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The Journey Back to Life

Guest Niara

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Story Title: The journey Back to Life

Type of story: Medium/Long fiction

Main Characters: Aden and Belle plus some other regulars

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Death, alcohol abuse, sexual content, drug refferences,

Summary: Belle checked herself into a Psychiatric clinic due to the horrible stuff she had done in the past and awful events that had happened in her life. What did she do? What tipped her over the edge?


“This is useless!” she grumbled angrily, as she threw the white, cotton sheets off the bed and attempted to make it for the fifth time. But no matter how many times she tried to make the bed, she couldn’t get it right. It was exactly the same with her life. She had lived in the perfect house, with the perfect family and had the perfect boyfriend but all that had now disappear and she was perfect at stuffing things up.

She stared blankly at the white, sterile wall as she had done for the past six months. Her petite, pale hands clenched her tangled, untidy hair as her thoughts once again wandered to the scene that got her into this situation.

A familiar and energetic voice entered the room and Belle gave the person a small soft smile. That’s all she could manage these days and nothing in her life at present seemed to be worth smiling about. The lady continued to talk to Belle and pulled up the old, brown chair and sat next to Belle’s bed.

The women’s brown, permed hair glistened in the sun light, her red shirt was neatly buttoned up to her neck, her knee length, brown, suede skirt was completely ironed as always, her badge that read “Sue Palmore, Psychologist, was carefully placed on the left hand side hanging slightly above her pass that had photos of her three grandchildren dangling from it. Sue’s warm smile was comforting Belle however as usual Belle did not speak a word to her. She liked Sue, so she decided that it was for the best that Belle didn’t get to close to her so that she couldn’t screw up Sue’s life too.

Sue continued to speak about the people who have recently tried to get in contact with Belle.

“Matilda says to tell you that she has passed her second year of uni, just, and can’t wait to see you in Perth as there’s a great ice cream store she’s dying to take you to”. Belle’s heart leapt out of her chest and a tiny smile appeared on her face. She longed to see the people she loved again but as always she continued to persuade herself that it was for their benefit that she stayed away.

So far the day had been like every other day in the past six months. She had her councillor session, where she sat blankly, listening to Sue, she had the group session in the garden where once again she didn’t contribute anything and now she watched a movie as it was Tuesday afternoon’s comedy movie theme. Even watching the film, no emotion entered her face. She tried so hard not to let anything get too close to her that now she was like a ghost, living but dead. Kelly, one of the receptionists approached Belle, explaining that she had a visitor.

Belle panicked. Thoughts were all of a sudden scrambling through her head. She wanted to run away, to hide in a cupboard. She looked down at her arms, which showed evidence of her trying to eliminate herself from the world. Her thoughts were wondering why someone was stupid enough to come and see her and who that person was. She shuffled along the thing white corridor, her face red as a prickly rose, when she saw the confident, blonde girl standing at the desk.

The good looking blonde smiled at belle and removed the Chanel sunglasses from her face. She was wearing a simple yet fashionable white singlet top, with a thick black waisted belt and contemporary dark skinny leg jeans.

“So aren’t you going to show me to your room so I can sit down? These heels are for looks not comfort”, Nicole winged.

Belle paused, still in shock with having a visitor and finally slowly edged Nicole towards her room.

“The decor needs a bit of worked”, Nicole noted as she thoroughly examined the room “and this is so out of date”, she pointed to the old, brown chair that sat beside every bed in that room.

The room was over 10m long and had 3 beds in it, all occupied and all of the people occupying the room were as anti sociable as each other.

The blonde plonked herself on the ragged, old chair and quickly examined her blistered feet. Belle sat on her bed and continued her routine of gazing blankly into the wall.

After sitting for 5 minutes examining her nails Nicole finally spoke

“I didn’t travel one and a half hours to inspect your eye-catching room”, she said sarcastically, “so either you talk to me or your stuck with me until you do.”

“I didn’t ask you to come”, Belle quietly mumbled into her hands.

“I know and since when have I ever followed the rules?” Nicole quickly replied.

Belle gazed up at her with a slight but noticeable smile on her face.

Having somebody’s company was what Belle had been dreading as she knew she would enjoy it and she thought she didn’t deserve it.

“So how long is this going to take, minutes, hours, days, I’m staying as long as it takes, just don’t expect me to play nice for much longer”, Nicole asked.

