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Sid Walker - Robert Mammone

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Firstly I don't get why people think the new Doc is smoking hot :blink:

Because he is.HotDoc :wub: .Personally i think it's the pants,he has a nice bum :blush: .

I agree with those who think his feelings for Nicole are fatherly,not romantic.If he's only a guest i don't see the point of making it obvious that Leah likes him but doesn't want to admit it.

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I was thinking that Sid might stay, but the family move on with a returning Mum..

Although it seems more likely that this experience will bring the family together and he will leave reunited with his wife and all that..

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Brilliant character.

Sid brings many things to the show, and his handling and interaction with Indi and Dex is great. I feel they could really grow on this relationship, and his storyline with Nicole, as long as he keeps the "no way" stance is great, showing a guy with good morals.

The actor is fantastic, and brings real belief to the character, and his introduction along with Indi and Dex has been fantastic. A real boost to a show that had started to stagnate with stale boring repetitive characters.

Lets hope this so called guest family get more time to show what they can do. They are miles more entertaining than most of the regulars.

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He's a great actor... I was so gutted when they killed him off Satisfaction!

I hope he stays, he's got a real edge to him which is intriguing to watch. Although I reallyhope they don't walk down the Nicole road...

When he first came and his wife had said he had cheated on her, I couldn't help but think of CHris Warner... what is it with doctors and cheating in soap operas?

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