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One for the Future (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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That was so good! :D

I'm not too sure about an Aden/Nicole pairing but that kinda made me change my mind, the way Belle was brought into it and what Nicole said at the end was really good, i could almost imagining that whole scene happening on the show.

Loved it.

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Wonderfully written, you made me feel for both Aden and Nicole.

He realised he was about to say it just before the words came out, too late to stop them. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

Accidentally admittance of feelings is the best, and you captured the mood perfectly.

I want someone to ask me out because they actually like me, not because they think I’ll say yes to anyone. I want to be the person that someone wants more than anyone else, not the person they’ve settled for. I want ‘I love you’ to mean more than that you just want someone to keep you warm at night when you’ve run out of options.”

^ Gosh, that bit really got to me. I think they are really true words, and I could totally imagine Nicole saying them.

He still thought about Belle, he always would, but now he thought about Nicole as well. Part of him felt guilty about that. But a bigger part was glad that he wasn’t alone anymore.

And a glimmer of hope. I like how you brought in Belle, but also Aden's feelings of guilt.

I didn't think I'd quote so much of just a one-shot, but it was so great. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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That was really well written RR1.

I don't want a Nicole/Aden pairing ever, but if the show ever decided to do it... they should write it the way you just did.

I loved the way Belle was brought in, and the agonising over feelings.

“I love Belle!”he replied,“I always will!I’m not looking for a replacement because no-one could replace her.But when I’m with you…it’s better.I feel warm inside, even when I don’t want to.I hate that I feel that way about you, I didn’t want to ever feel that way about anyone but her.But I know that if anything happened to you, then another part of me would die with you.”

^ That bit was amazingly well written.

I look forward to more of your one shots in the future.

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If that were to happen on the show, I'd love it. :)

You made me feel for both of them. Aden feels so guilty. :( He will always love Belle and never forget her but she would probably want him to move on at some point and be with someone new. Nicole knows what he's been through and how much he loved Belle. So I think she would be the perfect choice for him.

Very well written one-shot! :D

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I felt this was particularly good because it didn't rush to resolve everything in the plot because it had been labeled a 'one-shot' and the way it was written was brilliant, not a word wasted.

I didn't particularly like the idea of Nicole/Aden but as time goes on I realise that it might be good at some point in the future, just like this fic suggested.. so in a way this fic sums up all my feeling towards this pairing.

Well done.

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