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Sid Walker - Robert Mammone

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What does everyone think of him so far?


My Thoughts- I definitely like him (I'm probably biased because i've always had a soft spot for Robert Mammone :P), he has his flaws but it seems like he trying to make more of an effort to be there for Dexter and Indigo.

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I think Indi is more like her dad while Dex got more away from his mother. I'm most interested in his relationship with his daughter. Maybe SB will make him realise that he's supposed to take responsibility for his kids not chase women all the time. Smart move from his wife to leave the kids with him in SB.

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I dont really have an opinion on him yet, as we havent really seen that much of him. He seems ok i guess, im thinking he's gonna end up as another dull character, like Brad or something. God, i hope not.

But its already SO obvious he's getting together with Leah, i can just tell!

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Ok, so it came to my attentian that there wasn't a "Sid Thread" - Well not to my knowledge so if there is one please point it out.

Anyway, this is kind of like the character discussion but since he hasn't hit the UK yet, well atleast I don't think so :unsure: I thought I'd add it to the spoiler thread.

Firstly I don't get why people think the new Doc is smoking hot :blink:

Secondly, is it me or does he have a habbit of stalking Nicole down and watching her from a distance??? =/ I :blink: I'm sensing that HAA are going to do a storyline on it were Sid gets feelings for Nicole and vise-versa and its a big secret and hooohaaaa.... (like the Rachel/Angus storyline [neighbours]...)

But is that Just mee? :unsure:

And Third, Who names their kid Dexter????

OK so those are my thoughts, anyone else feel like contributing?

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I think you'll find that it's Nicole that develops feelings for Sid after he offers her advice

and does his 'thing' as a Doctor.

I think it would be wrong if he returns the feelings

A) he is in a position of authority, and would essentially be preying on a vunerable teenage girl who doesn't know where she is in her head at the moment

B) he is, as far as we know a guest character

C) [and this one is a bit personal, A Geoff/Nicole reunion would be perfect right now]

with the whole Belle/Aden.. Life's too short thing

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I agree with everything you've said. :rolleyes:

I was thinking that Sid if he did develope feelings for Nicole the storyline would be like a "forbidden" love thing as in we as the veiwers would know it is wrong. A bit similar to the Angus/Rachel storyline in Neighbours.

Yeah, I have read that Nicole gets feelings for him but my guess is, is that now that Roman's gone she kind of looks to him in a fatherly way and shes confused those feelings for something else.

I would love for a Niff reunion, they both care for each other but I don't think that they should get together out of comfort after Belle's death. Give it another month when things have cooled down.

Hmmm, it's obvious that Leah is playing the "I like you but I'll pretend I don't out of my own Pride" act.

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I have a feeling Leah and Sid could end up together. It wouldn't be the first time a character pretends not to like someone from the opposite sex and eventually falls in love. But if Sid is only supposed to be a guest and they do end up together, they won't last for long. I'd like Leah to find a nice guy and their relationship to last much longer than a few weeks. Even her relationship with Roman was pretty short and I have to say I was disappointed when they ended things so quickly. :(

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