“Just go, it’d be better for everyone if I just vanished and no one saw me again”, Belle softly explained, tears slowly rolling down her thing face.

“Obviously it isn’t. Don’t you think I’d be doing more interesting things than travelling one and a half hours on a bus full of whinging babies and senior citizens yelling at each other? Yes you may have done a couple of bad things in the past but out of all your mistakes, running away is your worst”, Nicole alleged, beginning to raise her voice, impatiently.

“I had to leave, it’s best-“

“Yeah we’ve heard it all before it’s best for everyone. Well lets get one thing straight Belle, that’s just a cop out and you know it. Best for who, exactly? Over the last six months all the people who have cared for you have been affected so badly no one even dares to mention your name, as it stings too much. Imagine if Aden had left after he tried to murder his father and lived a life where he virtually didn’t exist. How would you have felt?” Nicole demanded

Belle placed her head in her lap, feeling the intensity of her body with the mention of that one name. It was because she wanted life to be easier for Aden that she had to leave the bay. But for once, Nicole seemed to have a point, if Aden ran away from her it would have made her life ten times harder.

It had killed her every night, trying to sleep, without the tone, warm, muscular figure next to her, providing her a shield, like some type of safety blanket.

“Belle”, Nicole hesitantly continued, Irene never blamed you nor did Aden-“

“Well they should have! I destroyed their lives. I messed up everything for them”, Belle hysterically cried.

“No you didn’t, Belle, you not being around is destroying both of them”, Nicole calmly pointed out.

“Well it’s not like I can just waltz my way out of this place and walk back to summer bay like a ray of sunshine, like everything’s ok”, Belle sarcastically remarked.

“Belle it was your idea to admit yourself in this psychology unit and what’s the point, you don’t even talk to anyone, not even your psychologist!”, Nicole replied with her eye browsed slightly raised.

Belle hated the fact that Nicole was probably right. The best thing for her was to face her troubles, no matter how problematical they were, she couldn’t shelter herself from the rest of the world anymore.

She knew she would need a little more time until she was ready to take on the challenging step but after fifteen cancelling sessions(where the conversations went both ways) and one and half months after Nicole’s memorable visit she was ready to tackle her haunting past and return to her home, Summer Bay.

I hope you enjoy it. It's my first fic so let me know what you think. I hope I've done this right! :wink:

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Aww thanks Sarah and Laura for your lovely comments.

Next chapter you'll find out what Belle did, hopefully :D

So here goes chapter 2

Chapter 2

She slowly walked to the door and nervously and quietly knocked on the door. Her hands slightly shook as she anxiously looked at the ground and jumped back when she heard the door abruptly swing open.

“Belle”! Annie yelled enthusiastically and warmly hugged Belle.

At that instant Irene came wheeling out in her chair, with the widest grin across her face. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy.

Belle gulped at the sight of Irene in a wheel chair and guilt was rushing through her. She slowly walked up with a tear down her face and hesitantly hugged Irene. Irene wrapped her motherly arms around Belle with a hug that instantly informed Belle that Irene had forgiven her. Belle held on to Irene for ages as if to say I’m sorry and never leaving you again.

There was not a dry eye in the beach house. Annie was bouncing away with excitement at the sight of her sister’s return. Irene wheeled into the kitchen to get Belle’s favourite chocolate and make her a coffee.

“I’ll get it for you Irene,” Belle yelled out Irene who was scrambling around the kitchen.

“Don’t be silly girly, I may not be able to walk but I’m not useless,” Irene realistically enlightened to Belle, “Anyway you should check out my moves, I’m a pro”, Irene explained to Belle as she did some sort of ‘wheelie’ around her kitchen.

Belle burst out in laughter at the sight on Irene hooning around in her chair. She had longed for this so much and forgot how much she actually did love her foster family.

“So Belle, how was it in rehab?” Annie asked hesitantly just to start conversation.

“Annie!” Irene exclaimed, giving a look that clearly told Annie to talk about something else.

“Um.... oh guess what Belle, it was my 16th the other day and Jai got me Scruffy, my old dog for my present. Though it’s not aloud to stay over here but he lives in the caravan park, Annie excitedly informed Belle.

“Aww, that’s soo sweet”, Belle affectionally said. Belle began scrambling in her large black bag and after a while pulled out a neatly raped present with a dark pink bow wrapped around it. “Happy birthday,” she said in excitement as she handed it to Annie.

