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First Love

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Hey guys, this is my third fan fiction. It is completely unrelated to Limitless Love or Always There. Its kinda a re-write of how Belle and Aden first fell for each other but I've added my own twist to it!!

Story Title: First Love

Type of Story: Medium/ Long Fic

Main characters: Aden, Belle and others

BTTB rating: G/T and possibly A

Does story include spoilers?: No

Summary: Belle is a waitress working in the diner. She is infuriated when Roman hires school bully Aden to help out in the kitchens. However, as she learns more about Aden, her distaste for him lackens and they both experience the beauty of first love.


"One could fall in love many times during the course of a lifetime, but the first rush of love always holds a special place in our hearts. The novelty, like the first drops of dew on an untouched leaf, of the feeling makes it special and unforgettable. First love, is something so special to all of us, both emotionally and physically, that it touches our lives and enriches them forever" - Rosemary Rogers.

Shall i continue?


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Sounds good. I'll defo read it :D

Just one question - if Aden's going to be Belle's first love, does that mean she was never with Drew? :unsure:

Can't wait for this fic to get started.


yeah im kinda leavin drew outta this if thats ok!!


Fine by me! :P Oooh, can't wait for this one. Your last one was pretty great.


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Here's the first chapter!!

Hope u like it!!

First Love

Chapter 1

Belle glared as she looked up from the cash till to see him walk through the door. He smiled at her, seductively. She rolled her eyes at him, turning and disappearing into the kitchen.

“I still can’t believe you hired Aden Jefferies,” hissed Belle to Irene, who was chopping up carrots. “He is such a jerk.”

“Look, darl, you work with him now ok,” said Irene, sighing. “Please just have some professional courtesy.”

Belle growled but nodded. Irene walked through to the diner as Aden came in.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said, a smile playing on his lips.

“Shut up, and don’t call me that,” she snapped. “You’re here to work, not talk.”

“Ooh, feisty,” he said, clearly amused. “I like it.”

Belle rolled her eyes. “Just go out and take the customers orders, would you. And stay out of my way.”

Aden grinned. “I know you want me, gorgeous.”

Belle laughed sarcastically, throwing a notebook at his chest. “Now!”

When he left, Belle expected to feel relieved. But she felt something else which confused her, annoyed her, because she knew what it was, but was frustrated as to why she was feeling it.

She shook her head, busying herself with work again. I will not let those feelings spiral out of control, she said to herself, determinedly.


Aden continued coming in everyday making smart comments to Belle. But to her surprise, instead of feeling angry, she actually enjoyed it. She laughed at their playful arguments and was always trying to think up new burns to use against him, but he was always so much better than she. They worked pretty good as a team too.

“Table 7’s food is ready,” said Belle, as Aden came into the kitchen.

“Great here’s the order from table 2,” he said, waving it in front of her.

“Aden my hands are full,” she said, but just as she was closing her mouth, he stuffed the page in between her teeth.

“Oh great, thanks,” she muffled, as he left, grinning.

Belle had never known it before, but there was much more to Aden than she had realised. He could be very meaningful when he wanted to be, very honest. She always felt when he told her something that it was coming from personal experience rather than something he heard, which worried her sometimes.

She never asked him why he was no longer living with his Dad. She guessed he was still pretty cut up about it. The more she found out about him though, the more she worried about what went on behind closed doors, with Aden at least.

When she would stumble upon him thinking, she was always surprised to see the look on his face. It was a sort of pain, not physical pain but emotional pain. She hated seeing him hurting, but she didn’t want to push him into talking. That would only push him away and she didn’t even want to think about that.

However, as Aden’s relationship with his Dad got worse, he began spending more time with Belle. She was the only one he felt understood him, could practically see through him. She always knew when something was bothering him, even though he often denied it.

Being the cheeky self that he was, he never used the front door. Climbing in her bedroom window was too exciting an adventure. He climbed through as carefully as he could. Suddenly he was being bombarded with pillows.

“Belle, cut it out!” he cried. “It’s only me.”

“Sorry,” she said, dropping the pillow. “I though it was…. what the hell are you doing? You can’t climb through my window!!”

Aden smirked. “Happy to see me?”

She smiled, softly. “I always am.”

Then she frowned. “Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?”

He shrugged. “Not really, I just like hanging out with you, your cool Belle. I didn’t realise that before.

She chuckled. “What so you don’t think I’m, what was it, “incredibly hot”?

He grinned. “Oh don’t worry babe, you’ll always be incredibly hot!”

Belle smiled. She reached up on her toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She pulled back slowly as she saw he head turn in towards her.

She saw what he was doing. She wanted it too. They lips met lightly, brushing past each other. He placed his arm on his hips lightly as she out her arms around his waist.

He pressed his lips harder against her. He felt her smile and return the kiss, even more passionately.

“Belle, darl, you home?” called Irene from the kitchen.

Belle sighed, as they pulled apart. “I’ll be out in a tick, Irene.”

Aden grinned. “That was… nice.”

Belle grinned back. “Yeah… it was. I’ll be back in a minute.”

She kissed him once more before heading for the door.

Aden watched as she skipped out of the room and through to the kitchen, her eyes shining bright with happiness.

He smiled after her, feeling the exact same way.

Thanks for reading!!


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