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Boat People!

Guest JusticeMoragBellingham

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Who agrees the boat people on board the border security ship australia should be sent back to their own country?

These pricks on the boat want Australia to bow down to them and grant them every wish. The ungreatful pieces of ..... If we pander to them now, how much trouble do you think they'll be once they reach normal society? Shove them off back to where they came from. We've got enough drama's in this country as it is.

Im sorry if I offend many but I am just pee'd off with the way these boat people are demanding to get there own way while

it will take another week and probably another week after that before any thing gets resolved in the mean time we the

tax payers pay for those bastards to stay aboard the ship.

What do other members think?

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From my memory, may be out dated....

Ahh yes we may have certain issues in Australia that are piling and yes I guess we don't want to add any more issues to the country. But these people leave (or should I say flee?) their country for a reason, war? poverty? whatever the reason, they seek a new better life, one they are promised by others but then they arrive in Australia and it's not what they are expected people they aren't allowed to enter the country illgeally? I even think some children come on boats fleeing their country.

So I say yes and no to the question whether they should be allowed to enter the country.

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I don't think all of them are here to harm our country. Their countries are in terrible conditions at the moment, and I think it's natural for them to try and find their closest escape, which happens to be here. Although, I do think they're going about it the wrong way. Paying people to illegally get them over the water's edges is wrong, and a waste of their money because the attempts often fail. They either get shipped back to their country or placed in a detention centre.

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I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing.The main issue i have is that i find a lot of them don't speak english.If you want to come here and take what we have to offer at least have some respect and learn our language.They choose to come here so should make an effort to fit in if they expect any sort of help.

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They've been on board for a fortnight now.

If the government gives in and brings them to Australia what message is it going to send out to other boat people?

That they can do the same thing. I'm sick to death of asylum seekers sneaking into our country and illegally enjoying the sweet sweet smell of freedom. These are not genuine refugees they paid 10 grand to get here illegally (I dont have 10 grand) and are coming to bludge on welfare.


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They not only get welfare, they are also given housing commission houses, brand new furniture, clothes, toys for the kids and they don't even have to speak our language.

Last year at my daughters primary school, there was 15 Africian kids from Sudan. None of them could speak English so the school employed a Sudanese speaking teacher.

These so called boat people come into our country take our houses, our jobs and we have to change our way of liufe to accommodate them.

I have a friend who has three small children. She is on the waiting list for a housing commission house. In the mean time, she has been forced into a small two bedroom unit while she waits for a housing commission house. She recently went into to find out how much longer she would have to wait. They told her it could be years as the refugees get first priority for houses and if she complains her name will be removed of the waiting list.

My daughter is even been taught at school that Australia is no longer called Australia, but now called Multi-Cultural Australia.

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These people aboard the Australian boarder security ship are now threatening to commit suicide if the Australian

government doesnt take them. Talk about blackmail. Their hunger strike didnt work so now its suicide.

They are not genuine refugees.

They paid a people smuggler more than $US5,000 to make the journey but are now onboard the Customs ship with no sign Australia is willing to take them.

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My parents came as refugees in the 1970s. They lived in housing commissions and didn't know much English. They worked at least two jobs on the go, and without knowing much English you could expect the jobs they did weren't the easiest. My dad has worked in several factories since he has been in Australia and still does today. My mum worked as a cleaner in a hospital while sewing patches for clothing at night, and has worked in meat and fish markets since then. They met and got married in Australia and I was born here. I'm educated, I work and I think I make a pretty valid contribution to society. I am forever grateful that the Australian Government back then was more compassionate than the Government are today because I wouldn't be alive otherwise.

I'm not saying we should open up the borders because yes, there are security risks. Yes, we do have trouble with over-population. But maybe instead of viewing these people as selfish people who only want to get their own way, maybe think about the fact that they've been through war and are living in constant fear - to the point they would sell everything they have and travel on an unsafe boat for a better life.

I don't agree with the emotional blackmail techniques they are using but as someone who has grown up in a country without much fear for my own safety and having a comfortable bed to sleep in every night, I'm not sure how I would react if I were in their shoes so I feel I can't judge them on that. I know there needs to be compromise and I know we can't welcome everyone who wants to come in. But a little more understanding and a little less judgment won't go astray.

Australia is built on concept of immigration and I think many people seem to brush that aside and forget about it whenever the new wave of people arrive, threatening our lifestyle. Everyone who arrived in Australia was a new Australian at one stage, subjected to racism and judgment. Italians, Greeks, Vietnamese, Chinese, Timorese, Iraqis, Indians, you name it. It's a shame that hasn't changed and maybe it's why Indians are getting bashed, why there'll be race riots in places like Cronulla, and why people internationally continue to view Australia as a backward, ignorant and racist country.

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