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Pet Hates

Guest Lise

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What are your pet hates?

It really annoys me when people don't indicate when they are driving. Every car has them so use the things so I don't crash into you!

Old ladies in supermarkets. They are soooo slow. I hate grocery shopping as it is so I don't want to spend half the day in there. My Nana happens to be one of these ladies - by the time she's got around the produce section I'd be finished and home.

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my pet hates.

-traffic lights

-slow drivers

-drivers tailgating me

-right lane hoggers





-people who stare at you



-tree hugging hippies

-global warming preachers/fear mongerers

-nothing on TV



-footpath hoggers

-people obstructing doorways/stairs

-obnoxious teens


-spoilt little children


-people who come to your door wanting to sell their ****

-the local council

-the Labor Government

-slow people

-customers at work

-fully sicks


-parents waking me up

-small yappy dogs

-people who pamper their small yappy dogs


-my ISP


-checkout chicks operating in slow-motion

-people who think they're top ****


-people dictating my life/habits for me


-speed nazis

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My pet hates are:

*People who stare at me before they turn away to snigger and then whisper, etc...(because I am disabled)

*People who treated disabled people like crap because they don't show any respect for disabled people :(

*Gossiping about people behind their backs including false rumours, big-mouths, stirring up and trouble-making including people making up stories and lying, becoming two faced, badmouthing and backstabbing, problem-making which are really immature and stupid!

*I hate winter!


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My main pet hate is when you go to a Supermarket and there are people standing in the MIDDLE of the aisle having a chit chat session. They're in the way and yo have to wait a million years for them to move! It drives me up the wall!

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1. When you're at the intersection with another lane next to you and you have to form one lane and the idiot who speeds to get in front of you, only to turn right ten meters ahead. :angry:

2. When I still get dumb blonde jokes even though I've been a brunette for the past six years <_< . Bloody brothers.

3. Male housemates who leave the toilet seat up

4. People who don't keep left on footpaths, the road etc

5. Liars

There's hundreds more...

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Heres the start of my list

-Having to always spell out the street name of where I lived in Dunedin

-People mispronouncing my name

-People who stare at me

-My parents going off at me because i'm not looking at someone properly (it's not my fault I have confidence issues and a lack of social skills)

-People who walk really slowly

-People who don't keep left on the stairs, or on Lambton Quay

-Supermarket shopping

-Paying for printing, photocopying and internet at Uni

-The smell of meat cooking (it makes me dry wretch sometimes)

-People who look down on me and talk about me behind my back

-Having lots of assignments and tests in the same week

-My flatmate leaving old food in the fridge to go moudly


-Ad's/mini surveys on websites

-Flights home being so expensive

-Having to work to support myself through my studies

-Children throwing tantrums and getting away with it

-Dad phoning me on my cellphone at 8am after a night on the town or on a Saturday morning

-My Parents continually making the "we want to go to bed" excuse when I ring them

-My Older Brother getting away with everything

-Compulsive liars

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Here are my pet hates.

*Rude People

*Old People jumping the Queue at the suppermarket.

*Big W never having what is addvertised in there cataloge.

*Kids having no repect for any one.

*Beign told i am stupid because i am blond.

*When people say that they are going to call back and don't.

*Having to always spell my last name.

*Add breaks.

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People who walk reeeeaally slow. It might just be me though, because I walk really fast, aha.

But still, argh.

No i agree with you, especially when you are stuck behind them and you need to be somewhere fast :P

Ok my pet hates:

Rude People

People who look at you then turn to their mates and whisper or giggle :angry:

People who come up to the bus stop and jump on the bus first, when you have been waiting for ages

Im sure i'll think of a lot more later :P

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--> People who chew with their mouth open - prime example, my mum, sister and boyfriend. Dives me insane the noise *shudders*

--> People who leave the lids off things, like the moistuiser, coffee etc.

--> when my Peroid 0 class is cancelled, (getting to school before it stars is bad enough, getting to school before it starts and waiting for an hour is NOT a good start to the day)

--> people who wear REALLY odd socks (like a pink one and a black one with green spots), i don't know why, there's something that pisses me off about it...

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