Annie accepted the present in shock and unwrapped it to find a large silver photo frame, with the words ‘my family’ on the top and then in the frame was a photo of Irene, Belle, Geoff and Annie all smiling and engaged by each others presence.

A tear began to trickle down Annie’s face as she leaned forward to hug Belle, “This is the best present, Belle, I love it so much, thankyou”, she said sincerely

“I just wanted to show you guys how much you mean to me and that I am sorry for the things I have done in the past and also sorry for not letting any of you visit me”, Belle described, looking around at Irene.

“Forgiven?” Belle asked

“Of course”, Irene said as she wheeled up to Belle and tapped her on the back and handed a row of Cadbury marble chocolate to Belle.

“You know me to well”, Belle mumbled with the row of chocolate stuffed in her mouth.

“Yum, I’ve missed this, can I have another row?” Belle cheekily asked

“No way”, Irene scoffed slapping Belle on the hand. “You may have returned, protocol son, but your not eating me out of my house!”

“Irene”? yelled a males voice outside the back of the beach house.

Belle immediately froze. Her heart began to beat intensely. She began to panic. She had missed the sound of that voice but knew that if he saw her, her presence wouldn’t be too welcoming.

He came into her sight and caught a glimpse of her. He stood in the doorway, just staring at her fragile state. Her brown eyes stared back at him and she finally built up the courage to talk to him, “Hi... Aden”, she squeaked, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Maybe I’ll come back and give you a hand during a better time”, Aden suggested to Irene as he began to walk out the door.

“Oh no you don’t”, Irene sternly said, “the grass isn’t going to cut itself you know. It’s not like Geoff can cut it from Queensland, Irene intelligently and humorously pointed out.

“Queensland?” Belle questioned.

“Yeah, Annie proudly explained, he won a rugby scholarship to play for Brisbane Broncos. He even scored two tries last week”, Annie smugly noted.

“Wow, I’m related to a celebrity”! Belle exclaimed, disappointed with herself that she didn’t know.

“Yeah and now I’ve become the household slave”, Aden sarcastically joked, smirking

“And you better get your backside out there before I get you to do Colleen’s washing, as well”, Irene threatened Aden and with that he hurriedly rushed out side with a mock look of horror at the thought of hanging Colleen’s undies on the line.

After a while of catching up with Irene and Annie, on Geoff’s achievements and the latest Summer Bay gossip, Belle headed outside to see a buff shirtless Aden mowing the lawns. His chest and abs glistened in the sun and spots of sweet were burning on his muscular body. Belle tentatively walked up to Aden, who was trying to pretend she wasn’t there.

“So how are you”, Belle politely asked.

“Fine”, he lied. The truth was ever since she left he had been a mess. He had tried to hide it by helping Irene out as much as possible. By helping Irene, it gave him an excuse to go around to Belle’s house, even though she wasn’t there, it made the pain of her leaving, less. He tried to mask his feelings around people, however little did he realise that everyone knew how much he missed the feisty brunette. No matter how much he tried to stop loving her, the fact was that Aden Jefferies could never stop loving Belle Taylor but he was stubborn and wasn’t going to let her mingle her way back into his life again.

“Do you need any help?” Belle graciously asked.

“Do I look like I need any help”, Aden harshly stated.

“Well yeah it does,” Belle quickly and sarcastically remarked.

A small smile appeared on Aden’s face and he desperately tried to hide it from her. She was getting under his skin, like she always does but Aden continued to remind himself that he had closed the chapter on Belle Taylor 8 months ago, when their little boy died.

Next chapter Aden's girlfriend makes an entrance. She's not a made up character so its someone you all know :wink:

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oooo this is a really intriguing fic!!!

so many questions already!

update soon


ETA: i posted this as you posted the 2nd chapter :lol:

Yay Belle went home!!!

Why is Irene in a wheel chair? :unsure:

:o Aden and Belle had a son?! thats so sad :(

and on a shallow note....Aden mowing the grass shirtless..*fans self*

Update soon


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I just read the first two chapters and they're just fantastic. Are you sure this is your first fic? Cos the writing, style, description - everything - is so brilliant!

Poor Aden and Belle. I can't believe they lost their baby boy :( I wonder what happened to him, and to Irene. I'm assuming that it's related? Though I might just be wrong...

Cannot wait for more!!

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