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2009 Season Finale

Guest -Kevin-

What did you think about the 2009 finale ?  

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I voted "good" .

I thought it was an alright finale but not as good as most of the rest. It ended with Charlie being attacked and left for dead but in fairness that hasn't got a patch on Sally being brutally stabbed now does it ?

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It was rubbish. There was no real way to live up to the mystery hype. I just don't get why I'm supposed to care about H&A's rubbish attempt to imitate The Wire. Hugo has served no purpose all year other than to act "mysterious" and be a temp hookup for Martha, Angelo hasn't done anything other than hassle Hugo and why am I supposed to care about all these random guests (Hugo's wife, that island psycho, a couple of random Indonesians)? I just can't wait until this mess is over and the show can get back to basics (hopefully).

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