and sassy girl pop up out of nowhere every time he needs someone to chat to.Everyone should have one.

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No he had one daughter.... and the other day when

She was talking to Alf when he was sitting on the couch moping and just watching tv, she turned to Miles and said something like 'I give up

and the Miles said something and Alf turns and asks him what he said... :lol:

So it's looking

like she isn't real

but I'm really hoping she is because I also like her :D

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